Step Up Have The Courage To Play In The Big Leagues Of Life

play in the big leaguesMost are fearful, it’s our moms who constantly warned us of pending danger. So we become cautious in life, take the safe route, play the percentages in our favor. For many, they follow this path throughout their lives.

People also don’t want to be called out on their downfalls, what’s holding them back, that they could do better. They would instead prefer living in a world of shelter, live in the shadows, picking money off the low hanging fruit, sleep or cheat their way to success, not shining their light on others.

They never swing for the fences, go for that golden dream, not realizing that they have just one shot at living a life they deserve. They don’t realize the value of taking a risk, putting themselves out there, making things happen.

So put on your courage hat, start to thing big, begin to expand the borders of living your life to its fullest potential, its maximum. Stop playing small ball.

You Wait Until You’re Asked
We all have something to offer, to provide a service, to display a talent, something to say at a meeting or at the dinner table. But displaying one’s advantages is too uncomfortable for many to reveal.

The fear being that you’ll do or say something stupid. What if someone criticizes your opinion. It’s just better to sit quietly and remain safe, this so you won’t get embarrassed. If you wait to be asked to do something, the opportunity may pass and may never return.

You’re Defeated By Rejection
Regardless of how talented you are, what you can’t do is bring yourself to share your gifts with the world. So instead, you decide to keep them to yourself. Then you complain that you’re not living out your dreams.


What everyone has is at least one talent to expose. So find your gift and then bless others with it. If you’re not at least willing to try, then you’re disrupting the universal path that’s set out for you.

You Hate Criticism
Some don’t want to do “their thing” because any type of criticism crushes them. They could get accolades of positive feedback, but it’s that one biting criticism which kills their ambition. It’s like the end of the world to them, and will stop whatever they’re doing.

No one’s perfect, the foundation of the world is built on mistakes. Not everyone is going to like you or what you do, what you look like, but that doesn’t discredit your talent.

Criticism should be used as a sign that someone is paying attention, or that someone detests what you’re doing because they envy you.

You Hide Behind Who You Are
Some don’t like the way they sound, or the way they look, so they give up and crawl back into bed. They don’t want to show their uniqueness, instead they want to imitate, to emulate others who dares to risk their originality.

You need to keep reminding yourself that you’re special, unique, that no one is built or looks like you, that you’re an original design. You’ll never reach your full potential unless you allow everyone to see your true awesomeness.

The Word “No” Kills Your Motivation
Once you’re told no, which is one of the smallest words in the dictionary which has the biggest punch, you convince yourself that “no” means you’re a failure.

What hearing this word does it makes you want to give up, stop everything that you’ve created in life, and then go away and hide your sorry butt. Someone said “no” to you so you must suck.

What you should be inviting is hearing a dozen no’s, this before you hear a single yes. That’s how life works, and means that you’re doing something right. No doesn’t mean that you should give up and start over again.

You Do Insignificant Things
You make yourself busy, run around doing meaningless errands, do mediocre things like watching TV or Facebook. All this to avoid what you really want or should be doing in your life, to achieve your dreams in the real world.


Then at the end of the day, you wonder why you’re depressed with anxiety. You do nothing important to improve your life, procrastinate, so your life feels empty.

You can’t do everything at once so you need to prioritize. You need to organize your life so you can do the most important things first, then do those painful things that you need to do in your life, next.

No One Knows What You Do Or Who You Are
You think you’re an open forum. You share on Facebook, post amazing pictures on Instagram, publish your articles on LinkedIn. But when it comes to telling others who you are, there are no words.

You assume that everyone knows what you do because no one ever asks. That once they take a look on your Facebook or Linkedin page, they’ll know.

Well, no one cares. No one is going to sniff out your fairy dust because they have their own issues. So either you tell everyone who you are, or someone else will erroneously.

What you need is to tell everyone what you do, who you are. Don’t let them assume. Be true to who you represent, this by telling everyone who’s of interest what your talents are.

Everything that you ever wanted in life is waiting for you, so just take action. Everything that you ever wanted, also wants you back as well.

Realize that no one ultimately gives a damn who you are, or what you do, so you need to stand on your soapbox and reveal yourself. So stand up, be counted, and make your life worthwhile.

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