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managing time to be successfulSuccess means different things to different people, some consider it a pinnacle, conquering what they want to achieve, a goal. It’s often thought that success is thinking differently than others, this because those who think advanced, consistent, achieve more.

It becomes difficult to think differently while being able to dream new brilliant thoughts. What we think is that we need to be unique visionary thinkers ourselves, this like the most successful individuals on the planet, this to achieve the great things they have.

But the problem becomes the majority aren’t gifted with visualizing, not even close, as it’s an extreme gift that only a few have. So realize that you or I, will most likely not come up with the next big breakthrough anytime soon.

But what we can do is decide to alter our thinking, this differently and more focused than others, and while doing so, hopefully achieve different more advanced results than them.

Never Getting The Right Opportunity
The majority think they never get opportunities, this regardless of how good things look, or they think they don’t deserve it, or that they need to earn it.

This may of been true in the past, but because of the transparency of the Internet, everything is now available if you look hard enough, where access to data is now unlimited.

You can connect easily with almost anyone online, where you can create and sell your own digital products, develop and distribute your own software, or get your own funding online.

You don’t need to wait for anyone to give you an opportunity. You can find and give it to yourself, which is what the most successful people have done most recently.

The only thing that’s holding you back is your willingness to try. Never think that you need to earn the opportunities any longer, but think more about the opportunities that you want to take.

Always Be Accountable
Someone sabotaged your opportunity, or stole your ideas which were rightfully yours. Maybe the outsourcing didn’t come through, or your partners weren’t committed enough.

Perhaps the market wasn’t ready for the value you were providing. All this doesn’t matter, this because you can’t control are what others think or do. All you can control are your own actions.

Once you fail, always be fully accountable for it. Although at times, things are out of your control, regardless, always take full responsibility when things don’t work out.

What every successful entrepreneur has looked forward to is failing, and has done so countless times. Most have failed a lot more than you have, and the sole reason why they’re more successful than you are.

Embrace every failure you encounter. Own it, learn from it, and then fix it. Learn the lesson, and make sure that you do things differently next time. Never think that it’s someone else’s fault.

There’s Never Enough Time
You’ve got all the time in the world, as you’re on the same time clock with every successful person on the planet. Time doesn’t stop for them. So the key becomes how you manage your time.

So plan it carefully, reserve blocks of time for the things that you need to do, and then give it your all during the time allotted. Never adjust your effort so that it fills that time slot.

Instead, exert your effort by doing everything as quickly and precisely as possible. Use your “free” time wisely to get your secondary things done, and do them just as quickly.


Never think how you’re a slave to time, but instead, think of how you can best effectively control the time you have. Once doing so, you’ll then realize you have more time than you think.

Have A Plan Of Attack
Never think, “If I knew my idea would be successful, then I would of spent more time on it.” or “If I knew that the payoff was so huge, then I would have sacrificed more.”

What successful employees and entrepreneurs who gets promotions or succeeds in business does, is they lay down the groundwork first. They have a plan of attack, then earn their reward.

All successful businesses that consistently earn more revenue, will initially deliver great value first, and will then rightfully earn their success later.

Those who are successful in all areas of life, will earn bigger “payoffs” because of they initially working hard, this well before any potential return is realized. They plant the seed and earn their success through their direct effort.

What most expect is to be rewarded first, this before doing any more work. Instead, think of the ultimate compensation not as the driver for the initial effort, but as the reward.

I’m Just Not Good Enough
It’s common to think that anyone who’s successful has some type of brilliant intangible entrepreneurial gift, superior talent, better ideas, more drive and creativity, all things you don’t have.

Know that’s usually not true. Talent or genius will usually reveal themselves in hindsight. Success isn’t assured, it just looks that way once it’s achieved.

Although true that others may have more skill or better education that you do, but then you have certain skills over others. You don’t need to be that over the top gifted.

What you need is the willingness to work hard, to put in a tremendous amount of sweat equity, perseverance and effort, as that’s when the talent becomes exposed.

Never think in terms of what you don’t have, but instead focus on what you do have, and what you’re willing to do that others won’t. All that you need is the belief that you can do it, and then take action.

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