Starting The New Year Off With A Happier Healthier Bang

abetternewyearIt all depends on how you define Happiness. If you’ve been feeling a bit under the norm lately, then you may need to consider what things you need to improve about yourself this upcoming New Year. It’s also perhaps one of the best gifts which you can give to yourself as well. Feeling generally crummy is a sure sign that some element of your life may be out of whack and off balance.

So in an attempt to getting your spirits back on track, it’s suggested that you take a systematic approach by using several proven healing techniques which you can administer yourself. This can include meditation, therapy or acupuncture. So if you’re suffering from a bit of the blues, you can either see an expensive psychotherapist, or decide to try out one of the self help exercise techniques which should burst your cloud.

Confronting Your Negative Emotions Head On
Any feelings such as guilt, resentment or even pride can easily thwart any attempts of being happy. So the best solution is to face them head-on. Begin by writing down an exchange between you and the negative emotion that you want to rid.

Take around ten minutes to write down your feelings, write quickly so you won’t forget while not censoring yourself. Directly ask the particular emotion why it’s present as well as what it wants or hopes to gain. Accept whatever answer which comes to you, and you might even discover a deeper insight of your issues.

Pounding Out All The Unhappiness
Try kneeling directly in front of a few fluffy pillows. Take a few deep breaths and then begin thinking about what’s particularly making you feel the way you do.

Then begin pounding away as hard as you can on the pillows for around five minutes. Afterwards, write down the experience. What type of images and thoughts that appeared. Try this on a daily basis for a few weeks or even months, or whenever needed. It may be a simple technique but it works.

Going Out And Take A Walk Or Go For A Jog
Getting outdoors and getting in motion can help in breaking out of any fixed patterns of feeling down which has recently developed, and it will also help you in seeing the changes that you need to make.

Keep it as simple as possible. You can begin with a short 10 minute meditative walk with your dog, or with others, and see where it takes you, both physically as well as emotionally. Jogging can speed up the process while also getting you fit in the process.

Getting Your Fancy Dancing Shoes On
You can burn off all that tension as well as lift those feelings of discouragement while doing the following easy to do and enjoyable exercise. First, begin by creating a music playlist compilation of your favorite songs on your iPod.

These should be up tempo, upbeat “dance” orientated music that you enjoy moving to. Then close your eyes and listen to the very first note, then slowly begin shaking your body to the beat. Don’t stop, keep going, even if you begin to feel silly. Do this for up to ten minutes. Relax for a few minutes and then begin dancing and shaking your booty again for another ten minutes.

Find Good Like Minded Support
You can join a “mind-body” group which can prove to be a safe haven that can provide support for those occasional feeling down moments. Make sure that it’s led by a professional psychologist or a social worker if possible. You can easily find these groups on the Internet.

Just Let Go Of All Those Grudges
When we decide to forgive others, whether they know it or not, we can then learn how to forgive ourselves. Holding grudges can worsen your “down” moments, as suggested by recent research.

Forgiveness towards others can boost the health of your heart as well as brightening your mood. Begin by practicing this easy meditation method: Be seated comfortably, begin breathing in through your nose and then exhale through your mouth. Picture a person in your mind who may currently be fueling your anger for any reason. Then say out loud, “I forgive you, (insert name) for whatever you and I may have done to harm (you or me).”

Living Direct In That Moment
Happiness can come when your able to find moment to moment self awareness. It’s just a matter of emotionally letting go of the past and then enjoying what the present and the near future has to offer you.

Beating Those “Blues” With Natural Supplements
The use of natural supplements can help, so listed are the most effective to elevate your mood:
• Begin Taking Multi Vitamins
Look for a good multivitamin source that’s high in all the B vitamins as well as all the essential minerals such as magnesium, chromium and selenium

• Fish Facts The Omega 3s
Taking doses of up to 3000mg daily of natural Omega 3 is recommended. These are excellent fatty acids which are found in fish oil or flax. They’re known to improve one’s functioning of the brain cells

• Try Trytophan, SAM-e or 5HTP
Taking these neurotransmitter boosters can help for stubborn cases of feeling low by naturally increasing the same positive brain chemicals which is prescribe by doctors, known as antidepressants. These natural derivatives however has fewer or no side effects. You should be taking these with the guidance of your physician as always, or from a natural health practitioner or a dietitian.


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