How To Start Creating The Path Towards Riches And Prosperity

Becoming rich is more of a feeling, a state of mind rather than naming a dollar amount. Those who are monetarily rich can feel poor, while those who are poor, can feel rich. Feeling rich, is about believing one has everything they want. A belief of having personal peace and happiness.

What you want, is to be able to completely enjoy your wealth. Some will work 60 hours per week, get rich, while neglecting their health, personal growth, and family during the process. Others will focus on their family so much, that they’ll never get involved in their work, because of their personal obligations.

What’s required, is a mindful process where there’s a sense of balance, which allows one to harness and possess true wealth, while also being able to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Having A Producers Mentality
There needs to be a major mindshift, from being a consumer to becoming a producer. For instance, producers make pizza, while consumers eat pizza. Producers make TV shows, while consumers watch the TV shows.

Know only producers get rich. The overarching goal that is a producer, is not to eat but to feed. Although producers obviously also need to eventually consume, it’s not their primary goal.

Instead of searching for where their next meal is coming from, they’re instead interested in providing the next meal for others, knowing they’ll get the opportunity to eat during the process.

These producers can be providing open heart surgery, writing books, or constructing skyscrapers. They’re dedicated to providing products and services, to help those around them.

Those who are rich provides a valuable product or service, to more people the better. Once you adopt the producers mentality, you’re on the path to becoming wealthy as well.

Know Your Daily Burn Rate
You need to keep track of what your daily worth is. Is it $100? or $1,000? There’s approximately 250 working days per year, so to earn a million dollars, you need to earn around $4,000 per day.

If you’re currently earning $100 per day, then try to double it. It’s not doing two times the work, but rather working smarter than harder, to increase that income.

Do everything you can to improve your daily rate. Find a better paying job, making more sales calls, find ways to compound or multiply your daily rate, rather than adding to it.

Make Sacrifices
Most are afraid to make sacrifices, because they think they’ll lose something. A single mother won’t invest in a $100 course, that’ll teach her how to earn $30,000 dollars. She’s afraid of the cost, but won’t hesitate to buy her son a video game to make him happy.

Before becoming rich, you must become poor. Other than lottery winners or those who inherit massive amounts of money, what’s needed is willing to sacrifice everything.

To adopt the mindset of being able to handle the worst, while expecting things will turn out. To delay gratification by focusing on a bigger goal, which rewards you at the end.

Ask yourself, “If I take this risk, what’s the worst thing that can happen?” Then ask, “What’s the best that can happen?”

Usually, the reason why you won’t take a risk, is because of the money that’s involved. However, you need to sacrifice everything to become rich, even your last dollar.

Do What The Wealthy Do
The number one killer of wealth, is when someone with potential hangs out in places of poverty. They’ll hang out in poor places, surrounding themselves with the needy.


Get away from these bad influences, and avoid negative people. Hanging out with the poor, will never make you rich. So if you currently find yourself in places where there’s constant cursing, drinking, and disrespectful behavior, then decide to move on.

You don’t need to participate in their antics, as you’ll become a product of that environment. It will deeply affect your outlook and performance in life.

Most however will tolerate these types of negative conditions, not realizing how much the subtle influences of violence, gossip, and drama impacts them.

Realize if you don’t have a prosperity mindset, you have a poverty one. So instead, seek out wealthy activities, such as attending money making seminars, then apply.

Realize Your Potential
Everyone is naturally gifted somehow. Some have a variety of gifts, while others just a few. Nonetheless, realize what yours are, and use them.

Most often, many will downplay their potential, while allowing others to also do so. What should be cultivated are your gifts, by surrounding yourself with others who supports them. So find your talent, abilities, and potential.

Most parents, educators, and workplaces seldom encourages you to use your gifts. Most will then forgo them, because of financial or peer pressure, as they conform.

These influences then forces them to just “fit in,” rather than “stand out.” Realize that it’s up to you, to take full advantage of reaching your potential, to hold yourself accountable.

So begin the journey now, this by taking baby steps. Start doing what your heart yearns, knowing that it’s your destiny, this by deciding to fulfill your potential.

Go out and reach as many people as you can, start relaying your message. The more that you use you gifts, the happier and wealthier you’ll become. The universe, will then make room for your gifts.

Follow The Money
Money is being manifested for you right now. So open yourself up to receive it, as it’s flowing your way. Money is the vehicle, which allows you to become more of who you are.

So just stop surviving, but instead start thriving, as there’s a variety of virtues in being rich. Then prepare yourself to receive better homes, cars, and friends, this by committing to your purpose.