Stand Up And Choose To Become A Leader And Live Your Own Life

why you should not be a followerThe majority of people in life choose to just follow and are satisfied with that, they would rather trace the footsteps, the blueprint of others. They’re just content to sit on the fence, the balance beam of life in a debate, just hide in the shadows.

The most successful of people, those who rise above the crowd and become counted, the leaders of the world, industry, or domain, those who have managed to make a stand, has done so by first showing determination to make a difference.

They combine this with working extremely hard, taking calculated risks, and thus have managed to reach their goals. This is what we should all be striving for, to become leaders ourselves, this a dedication to our life.

Some however will grow up nervous and afraid, lack self confidence, their self esteem shot. These individuals are also not usually happy about their happenstance growing up, feeling envy of those who display boldness.

Those bigger stronger people who dare to speak up and be heard, they take control of each and every task or situation, they yearn to be a leader, and make a stamp on their lives.

Now’s The Time To Alter Your Life
Once an individual reaches their own state of adulthood, which is usually somewhere in their twenties and thirties, that’s when they’ll decide it’s time to make their own move in life, the time to make macro life altering decisions.

They become determined to adopt a happier and a more successful life, as they become aware of what needs to be done, what their strengths and shortcomings are, and then change their attitude and approach accordingly.

The Process Of Bettering One’s Life
So if you’re not happy with where you’re at, then change it by going out and making the life that you want. In the reception depot of life, begin talking to people who can help you find a different path that will help you. Become more open.

During this quest to improve, you’ll stumble, encounter roadblocks and dead ends, which is all part of the process. Just make sure that you converse with everyone who you cross paths with, leave your mark, exchange data with them, and exchange progress.

Then one day it will happen, maybe not today, but sometime soon, someone will present a plan to you, to help you to help them. To find the most suitable role of work. You’ll come across this opportunity which will be precisely custom suited for the exact skills that you have.

It’s All About Aptitude
So have a seat, get comfortable, place yourself in front of a sheet of paper and then debate yourself on the following. Be prepared to expose yourself to whatever that you want to become. Get real.

We’re all in the same position so be honest, get nervous, feel uncomfortable, and then write down whatever you want to be. This is your document, your declaration. Then stand up and take a stand, be bold and do it.

Write down everything that comes to mind, your ultimate goals and dreams in life, your destiny, note all of the comments whether good or bad, make sure that you’re realistic and honest.

Decide to fulfill what you intend to do with your life, raise your hand and then redefine it. Rewrite what you want and then show this to your prospective employer, or mentor, prove that you are a leader.

A Mind Shift Away From Being A Leader
So there you are, you sit and ponder, you think and cannot believe that you can become a leader, you feel you don’t have what it takes, you think that you can’t become your destiny.

You state to yourself that there’s no possible way that you could stand up or stand out, there’s no possible way that you can make a difference, be different, not in the ways that are described and laid out.

Then One Day…
But then it hits you, an awakening, you’re suddenly surprised by deciding and wanting to carry what you’ve stated on that piece of paper, your initial statement about becoming the owner of your own direction.


You’ve never felt so powerful, so empowered while being in complete control. For the remainder of your life you believe that you can do it, that you have selected yourself to become a leader.

You become extremely proud of yourself and become happy to report that you’re on the right track to finally becoming successful, that you’re satisfied with your new position in life.

Transfer This To Your Everyday Life
Take this progress, the success along with the learning experience into your everyday life, and then you’ll begin experiencing higher self-esteem and confidence.

You’ll become pleased with yourself, you’ll be happy that you’ve became a genuine person with a purpose in life, and plans to work extremely hard at it. You’ll then become someone that others can rely on, trust, and look up to. You’ve found your area of expertise.

So this “bad” feeling that you’ve once held has now diminished, you’ve become and feel like a real contributing person, you’re achieving fluency. This is something which you really now enjoy. You’re a lot more confident than you’ve ever been, and at last have found true happiness and peace.

So believe that you have it in yourself to become a leader. You just need to stand up, be brave and determined, and then take control of your life.

Just keep in mind that this is all we can do for ourselves, it’s our life and we just have one shot at it. One thing that we need to feel is that we gave it our best shot, so just try your hardest.

Put forth the effort, try, be happy and never accept second best in whichever stance that you take. Just choose to become a leader in life, and not be satisfied with anything less.

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