Show No Fear By Being The Most Courageous Person You Can Be

how to show more courage in your lifeMore courage, and no not the liquid kind, rejecting fear and not being scared is something that everybody wants more of. Being courageous is a character attribution which you want that makes us worthy of garnering respect.

Every story, every movie, what every hero in our society projects are strong exemplary tales of someone being brave while sacrificing themselves for the greater good. Anyone who may be considered cowardly or weak, the classic underdog, suddenly somehow finds the courage to fight back.

Being courageous however isn’t always about physical conquer. There are a variety of examples of social activists who decides to make a stand by speaking out against injustice, bullying, while risking personal safety.

There are the pioneer entrepreneurs who’ll take extreme financial risks to follow their dreams while completely innovating the lives of others because of their vision.

There are numerous ways of displaying courage, ranging anywhere from showing extreme physical strength to enduring mental stamina or by being innovative.

So what then is the core definition of courage, how courageous are you. Listed are the ways that most will define courage and how you can harness it to your advantage.

Being Courageous Out Of Fear
Does fear actually make one less courageous. For those who may suffer from certain anxiety disorders have revealed that the higher the levels of their stress are, and the higher the anxiety becomes, they begin feeling weaker.


Most will also describe fearlessness, not being scared, as one of the synonyms of courage. Courage is also the quality of mind which enables a person to face some type of adversity, difficulty or pain, this despite the onset of anxiety or the odds.

If someone doesn’t experience anxiety while doing something, then it becomes easier to do the task. So the more anxiousness or fear that there is, it requires greater levels of courage and strength.

A Definition Of Courage
Whatever you believe is the definition of courage is what makes best sense to you. Say for instance that there’s a house on fire and there’s 3 people who don’t know each other watching it burn.

All three suddenly realize that there’s someone trapped inside the house
• The first person runs into the house in the attempts to rescue the person, experiencing no fear whatsoever
• The second person also runs in to the house attempting to rescue the person who’s trapped inside, but experiences fear while doing so
• The third person, feeling extreme fear doesn’t even attempt to go inside to rescue the trapped person

Who of the three do you believe showed the most courage. Most will agree that it wasn’t the third person who wouldn’t budge. But what about the other two. It’s clear to most that the first person exhibited the most courage while the second person not as much, yet admirable.

Some may even question the behavior of the first person. What was displayed may of been a lack of intelligence since he didn’t perceive danger in this situation.

The second person had either a reservoir of courage which he drew out which enabled him to run into the house although he had fear, or if the actual act of running into the house created the courage.

This is similar to a piece of paper. This piece of paper has the potential of catching on fire and burning. It will also remain latent until someone decides to hold a lit match to the paper and lights it, burning it to nothing.

So is it possible that we all have the potential inside us for being courageous, but that potential is kept latent, like it didn’t exist, this until we’re confronted with a certain situation which we find anxiety provoking, then decide to act anyways.

So when it comes to courageous acts, one thing that may be clear is that their actual anxiety doesn’t make them weak, but rather motivates them despite their fears.


Feel The Fear But Do It Anyways
What being courageous needs is a dose of common sense as it’s recommended that individuals take a gradual approach when confronting one’s fears. For instance, some have a fear of large dogs, and as a result may have been avoiding them because of a childhood trauma.

So the best solution may be to just exposing oneself initially to a small dog or a puppy which will eventually grow into a bigger dog. Over time, they won’t be afraid of these dogs any longer.

Then begin moving up to a larger dog and then repeat the process until you’ve worked up to being friendly with this big dog.

For the majority of us, the preferred route of becoming more courageous is by taking it one step at a time. Taking what’s described as “baby steps” closely resembles that if you decide to follow a path, then you’ll begin to cultivate courage.

What Is Courage
What then is courage, is it a kind of strength, or a resolve to face a scary circumstance head on. Courage is called upon once we confront something that’s difficult, painful, frightening, or even disturbing.

When our resources begin to get challenged to its limits, once we feel vulnerable, threatened or weak, our first instinct is to always flee. During these times, we’re faced with: are we able to find the courage to face and then defeat this fear, or become defeated by it once again.

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