Self-Growth When Everything Else In Your Life Falls Apart

write out what you wantWe have this perception that self growth is an easy enjoyable rewarding process. It’s certainly proven to be, but there are other aspects of the self growth experience that’s rarely mentioned, and this is when “cause and effect” forces things to potentially become painful.

One vital part is introspection and getting clear about certain things. This involves recognizing and then dissolving inner blockages. These are the deep rooted beliefs which are formed in our childhood. Beliefs which prevents us from living a full productive life.

These are the beliefs which keeps us spinning our wheels in self destructive patterns which has a negative effect on our lives. So identifying and dissolving them is the key.

The problem is that these beliefs are the foundation of how our current lives are built. Once we rid of them, doing so creates consequences, gaping holes in our foundation. Then something slips through the cracks which causes pain and turmoil.

Breaking Down And Rebuilding
So think of a blockage in your life. An event, usually not true which is currently setting you off the path of your desired life, shaking your core foundation. Realize how they’re interconnected.

Certain life circumstances are built on lies, which are adopted beliefs formed since our childhood. Once you begin changing these beliefs, your life circumstances will then begin to change.

Change is welcome, but it can also be painful and scary. It’s necessary however, this because to build a stronger foundation, you need to tear down what already exists that’s not useful to you.

There’s a direct correlation between the blockages that’s dissolved, and the magnitude of the destruction that it causes in your life.

If it’s a small blockage, then something polar that’s just as small, will fall apart in relation. It could be your car breaking down, or catching the common cold.

When larger blockages are dissolved, something that’s equally as large will dissolve in the abyss. A marriage might fall apart, you might lose your job, experience a significant illness. As frightening as it may appear, it’s an important part of the process, making you take notice.

The areas of your life that begins to fall apart weren’t working or that great to begin with anyways. They really didn’t serve your higher purpose, you were just comfortable with them.

Dealing With Falling Apart
So how do you deal with the pain, the fear when things begin to fall apart. Our first reaction would be to avoid feeling the pain, or we attempt to put everything back before they fall apart.

But doing so just delays the process. Realize that destruction is necessary, this in order to make new space, the room for the rebuilding of something new, something better.

To complete the process, stick with it. There will be pain, fear, and discomfort. There will be grief and anger. But then, there will also be an awakening like you’ve never experienced before.

When things falls apart, pay attention to the exact circumstances which have begun deteriorating. Look for the connection between the blockages that you’re dissolving, and the circumstances which are falling apart at the seams.

At times, the connections may be vague. It may take time to completely understand how everything’s related, but you’ll eventually come to realize the correlation that to gain something, you need to lose something of equal value.

The Grieving Process
Allow yourself to grieve. Realize the old circumstances were built on a bed of lies, so don’t feel a sense of loss once things unravel. Allow yourself to go through the passage, cry, endure the sadness and pain for as long as necessary, then move on.


Follow Through
Instead of wanting to “fix” everything, continue the destruction process of the things which no longer serves you. It may hurt, but at the same time, it’ll also be empowering.

For the first time in your life, you’ll feel in control of your life circumstances. You’ll release self limiting beliefs, freeing yourself from your self destructive patterns.

This “destruction” process will take different forms, usually involving releasing circumstances which no longer corresponds with your new emerging beliefs.

This could be a job that’s unfulfilled, an unproductive relationship, etc. Be willing to let them go while preparing yourself for the creation of something that’s more meaningful.

Forming New Beliefs
Once you’ve dissolved your old beliefs, you’ll need to form new ones, more empowering ones. This process will take time to completely reinforce the new beliefs that’s in your mind.

Begin by writing out what you want to rid of, and then write the new usually opposite beliefs right next to them. For instance, replace “I’m not worthy of love” with “I’m worthy and deserve love.” Reinforce the new belief until they become engrained in your foundation.

The Rebuilding Process
Allow your heart lead you. Think what it is you really want in your life, and then begin taking baby steps to create it. That might be a new job, business, moving, or a new relationship.

What’s important is making sure that your old beliefs are replaced by new better ones. Otherwise, you’ll just be recreating circumstances which don’t serve you, and you’ll need to go through the same destruction process all over again. Listen closely to your urges, and use them as a guide.

Cause And Effect
This isn’t an easy process to do by any means, but it’s proven fulfilling and exhilarating and it works. So embrace it and then allow it to happen without fighting the fear or the pain.

Through these trials and challenges will come new levels of wisdom, growth, and inner strength that will go far beyond your dreams. Just follow the process and then experience the cause and effect to take place.

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