Self Growth Is The Only Lesson Once Everything Falls Apart

someone who is searchingSome have this perception that self growth is selfish, weird, the final resort and the excuse of the desperate. But self growth is all about getting better, improving, how to introspect yourself and then clarifying certain values. Most often, recognizing and dissolving inner blockages.

There are usually deep rooted beliefs that are formed when we were young. Beliefs which prevents us from living a complete or productive life. These beliefs keeps us neutral in self destructive patterns, producing negative returns.

What we need to do is dissolve them. Once we remove these blockages, what we instinctively replace are those gaping holes in our foundation, the ones which couldn’t support or serve us, with new ones.

A Foundation Of Lies
Some of our life circumstances are built on a bed of lies. These lies are built early in our lives. Once you begin to change them is when the circumstances in your life will begin to change. Change is good but it can also be scary, and painful. Doing so is necessary however, if you’re wanting to build something better.

There’s a direct correlation between the blockages that we need to dissolve, and the destruction that it causes in our lives. Once we remove just a small blockage, then what happens is that something small in our life falls apart or goes away.

When it comes to removing larger blockages, what cause-and-effect will do is force something that’s equally as large to fall apart or go away. It could be a bad marriage, career, or we can heal some type of illness.

Most often, the parts of our lives which falls apart needed repair anyways. They didn’t serve a higher purpose, even though we may of felt comfortable with them.

Once Things Fall Apart
How do we deal with the fear once things fall apart. Our first reaction is to run to avoid the pain. Another might be to put everything back the way it was. But what doing so does is it just delays the process. Removal is necessary to make room for rebuilding something new.

To complete the process, you need to stay with it, fight through the pain, the fear, the anger and the discomfort that’s involved. But then there’s the awakening like you’ve never experienced before, you experience it with eyes wide open.

The Process Of Transition
When things begin to fall apart, know the exact circumstances that deteriorated. This gives you hints on the lies and the limiting beliefs in your life, about yourself.

Look for the connection in the blockages and the circumstances that are coming apart in your life. For instance, you decide to find your true talent, then you suddenly lose your job. Realize that the job didn’t allow you to use all of your talents, making way for a more fulfilling career.

Usually the connections are more vague, and you’ll need to dig a little deeper. It’ll take time to completely understand the cause and effect, but you will come to understand how the pieces fit at the end.

Never Dwell
Don’t bother dwelling on the past circumstances since they were built on lies, which will make you feel a sense of loss as they unravel. Go through the process of sadness and loss as quickly as possible, get over it, then move on.

Follow Through With The Process
Eliminate the destruction which no longer serves you. It may hurt, but at the same time, you’ll feel freedom and empowerment. For the first time in your life, you’ll feel in complete control of your life.

You’ll be releasing your self limiting beliefs and self destructive patterns. This process can be in a few different forms, the most common being releasing circumstances which no longer corresponds with your new beliefs.

This could be an unproductive relationship, a dead end job. So be willing to let them go, and then prepare yourself for the creation of something that’s more meaningful.

Forming New Beliefs
Once you’ve dissolved your old beliefs, you’ll need to develop new beliefs to replace them, with better more suitable sustainable ones. It will take time to completely reinforce the new beliefs.


What’s recommended is writing out the old beliefs, and then writing your new ones, which are usually the opposite, right next to each other. Then keep on reinforcing these new beliefs over and over again, until they become established in your foundation.

Begin The Rebuilding Process
Rebuilding your new foundation can be enjoyable as well as a bit confusing. How do you build and where do you start. This especially if the destructive process was life altering, you’ll feel at a loss where to begin.

It comes down to soul searching, thinking about what matters to you and what you want your life to be, and then taking the steps to create it. This might be getting a new job, moving to a new neighborhood, or building new relationships.

The most important thing is making sure that your previous old beliefs has been replaced by the new more empowering one. Otherwise, all that you’re doing is just recreating the same circumstances which don’t or never served you.

What you’ll eventually do is begin going through the same destruction process again. So listen closely and obey to all the urgings of what you want, and use them to guide you down the path to a better life.

The Process Of Self Growth
It’s possible to do but it’s never an easy process. But the end result is that it can be fulfilling and exhilarating, this once you embrace it and allow it to happen, this without battling the fear and the pain.

Through all our challenges and trials will come new levels of wisdom, growth, and inner strength beyond what you never thought possible. All you need to do is stay with the process and have faith.

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