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Efficiently navigating your way through a city jungle can be intimidating and time consuming. Whether you’re a city native, on business or traveling, will efficiently pinpoint and recognize your exact location and plan an accurate route to your intended destination. PublicRoutes will also take into account the day and time of travel to avoid immediate events and traffic congestion in the area while providing an accurate short term weather forecast. Along the designated path, PublicRoutes will also provide information regarding the best restaurants, shops and top attractions unique along the route., which is now available on PDA, is an internet driven resource that will guide you around city streets in the most efficient manner. Focusing on that particular day, it will choose the best method of transportation, whether it be by foot, car or public transport and provide step by step directions, directly from your doorstep to the exact address of designation.’s expanding database provides information for direction seekers in a variety of cities including: Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Honolulu, Seattle. If your planning to go to New York, find the quickest route using this New York city map. Every city includes these detailed planning tips such as: direct flights to and from the city, car rentals, hotel booking services, direct location to location designation maps, expected weather, best restaurants. PublicRoutes will pinpoint the uniqueness of each city, its attractions and current events of the day including: sporting events, best mode and route of transportation, shopping and live entertainment venues etc. Take advantage of this excellent free service to save you time, money and aggravation in becoming local in an unfamiliar city.

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