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So does anyone actually remember the original plot line from the 1982 TRON movie? Has anyone even seen it? Well, sure, most of us weren’t born or recall the neon clad gladiators tossing the then high-tech Frisbees, around each other. Most don’t seem to remember and thus recall the actual storyline of what happened in that version of TRON, because it was close to 30 years ago, so everything is a little fuzzy at best.

The first half of the modern day TRON: Legacy, primarily just jogs the memory of what happened in the previous flick. On one fateful night, Sam ventures out to his missing father’s abandoned arcade office, and is suddenly and accidentally transported to what’s known as the ‘The Grid,’ which is a virtual reality realm that was originally created by his father.

Once there, he discovers that Flynn (played by Jeff Bridges) has been usurped by Clu, his doppelganger, which has been de-aged by three decades. So you are wondering, how can and did this happen?

This is a great visually dazzling sequel (simply because the film making technology has advanced so much), when compared to the original cult classic. Tron: Legacy really is a technological wonder, and a thrill to watch. Because of it’s success, it has pushed the archaic Jeff Bridges, near the top of Hollywood’s A list.

Bridges more than earns his big payday by playing three different roles: First, the inventor Kevin Flynn, as he would have looked and appeared during the original movie 3 decades ago; Clu, Flynn’s self-created double (thanks to computer CGI wizardry); and the third being the character he is today, appropriately bearded and doing his best Kris Kristofferson impression.

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I would say the original Tron was a product of its time. Considering I was only five-years-old when it came out, you may say I’m a product of Tron’s time. Yet, I hadn’t seen Tron until two years ago and suffice to say, …

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Sam eventually finds his dad, and he is shacked up with a beautiful kick boxer, played by Olivia Wilde. It turns out that he has been saving her for junior, referring the reason as… something about repopulating the planet Earth with better more beautiful people. There are also weird biblical overtones to this reference. But nothing will get in the way of all the fiery explosions, the chases, and high-tech butt kicking this movie displays. One thing is for certain, that the future is so bright that you have to wear sunglasses, well make that 3-D glasses.

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