Review Of The Best Top WordPress Comment Plugins For WP

wordpress comment pluginsOne of the best indicators which signifies that a blog is a highly regarded authority site to both the search engines and readers are genuine unbiased feedback and interaction, this in the form of blog comments. They’re usually in different forms such as mini reviews, complaints, or pet-peeves.

It also becomes difficult to draw focused users to that blog who will be motivated enough to bother leaving a remark, by sharing their insights or valid opinions. This after you’ve finally established a few reliable followers who are willing to participate on your virtual community.

Comments overall have a bit of a bad rap. The majority of blog owners believe that’s attributed to previous poor experiences which are associated with their readers not leaving valid comments, or the maintenance of managing or cleaning up the “spam” which usually accumulates, is just too much of a burden.

But comments are important for both website SEO, sustainability and gaining the readers trust. So what’s offered are the best comment plugins which are available for the WordPress platform.

For those blog operators who are also looking for a few unique twists or tweaks to their commenting system, should be considering adding a “plugin” solution such as Disqus, or IntenseDebate, for instance, which act as replacements to the current “built-in” comment engine available on WordPress.

Social Media Based Comment Plugins
Facebook Comments for WordPress:
This plugin will allow your blog visitors to be able to comment on posts using their Facebook profile. The plugin will also support various custom styles, comment counts, notifications, recent comments. This plugin has close to 400,000 downloads.

Facebook FatPanda:
Another commenting plugin which uses Facebook related commenting is Facebook Comments by Fat Panda, which replaces the current WordPress commenting system with Facebook’s Comments widget.


Twitter Mentions as Comments:
Being on Twitter is obviously popular and has merit as a valid source of traffic and credibility. What this particular plugin does is it scans Twitter for individuals who happen to be talking about blog posts while inserting their Tweets into your existing blog comments.

What this also does is it effectively leverages the power of the built-in commenting system on WordPress.

Popular WordPress Comment Plugins
The following three comment plugins, Disqus, IntenseDebate, and LiveFyre, are the most popular and the most efficient, as well as being the most well known of the comment plugins. The reason is they’re simply the best.

There are also a number of other plugins designed for WordPress blogs to use which improves the visitors experience when they make a comment.

Disqus Comment System:
One of the most popular WordPress comment plugins is The Disqus comment system. It currently has over 700,000 downloads. What it does is it effectively replaces the current built-in WordPress system with a complete fully featured commenting system which is hosted as well as powered by Disqus.

This particular plugin, however, has been known to be a bit cumbersome to properly install, but once that’s done and is working well, supporting a comment based environment on your blog becomes easy and efficient.

IntenseDebate Comments:
The IntenseDebate comments plugin enhances as well as encourages conversation on your WordPress blog. It will also build and then increase your reader community, increase the comments count while boosting the pageviews. This particular plugin also currently has over 400,000 downloads, signifying it’s popularity.

Livefyre Realtime Comments:
Livefyre is a WP plugin which is a comment solution which works in real-time. It’s also able to centralize conversations from areas around the social Web and then back to your content. It also encourages live engagement between users on your blog as well.

A Few Other Notable WordPress Comment Plugins
WP Ajax Edit Comments:
Users and visitors to your blog will usually want to occasionally edit their own comments once they’ve been published. What this plugin allows is users to do so, during a specified time. Blog administrators are also able to easily edit all of the comments as well. The popularity of this plugin shows how effective it works, having close to 250,000 downloads.

SEO Super Comments:
If the major search engines does indeed crawl comments, and we all know that they do, here is a way to fully optimizing the content which is written within the comments.


This particular plugin will turn your blog comments into entirely new and SEO dynamic, standalone page which displays actual comment information all without needing or using the WP database. As a testament to it’s effectiveness, this plugin has close to 40,000 downloads.

Top Commentators Widget:
What’s the exact motivation that makes users make a comment? Is it to get a backlink to their site, or is it just for the glory. So for those who happen to regularly comment on your blog, why not give them some type of a reward. This particular widget can be added to your blogs sidebar, which will showcase the top posters who comments on your WP site. This widget has close to 100,000 downloads.

Better WordPress Recent Comments:
One of the more popular methods of eliciting more comments on your blog is to showcase it’s current commenting activity. This plugin will display the most recent comment lists at its assigned locations, while also featuring excellent support for widgets as well.

Although this particular plugin does work well, there is some configuration that’s needed for it to work properly. This plugin has generated over 12,000 downloads.

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