Remedies For Common Muscle And Joint Injuries From Physical Exertion

musclespainandcuresinmalesWhen it comes to injuries, males happen to be a little more prone to them based on several reasons. One reason being their higher levels of participation in competitive sports which taxes the limbs and Muscles. They typically involve high impact body based contact sports as well as there being a larger number of men who are engaged in physically intensive labor occupations.

One of the most common ailments may be tissue damage resulting from these types of activities which can affect the joints, bones, muscles, and the ligaments. The examples which are listed can provide some guidelines for dealing with the various injuries which are more common.

Shoulder Impingement Or Swimmers Shoulder
Any type of repeated motion, poor joint alignment or tight muscles are the most common causes of what’s known as shoulder tendonitis. Once it becomes inflamed, the tendons which are connected to the group of muscles which form around the rotator cuff becomes compressed within the subacromial area where they pass through the joint. This area can often be reduced by as much as 50% percent, resulting in pain as well as the weakening of the muscles and the loss of mobility which are all collectively known as the impingement syndrome. This is often referred to as swimmer’s shoulder as well.

The best therapy for shoulder impingement is to be as active and as mobile as possible where the aim is to restore range of motion. Home based manual therapy along with therapist led exercises are usually able to reduce any early symptoms while improving function over time.

Before exercising, make sure that you passively warm up the muscles by using a heat pad which can prevent further injury. When resting, cryotherapy can then be administered to help reduce the swelling.

Combining exercise with a good diet plan can nourish the joint capsules. Supplements should include Omega-3 and the Omega-6 oils, vitamin E and flaxseeds which can be found in avocado and wheat germ.

Common anti-inflammation products are also able to help in alleviating the swelling and the compression. Some products include bromelain, curcumin and Rhus tox, which are naturally found in turmeric. Also, Boswellia can be mixed along with ginger to stimulate the circulation of the joints.


Spraining Of The Ankle
Once an ankle has initially been sprained, there’s a greater possibility that it could be injured again. Ligaments are similar to elastic bands, if they become overstretched, they may at times never be able to regain their original shape, strength or tension.

You might also be predisposed to sprains if your ankle happens to be inherently unstable. A former injury to that area in the past may also have left the joint unstable. Practicing motion based exercises such as tai-chi or yoga will improve your balance while ortho-supports can boost stability.

This type of injury can be acute, a sprained ankle can eventually become chronic when scar tissue begins to form in the area. So immediately after an ankle sprain, it’s vitally important that you get rest, while supporting the joint with a sling or an elastic wrap.

You can also accelerate the healing process with Rhus tox. If there’s any damage directly to the bone, then it’s recommended you use Ruta. After 2 to 5 days, you can also apply gentle finger kneading massages and then begin range of motion exercises.

Some mild strengthening activities can be performed at home by using an elastic exercise band to add resistance. After a few weeks into the recovery process, you can then test your balance by standing on one leg and then challenging the ankle joint by walking on various uneven terrain.

If the joint still continues to remains weak, prolotherapy, which is the injection of natural tissue-growth stimulants may help by reducing ligament laxity. It should also improve the joints range of motion while decreasing pain.

Soreness, Cramps And Strains… Oh My
We’re constantly stressing and damaging our muscles as we exercise or extend them while doing everyday physical activity. But when the tissue muscles becomes overloaded, then cramps, soreness, and debilitating strains are usually the result.

Delayed onset muscle soreness, known as (DOMS) is a residual pain which occurs anywhere from 24 to 48 hours after any unaccustomed or intensive activity. If we begin to shift towards warmer weather activities, we’ll usually realize that we’ve lost a bit of fitness over the cooler months.


What’s required is relieving soreness by stretching the muscles. If DOMS continues to persist, then therapeutic massage is recommended. You should also be replacing protein within thirty minutes of any strenuous activity, and take calcium and magnesium for lactic acid buildup and cramping issues.

Muscle strains are usually considered minor, but if they’re neglected, they can repair themselves improperly, which causes permanent scarring resulting in impaired function.

Muscle strains can also be a result of sustained trauma, for instance, it can be from continuous contact sports, a vehicle accident, or if the muscle tissues are cold or not stretched properly.

The muscles will respond to gentle exercises as well as passive gentle therapy, such as massage. There is also a form of acupuncture which targets the tender or damaged areas in the muscle as well. What this does is it generates a micro-stretch which stimulates the circulation while inhibiting the pain receptors. This method can be applied as a preventive maintenance measure.

The Golden Arch That’s Not McDonald’s
The carpal bones which are in the wrist forms an archway, where a band of tendons passes through just above the median nerve. The compression of this particular nerve is the direct cause of what’s known as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is usually characterized by a burning numbness or a tingling sensation on the first three fingers and parts of the fourth finger. The compression is due to swelling of the tendon sheaths following repeated activity or by the narrowing of the carpel tunnel itself.

Carpal tunnel usually develops gradually, long before the symptoms even appear, which can also at times be painful. Deep friction massage is the best preventive measure if you happen to play high-risk based athletic sports or if you type of a keyboard all day.

Wear a wrist support during these types of physical activities, or make sure that your computer workstation is ergonomically designed, so that there’s absolutely no flex in your wrist while you’re typing.

During the early stages of this injury, the wrists are usually placed in a stabilizing splint which minimizes the pressure within the tunnel. When combined with acupuncture or ultrasound treatments, or by TDP irradiation, these methods should reduce the severity of the pain. Supplementing your diet with the B vitamins, such as B1, B6, and B12 will facilitate and speed up the healing as well.

For That Pain In The Neck
Whether you’re sitting behind a desk all day or are laboring strenuously at the construction site, the back is always vulnerable to injury because of overuse, this based on postural and repetitive stress.

Tension on just one side of the spine usually inhibits as well as weakens the muscles on the other side of the spine, which can then gradually shift the curvature of the spinal area. As a result, this will cause other compensatory problems throughout the back as well.

Building up strength along with flexibility around the back and the neck is the key to injury prevention. It’s recommended that you ease up on the intensive sessions while at the gym, and instead do controlled exercises which targets the problem areas.

By observing your static as well as your movement postures, a specialist should be able to guide you in how to perform home-based exercises to strengthen or rehabilitate the area. Body awareness is the key to spinal health. Activities such as yoga, which is tailored towards the individuals condition can also help in improving your posture as well as flexibility.

Acupuncture has also been used as a therapy process for back injuries by applying the deep trigger-point method, which can be particularly helpful in reducing pain while improving the quality of your life.

You should also be including foods in your diet which are rich in calcium and potassium, or you can supplement with magnesium. Products such as devil’s claw is known for short-term improvement for pain, while cayenne or white willow bark can be beneficial as well.

Using Mind Over Matter
The majority of these injuries are a result of a failure to apply the proper knowledge regarding prevention. Males can also be especially reluctant to admit that they are injured, and will usually avoid seeking the proper treatment. It’s never a good idea to overestimate your fitness level, and always know the signs that the muscles in your body are being overstressed.

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