Reduce Unhealthy Additives By Making Homemade Energy Drinks

homemade-sports-drinkWhat the majority of individuals will do is just consume more solid food to increase the energy levels in their body. But for those who undertake strenuous activity, or are burning the midnight oil, more energy is generally needed.

So what these commercial so called “boost” drinks does is they’ll provide additional bursts of energy which is needed by the body during these times. Most of these drinks will usually contain complex vitamins and glucose to pump up the volume.

Additional vitamins are always beneficial since they stimulate the production of energy in the body. Once glucose enters the bloodstream, what doing so does is it supplies energy to the muscles as well as the brain and other vital organs.

For instance, drinking a single cup of coffee can provide energy for up to two hours, while a store bought energy drink can last anywhere up to four hours. Caffeine is also usually the main ingredient in the majority of these drinks, and is what fuels the energy.

Energy Drinks Available On The Market
These energy drinks usually available in a can with dynamic names will provide for a quick fix, an easy pick me upper for an instant jolt. There are now a variety of them available, and are heavily marketed in the media as an instant boost.

What they do is promote that their particular brand is the magical potion which can stimulate and increase resistance, revitalize performance to higher proportions, while increasing mind functionality.

They convince you of their benefits, usually probable, and the special unique characteristic of their particular elixir which gives you that edge over their competition.

These energy drinks can also be quite expensive, and for some who may have certain health issues, will find that they aren’t really always that safe to drink.

What’s been discovered is that the majority of them, the biggest and the most famous brands, all contain artificial additives along with extremely high amounts of stimulants such as caffeine, which in the long run are not that healthy.

The Most Popular Ingredients Of Commercial Energy Drinks
The most common ingredients which are found in these commercial energy drinks including high levels of caffeine are: amino acids, taurine, guarana, vitamin B, minerals, at times alcohol, and chemicals for preservative purposes.

Some products will also contain high amounts of sodium, sugar, and other extracts which only offers short-term bursts of energy which won’t usually last long.

In Favor Of Natural Homemade Energy Drinks

homemadechocolateenergydrinkSo why risk or suffer though the consequences of these types of mass produced energy drink products when you can easily just mix up your own homemade energy boosting drink.

This will allow you to choose and select just the healthiest ingredients which you want, this depending on your particular taste or diet protocol.

Perhaps the biggest advantage when it comes to mixing your own concoction is that you know exactly what’s going into them, and that they’re clean and pure ingredients.

These homemade energy drinks which can serve the same purpose as the store bought variety, are a lot more healthier and as a result, are more sustainable and safer in the body.

You can also control the level of sugar when mixing your drink, or use healthier sources of sweeteners such as honey, with little or no caffeine, etc.

But keep in mind that although you’re using all natural ingredients, it still depends on how you mix them. It doesn’t always serve as a guarantee that you’re mixing an effective energy drink, so it’s always best to test them out first.


Different Types Of Energy Based Drinks
There are a few different varieties of recipes which you can try out which will have different effects on your energy.

You can mix and match a variety of ingredients to create your own unique designer taste, which can be more satisfying for your needs while also providing you with the sufficient energy that you need.

The ingredients on these drinks will also differ from one another. There’s even energy based drinks which can be mixed with alcohol such as wine, or recipes which can resemble and taste like a milkshake.

These various recipes which offers different effects and tastes, depends on the type of energy that’s needed by the individual who mixes them.

Selecting Ingredients For A Homemade Energy Drink
You can mix up your own tailor made energy drink based on a variety of ingredients which are more natural yet tasty, while providing for better longstanding energy.

Natural ingredients which are recommended includes: honey, lemon juice, purified water, baking soda, sea salt, milk, and fresh fruits such as lemons, bananas and blueberries.

You can also control the amount as well as the ratio of each ingredient based on your taste or needs, and how much of a batch that you’re wanting to make.

The best thing when it comes to these homemade energy drinks is that you can always alter its effectiveness by adjusting the various amounts based on the desired effect or function.

Natural Homemade Energy
Homemade Energy Drinks are becoming extremely popular and if mixed well, can offer a similar burst of energy as any store bought product but are a lot more healthier and natural.

Individuals are also finding that it’s best to alternate the ingredients to match their particular needs, or to the particular activity that they’re planning to do.

Runners or bikers for instance, may prefer a liquid thirst quenching based drink rather than one that’s creamy, since it may not settle well.

Although it may initially cost you a bit more to purchase the various ingredients for the recipes, but in the long run, you and your body will benefit a lot better from the results.

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