Recommended Natural Advanced Nutritionals For Improving Health

taking the proper advanced nutritionalsIf you’re not sure of what advanced nutritional products are, the simple definition is they’re superior nutritional supplements and substances which under clinical studies, have been proven to be beneficial to improve, maintain, or enhance the human body as one ages.

What these products do is they support the health of the heart, brain, eyes, joints, and immune system, all important components of sustained health and longevity. As a result, we as a society can prolong our lives while becoming more active and alert.

The foundation of good health is a lifestyle which includes a sensible well balanced diet along with nutritional supplements to fill the deficiencies, while getting adequate amounts of sleep, exercise, and maintaining proper weight.

Why The Need For Advanced Nutritional Products
So what taking the highest quality of these advanced nutritional products does is it helps to fill in the usual dietary gaps, which always occurs to everyone on a daily basis.

It’s also found that the proper and exact essential nutrients which the body needs are complex in nature as they are controversial. What is known however is that just taking the essential vitamins and mineral capsules are not enough.

So there are a group of advanced nutrients which are known to provide better significant health benefits which are the keys when it comes to improving energy, which leads to better freedom from disease as one begins to age.

Proven Advanced Nutritional Products
Resveratrol – This is a well known phytonutrient which is an antioxidant that’s found in the skin of red grapes. It’s found most commonly in red wine, red grape juice, and mulberries.

What studies suggests is that it’s an extremely effective antioxidant that reduces the mortality of cardiovascular disease. Resveratrol is also found to inhibit the replication of the herpes simplex virus.

Additional benefits include the reduction of bad cholesterol, atherosclerosis, damage to the blood vessels, while alleviating menopausal symptoms.

Quercetin – Quercetin is a crystalline pigment that’s found in certain plants, which are also known to contain bioflavanoids. This is considered to be an advanced nutritional because what it does is it supports the connective tissues, while improving the immune system and blood vessels.

Alpha Lipoic Acid – What ALA, which is also an antioxidant does is it enhances the effects of other antioxidants, which in tandem fights free radicals in the body promoting for quicker recovery.

It’s also thought to enhance insulin sensitivity while improving the body’s ability to add lean mass while reducing body fat. This advanced nutritional can also be beneficial for those who are suffering from Type II diabetes, as well as hyperglycemia.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine – Which is produced naturally in the body is considered an advanced nutritional product, as it’s beneficial for the prevention and the treatment of: Alzheimer’s disease, senile depression, age related memory deficits, alcoholism related deficits, Down syndrome, and after stroke treatment, this since it increases blood flow to the cortex.

L-Carnosine – L-Carnosine is thought to play a vital role in preventing atherosclerosis, the formation of cataracts, joint inflammation, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Policosanol – Which is a substance that’s derived from the sugar cane has undergone extensive clinical studies, much more than what most prescription drugs usually get. What policosanol does is it significantly lowers the bad (LDL) cholesterol, while increasing the good (HDL) cholesterol. It does so without the usual side affects which are associated with statin drugs.

Lutein – Lutien is an advanced nutritional that’s found in leafy dark green vegetables. Studies suggest that it may potentially offer protection against degeneration of the eyes, while protecting the skin when exposed to bright sunlight.

Zeaxanthin – Once increasing the intake of lutein and zeaxanthin for dietary purposes, what they can reduce is the risk of developing certain age related mascular degeneration.


DIM 3,3′ – Or diindolylmethane, is found naturally in cruciferous vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli. Diindolylmethane is thought to help in the prevention of uterine disease, prevents benign prostatic hypertrophy, and reduces premenstrual syndrome.

Turmeric – Turmeric is a well known antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory herb which is known to counteract common colds, bronchitis, minor chest infections, fever, leprosy, cystitis, and kidney inflammation.

The Effects Of Advanced Nutritional Products
It’s thought possible that certain advanced nutritional products can potentially slow down the aging process and memory loss. There are numerous clinical studies which support the health benefits of many of these types of natural nutrients.

Advanced nutritionals are capable of improving one’s health as they’ll provide the body with all the nutrients which it begins to lack, and needs more of. What you can do is attempt to design your own supplement intake plan, taking the various supplements individually to tailor your condition.

Some however claim that designing your own advanced nutritional intake plan may not always be the best method, this since taking a handful of different substances can conflict with each other.

If any of the advanced nutritional substances comes out of balance, then there’s the potential of they becoming harmful. Thankfully, there are now manufacturers who’ll precisely combine the exact amounts of the various advanced nutritionals into a single supplement.

Taking The Required Advanced Nutritionals
What’s advised is that you educate yourself as much as possible with what the best possible advanced nutritionals are, which best fits your needs based on your health, energy, and condition.

It’s always best to take advisement from a natural health specialist to inform you regarding which of the various advanced nutritional supplements may be best for you.

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