Reasons Why You Should Ramp Up Your Mobile Marketing Efforts

why you need to go mobileKnow that there’s a new revolution going on right now in technology, and that’s mobile. First there were the clunky slow desktop computers, then laptops, the availability of fast wireless Internet connection, and now everyone’s shifting towards mobile.

Now practically everyone has a smartphone or tablet in hand, ready and alert to surf the Internet wherever they may be, ready to receive and text others or phone anyone, this in an instance. They also take photos, play games, while using the latest apps.

The mobile revolution has promptly arrived, and is now in full swing. What’s on the horizon are smart watches and smart glasses. It’s the convenience, portability, and affordability of mobile devices which has accelerated this modern communication.

So it makes sense that if you’re a business, you need to establish a strong mobile presence. Most are still lagging behind however, or for the companies who have jumped in, are having difficulty with the process.

To Move Towards Mobile
In spite of it now being mainstream, mobile marketing is still relatively new and undiscovered territory, as there are certain parameters which needs to be established.

Certain nuances need to be identified which are integral to mobile success. There are steps to follow, this when it comes to this newly developed market, this before taking the plunge.

Think Like A Mobile Consumer
Avoid going the traditional online route of digital marketing, this by just collecting your potential customers contact information. Instead, give them some type of immediate value in return.


Dig deeper inside their intent by understanding what they would be interested in further experiencing, this from your mobile offering. What other services would they want to receive or participate in, and why.

If you’re not offering them something which provides some type of benefit, then what you’re doing is running the risk of losing their interest, and will most likely ignore or delete your messages or app.

Once they’re gone, they’re usually gone for good and aren’t likely to return, as they’re done with your experience. As a result, what you’ve lost is a significant opportunity.

So never run that risk. Always keep in mind the importance of providing content which will retain them, which meets the specific needs of what they want.

Offer Exclusive Mobile Deals
If you do take their contact information, never bombard them with offers or irrelevant repetitive messages and ads. Show that you value them, by taking their business and contact info they provided seriously.

One of the best ways is to present them with a time sensitive offer, discount, or coupon that’s mobile exclusive, one that’s specially tailored to their interests at that exact moment.

What’s also proven popular with mobile users are “push” notifications, this especially once they’re presented at the right time and place, right when they’re near your location.

What customers feel are rewarded, and they’ll reward you back with their business. What’s found most effective is presenting them with a targeted discount that’s significant enough so they’ll take action.

Making Contact At The Precise Time
What becomes vital is offering the precise information at the exact time of engagement. Your goal should be to connect with them exactly when they’re expecting it.

So timing becomes critical. For instance, if you’re offering “Happy Hour” discounts at your restaurant, you want to make sure that you send them timely relevant messages right before the event.


You shouldn’t be contacting them with your dinner specials first thing in the morning when they’re busy at work, or too late in the evening. What doing so just becomes annoying to them.

Also make sure that you appropriately nudge them along, while at the same time growing your list. You can do so be using effective SMS marketing tactics, which includes incorporating social media, exclusivity, and personalization.

Optimizing The Experience
Never underestimate the importance of providing a good customer experience at all times. The reason is because the majority of digital users now read all their emails on their mobile devices.

Everyone enjoys the portability and ease of operations of smartphones and tablets, this rather than being stationed at their desktops, or carrying around a laptop.

Since most mobile devices now have as much computing power as a laptop, people no longer need to use the traditional methods of online access, and most are taking advantage of this in droves.

Online Mobile Marketing
So your mobile marketing strategy needs to be just as compelling and sophisticated as your traditional online marketing, while being tailored to a more prompt moodier mobile crowd.

If you send email offers for instance, the headline needs to be short crisp and precise, while using lighter quicker loading smaller images. Make sure that the users are easily able to tap on the offer for easy instant navigation.

What also needs to be formatted are the constraints of the smaller screens. Make sure that your site or landing page is responsive to be mobile friendly. You can quickly test it by using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Localize Your Offers
If you operate a local business, then you should be jumping into mobile marketing. According to research, 80% percent of all local mobile searches will result in a purchase or they taking some type of action.

So make sure that at all times, you have all of your pertinent business information such as contact numbers clearly listed, and easily clickable to your digital media.

That means having your physical address along with all information using Call-To-Action “prompts,” where the user can take immediate action.

Realize that we’re now entering a new era in technology, but for marketers it’s still in its infancy, so the time to get on board is right now.

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