Reasons Why You Get Out Of Bed And Still Feel Dog Tired

waking up tiredOne of the biggest battles in life is to jump joyfully out of bed every morning. Most struggle to do so. There are multitudes who feel more tired waking up than they did going to sleep the night before. The head remains groggy and completely disorientated.

Most will face difficulties this in the attempts to jump start their day, to get off on the right foot. So if you at times feel drained out, then your personal energy crisis may be because of a jam packed stressful day ahead, or it could something more serious.

What’s known is that our lifestyle choices along with diet affects health, this at the DNA level. Poor dietary habits will eventually catch up to you, which leads to chronic fatique.

Eating poorly causes free radical damage which exhausts our cells, which then manifests into our lives by feeling exhausted, which accelerates health conditions such as advanced aging and heart disease.

So reinvigorating begins at the cellular level on a daily basis. There are preventative measures that you can take, to accelerate your energy levels to full speed ahead.

Get The Proper Rest
When you’re sleeping, every cell in your body is working to replenish itself, to repair all of the energy that you expended during the previous day.

The body chemicals such as hormones and enzymes are working hard to reboot the body. Sleep is when the body will promote growth, boost immunity, repair tissue, and restore energy.

The advanced length of deep sleep that you get at night, the better equipped and more energized that you’ll be to manage all the hazards of the following day, feeling kinetic.

Fuel A Healthy Breakfast
A nutritious breakfast remains vital, and gets the most attention because it sets the fuel structure for the entire day.

If you like eating doughnuts, or just skip breakie altogether, then you’re going to be cranky and remain hungry all morning.

The reason being, if you eat refined sugary foods or just drink coffee, what you’re doing is causing spikes in your blood glucose levels.

One of the most nutritional foods that’s found to be beneficial is steel-cut oatmeal, which packs plenty of fiber while keeping you full until lunch.

Another excellent option is Greek yogurt which contains the good bacteria. It’s also a great source of protein, allowing your stomach to digest longer.

Eat Wholesome Snacks
In between meals, never snack on convenience foods, as they’ll force your blood sugar levels to become unstable, giving you jolts of energy which are only temporary.

What results when there’s poor glucose control is that it causes your cells to become insensitive towards insulin, the hormone that’s released once the body senses glucose molecules in the blood after meals.

So once you feel like you need some type of snack, what’s found best are a handful of naturally roasted nuts or seeds, all which provides excellent satiation.

What they contain are plenty of minerals, protein, and vitamins which won’t trigger any sugar spikes or cause erratic mood swings.


To avoid the crash-and-burn feeling that’s associated with unhealthy sugary foods, eat nutritious nuts such as unsalted cashews, almonds, walnuts, or pumpkin seeds.

Boosting Up Your Digestive Health
The number of bacterial cells out number human cells by a ratio of ten to one. What’s known is that the bacteria found in our gut, is directly linked to our immune system along with our brain chemistry.

So it’s in our best interest to make sure that you consume foods which boosts healthy gut microbes, the “good” bacteria.

So to foster and promote better and wholesome gut ecology, make sure that you eat foods such as kefir, kimchi, Greek yogurt, tempeh, or kombucha.

Exercise Gives You More Energy
What the belief is that exercising makes you tired. But instead, what a healthy bout of sweat does is it gives the body a much needed reboot during the day, especially for a mind that’s stressed out.

What exercising does is it recharges tired cells, this by pumping more oxygen into the blood, the circulatory system, and the muscles.

Any type of physical activity which builds muscle strength also influences the mitochondria to be more efficient, which promotes energy. Working out helps our bodies produce more energy to the brain.

Better Supplementation
The production of more energy in the body needs certain nutrients such as antioxidants like coenzyme Q10, L-carnitine, and vitamin B12.

These various compounds helps in producing energy once our bodies become depleted of them, giving us an instant burst of energy when we need it.

These fatigue fighting stamina boosters are usually available in supplemental form, this because the foods that we eat don’t always adequately replace them efficiently.

Don’t Stress Out
What everyone can’t avoid is stress in their lives. The moment we wake up, there’s the mounting tasks, the looming deadlines, and the obligations of daily living.

When we become stressed, it then turns into a disease promoting state, this especially when essential health habits such as not exercising occurs.

It also affects our sleep, which then ultimately affects our immune system which is an incubator for disease.

Monitor Your Health
At times, its our hectic schedules which appears to be the cause of our depleted energy. But if you’re constantly tired on a daily basis, then schedule an appointment with your health adviser.

There may be a medical reason on why you’re chronically tired. One possibility could be a thyroid gland condition, which is the butterfly shaped organ just below the chin.

It plays a major role in maintaining metabolism, controlling energy, and regulating weight. There are other conditions such as diabetes, or a vitamin D or Iron deficiency, all contributing factors to fatigue.

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