The Reality Is That Time Is Constantly Active And Ticking Forward

Life is constantly racing forward at all times. We squish our lives thinking we’re running out of time, as we binge watch TV shows, constantly update our social media posts, attempt to finish our never ending things to-do lists. Time is just a four letter word, that dominates our lives.

Think how different our lives would be, if we slowed down, and just did the things that really mattered, instead of constantly rushing to get somewhere as quick as possible. What if more time was gifted to you, what would you do with it. Time is deceptive, an illusion, because whatever you do, time remains forever infinite.

What thinking there’s never enough time does, is causes anxiety. So the key becomes to make your day-to-day existence more meaningful. Slow down, don’t become a slave to time, enjoy what you want to do, instead of obeying the clock.

Just Breath
Breathing is an autonomic process, so we take it for granted. It’s the most undervalued, yet the most vital aspect of life. Most don’t realize the poor quality that their breathing is.

It may quicken when you’re excited or upset, and will slow down when you’re sleeping or taking a bath, all this on autopilot. How about becoming more aware of your breathing, this by placing more focus on it.

Imagine there’s an inflated balloon in your belly. Once you breathe in through your nose, the balloon fills up. Then breathe out through your mouth, as it deflates. Spend mindful time during the day, just breathing.

Get Exercise
You know that you should be getting off your derriere right now, and doing something physical. We’re conditioned however, to think there’s never enough time. Realize that getting exercise, can help you accomplish more.

Finding time to exercise, such as walking, running, biking, yoga, Pilates, does is compounds in various ways. There’s no debate the value that exercise provides for your mind and body, so get moving.

Show Gratitude
As you push forward and rush through your day, there are people that you come across who are doing things you barely notice. The only time that you notice them, is if they’re being surly, annoying, or rude .

How about stopping in the middle of what you’re doing, and then recognizing something that you value about them. It doesn’t cost anything, and just takes a few seconds of your time.

This could be a coworker, friend, or family member you routinely see, but will never acknowledge them. Approach them face-to-face, and give them a sincere “Thank you.” Don’t expect anything back in return, just pause and acknowledge that person.

Alter Your Priority List
The to-do list constantly expands as things get added, although they’re not really important in the overall scheme of things. So instead, prioritize what the most pressing things are, and then isolate them into smaller more manageable chunks.

What will happen is you’ll rearrange your day which aligns with your priorities, this provided you take the time to stop and alter them. Focus on what you need to do, and what’s the most important, this instead of just mindlessly running through the list.

Make And Update Your Bucket List
Often, when we have our heads buried and just doing our “thing,” it becomes difficult to even remember why we’re doing it. We lose focus and forget what’s on our “bucket list,” such as going back to school, taking that special trip, or moving to a warmer climate somewhere.

Most have dreams, things they want to do someday, but never have the time for them. Take a moment to recapture all your dreams, what matters the most, what makes you happy. Take the time to realize what they are, and write them down. Keep it nearby to keep you motivated.

Turn Off Technology
It was your parents or grandparents that told you ancient stories about life before technology. How relaxed life was, where you could hear yourself think.

When you choose to disconnect, what you’ll immediately notice is the quaint peacefulness, so much so, that it may be hard to stay still, and it may even feel uncomfortable. You’ll feel that you “should be” doing something, checking something.


Disconnecting for even just an hour once a week will recharge you, get you refocused and centered on what you’re doing. So deliberately reserve some quiet time for yourself, with no technology distractions.

Learn To Listen More
In this accelerating life we live in, we’re always looking for what’s next, while dismissing the need to learn and listen. Living this rapid life, it’s difficult to pause, and focus on what people are actually saying.

Make eye contact with them. Ask probing questions such as “What happened next?” Keep your attention on that person, as if they were the most important person in the world.

Listening is something that almost everyone needs to improve on, as what most are thinking of, is what they’re going to say or do next.

Contact Someone
Make that phone call. Cheer someone up you know who may be lonely or needs a friend. Someone you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while, because you were too busy.

Without hesitating, pick up the phone and then make the call. Connect with them, human to human, and not just over social media. You know you’ve been wanting to reach out, so do it.

Time Doesn’t Stop
Time won’t wait for you, so find the opportunity and the opening that you need, to do the things you know you should or ought to be doing.

Learn to manage time better to your advantage, and then you’ll find you have more control over your life, which presents you with infinitely more opportunities.