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learn to set goalsEvery new turn, a new month, a New Year, or what another revolution of a birthday does is it offers the opportunity for a new beginning, a fresh new start. But each day you wake up still feels the same, you go through the same routine expecting different results.

There’s something that’s different about milestones which becomes new and revives hope. That somehow, this time, you’ll finally begin what you’ve been promising to do for yourself. So you make new plans, constructing new beginnings, this in the hopes to improve your life.

These new promises however, we rarely keep once life interferes, we get distracted and our ambition dissolves. So all of the things that you want to get done, fades into the woodwork.

There are just too many people who lives an unfulfilled life, their dreams and their expectations shattered, this by themselves or from the discouragement of others.

So make this your time, your destiny. This is the year that you’ll do things differently. Set goals in your life and then meet them. Accomplish in your life whatever it is you’ve always wanted to do.

What can you do differently to make an impact. As with anything in life, it’s taking a series of proven steps, and there’s no better time than starting right now.

Have Specific Detailed Goals
You need to specify exactly what you’re wanting to do, to achieve, a blueprint on what exact success you want. Write it down clearly and concisely, this in quantitative terms.

Write about a new job, getting a new romance, starting a new business. Take the time and effort to write it down precisely, detailed exactly what you’re wanting to do.

Discuss how doing so will make you more fulfilled. Be as detailed as possible in listing what you want, then provide a road map of all the surrounding circumstances and events around it, this when attempting to perform that goal.

Know All Of The Obstacles
Identify all of the obstacles, the barriers which are currently standing in your way from reaching this success, this so you can make plans to overcome them, avoid, or go around them.

Realize reasons why you weren’t able to achieve this goal in the past. What obstacles got in the way. It could be a variety of reasons such as poor health, lack of ambition or finances.

There was something which prevented you from doing whatever it was you wanted to do, so write down what they were. What writing things down does is it cements commitment in your brain.

Don’t intently focus on them but rather identify them so that you develop a plan to overcome the work that’s required around them. Most often, you won’t achieve what you want to because you weren’t prepared properly.

Find Those Who Can Help
List those in your current life who can help you in your journey in some way. List those who you want to tell about your plans, those who are your personal stakeholders.

These are those who are concerned about your welfare or have a stake somehow in what you do. They could possibly provide support or even detract from your efforts. Activate them into your plans.

Then identify what your own personal strengths and weaknesses are. What you’re good at, knowing what you do well helps progress your journey, while also knowing what your limitations are.

For instance, if you procrastinate, then don’t beat yourself up about it, but instead work on improving it. Be aware that you’ve procrastinated in the past, and then make it a deliberate awareness not to do so again.


Guidelines For Your Success
Identify and establish your guidelines and criteria for success. If you don’t get, reach exactly what you want, then accept that an alternate goal will suffice.

What is it that matters the most to you. If you do happen to get that new job or start that new business, and everything is going great, but if there are setbacks, are you ready for them.

Be specific on what your priorities are, and then list them in advance so you’ll know what to expect.

Formulating A Plan
Make a clear precise step-by-step plan, this for exactly what you’re wanting and willing to do, when you’ll do it, and who will help you. Then estimate how much each step will cost.

So instead of randomly saying “In a few months I’ll have my dream job,” set a firm goal, the exact date, and then back it up by determining what you’ll need to do every day, every week, and each month, all this in advance.

For instance. keep your resume updated, research the companies you’d like to work for, network with those who can help you. Make sure that you’re qualified and are capable of the job of choice.

Determine exactly what you need to do and then write them down. Input all of the significant details in your calendar. Make sure that the step-by-step plan is feasible and achievable.

Most plans will get derailed because they’re not realistic or detailed enough. So make sure that you take the time to break them down into concise doable steps. Format these steps so you can make a little bit of progress each day and then each week.

Have A Plan To Take Action
What you then need is to develop a plan of attack, and take the appropriate action to execute it. Take the steps necessary to set you on that path to reaching your goals successfully.

Once you know where you’re going, and can precisely lay it out, and dedicate a keen focus on each step along the way, then your chances of reaching your destined goals becomes more certain.

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