Proven Natural Solutions That Can Reduce High Blood Pressure

someonewhoisdoingyogaA glaring health condition which is becoming increasingly common is high blood pressure, which occurs when the force of the blood that runs through the artery walls becomes too strong. Once this becomes chronic, it will eventually lead towards serious health issues, most notably heart disease.

Blood pressure is dependent on the amount of blood which is pumped by the heart, and the resistance that’s put up by the arteries. Once these blood vessels become narrow, then the levels of the blood pressure becomes higher.

The result is what’s known as hypertension, which is beginning to stricken more and more North Americans as the population ages, and their lifestyles accelerates. For most, the hypertension levels are constantly above the charts, where what’s considered a normal blood pressure reading is 120/80.

The symptoms of high blood pressure can sneak up on you. There are some who won’t show any symptoms even once their blood pressure becomes elevated. The most common symptoms to look out for are: mild headaches which become chronic, shortness of breath, dizzy spells, occasional blurriness in vision, and nosebleeds.

The Causes Of High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure is categorized into two distinct types, this based on the cause.

• Primary hypertension is a condition where the actual cause of the hypertension isn’t known
• Secondary hypertension is when a specific known underlying health condition is the cause of the hypertension

There are a variety of reasons for hypertension, which includes: aging, obesity, stress, sleep apnea, lack of exercise, excessive consumption of alcohol. Medical related issues include: adrenal gland tumors, kidney disease, congenital blood vessel constriction, and taking certain medication.

It’s thought that primary hypertension can usually be controlled by taking natural home based remedies, while adopting certain lifestyle changes.

Naturally Reducing High Blood Pressure
There are some basic natural remedies which have been proven or thought to be effective to stabilize high blood pressure.

The Goodness Of Garlic – Garlic is known to reduce cholesterol levels which is one of the main culprits behind hypertension. What garlic contains is hydrogen sulfide, which is an essential compound that promotes better blood flow which reduces blood pressure.

For the best effect, it’s recommended eating a few pods of fresh garlic daily, preferably on an empty stomach, provided you could swallow its odor. Or you can try extracted garlic juice by crushing and then juicing the fresh garlic. Add up to six drops of the garlic juice and mix with water or lemon, and drink twice a day.

Juice Of Onion – Another is eating one medium raw onion daily, or extracting the juice from raw onions, add honey, and then mix well. Drink this two times a day to keep your blood pressure levels stable.

Celery Leaves – What’s found in celery leaves is N-butylphthalide, which is a phytochemical compound that’s known to reduce hypertension, as it’s thought to reduce stress which makes the blood vessels constrict. Begin by adding celery leaves into your daily salads, or you can also juice the leaves or the stalk itself for best results.

Fresh Lemon – What lemons does is it helps in making the blood vessels softer, which allows for the better flow of blood. Lemons are extremely rich in vitamins B and C, so make it a point of drinking a few glasses of freshly squeezed lemon water daily. Begin by adding 2 tbsp. of freshly squeezed lemon juice in warm water, and drink on an empty stomach. It’s best to add honey to taste instead of sugar or salt.

Curry Leaves – Curry leaves are loaded with excellent medicinal properties, one being the treating of high blood pressure. Begin by boiling the curry leaves in water to make tea, strain out the leaves and drink the medicated water preferably in the morning on an empty stomach.

Watermelon Seeds – Watermelon seeds contain cucurbocitrin, which is known to help in widening the blood vessels and capillaries. It’s though to reduce blood pressure levels along with treating arthritis and kidney disease. Begin by crushing dried watermelon seeds and then adding it to a cup of boiled water. Allow it to steep for up to an hour, strain it out and drink up to 4 tbsp. once every few hours.

Reducing Your Salt Intake – It becomes extremely important to reduce the intake of salt, as lower sodium levels in your body is a key factor in reducing hypertension. It’s recommended you switch to a low sodium diet or avoid salt altogether in the foods that you eat. It’s also recommended that those with hypertension should stay away from all processed foods, along with all frozen foods as they contain extremely high levels of sodium.


Regular And Routine Physical Activity – It becomes important that you begin exercising at a minimum of 30 minutes daily. Make it a routine in your life as doing so will increase your metabolism levels, which stabilizes your blood pressure levels. Also manage your alcohol consumption, smoking, and other bad vices you may have.

Managing Your Stress Levels – You should be educating yourself and then applying the different ways on managing your stress levels. Try the various well known and effective relaxation techniques such as: yoga, running, meditation, and deep breathing exercises which will all reduce tension. It’s also advised that you get adequate amounts of sleep, such as at least seven hours per night for most individuals.

High Blood Pressure Can Be Stabilized
If you’re worried about your high blood pressure levels, or if hypertension is preventing you from doing your routine or regular work or leisure, then it’s recommended that you adopt a few or all of these proven natural remedies and solutions which have shown to moderate hypertension.

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