Precautions To Make Sure That You Enjoy These Hot Summer Days

howtosafelyenjoythehotsummerSummer, it never hangs around long enough and then disappears without notice, and much too soon. Those nice hot sunny days are what we long for the most throughout the year.

Just sitting, relaxing, lying on the beach or by the pool, all of the warm soothing rays of the sun seducing and making our skin vibrantly glow.

But also realize the flip side of all this basking in the sun, the actual health issues which it can pose. This since it becomes easy to forget the potential hazards the hot weather can bring.

It usually begins with organizing our ambitious travel plans. What doing so can do is leave us a bit vulnerable, exposed, to all of the new and different influences from the new environment of our destination.

Listed are some of the most practical and proven tips on staying as safe, energized, and balanced as possible during the hot weather.

Dehydration Is An Easy Trap
When it comes to dehydration, what we envision is that bearded man who’s crawling across the desert, searching for an oasis of water. But know that all you need to do is cross the street on a hot sunny day to suffer from dehydration.

The majority of us actually suffer from chronic dehydration just because we don’t bother drinking enough water. This since our bodies are more than 80% percent water, depending on our age and body type.


To keep ourselves in balance, it’s really no surprise that we need more water at all times of the year, and not just summer. The number one health concern and medical issue is actually the lack of water in the system.

Sodas, most sugar laden juices, coffee, tea, and alcohol won’t properly address these water issues, and as a result, the water content in our body becomes compromised.

What happens is that our arteries will become polluted, while our major organs won’t function as they should. Those with any type of cardiac disease, kidney, or gallbladder issues, who don’t bother drinking enough water, are the most susceptible of becoming chronically dehydrated.

What drinking soda, caffeine, or alcohol does is they’ll deplete the existing minerals and vitamins in the body, harming us further. To counteract this depletion, what we need to do is to drink more water aided with a quality multivitamin.

The Best Quality Multivitamin
You may be wondering what exactly constitutes a good quality multivitamin. You can easily test its quality by placing a tablet into a glass of water. If it doesn’t dissolve in 30 minutes or so, then it most likely won’t ever be absorbed in your body, but go to waste instead.

So make sure that you pick a product which is as natural as possible. For instance, there’s a vitamin E product known as tocopheryl, which is a natural source. If any multivitamin doesn’t state natural, then it’s most likely from artificial sources, and ineffective.

Stress From Too Much Fun In The Sun
During the hot summer days, on occasion, you can get stressed out and worn down from too much sun. Once this happens, it’s advised that you take natural vitamin C. If you’re wanting to detoxify, then take at a minimum of 2000 mg. per day.

You can also go for a soothing hot summer massage. You’ll then begin feeling your muscles relaxing, as more oxygen starts to penetrate deeper into the tissues. All of your major muscle groups in your body such as your shoulders and neck will begin to melt.

Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in abundance becomes natural during summer, so continue to do so while avoiding foods which contain empty sugar. Know that bacteria and viruses love to grow on exposed sugar, especially when it’s hot outside.

Avoid all polyunsaturated fats, by using unheated cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil instead, and as often as possible. Also use flaxseed oil which is another excellent source for much needed Omega-3.


Getting A Nasty Summer Flu
Stomach flu’s are known as gastroenteritis, and is common in the summer. They are often caused by food poisoning or a lingering virus. To rid of this, initially avoid all solid foods for the first 24 hours.

Drink plenty of liquids, preferably water, or pure apple juice to maintain your electrolyte and hydration levels. Taking a tablespoon of acidophilus once every hour can be helpful.

Once you’re able to tolerate and keep down solid food, begin with eating a grated apple with cinnamon, along with mashed bananas. Aloe Vera juice has also been proven to be a good option, as is kefir in its natural state. If all goes well, then begin expanding the variety of solids slowly.

Getting That Painful Sunburn
Aloe Vera is a natural source which has proven to be excellent for sunburns, preferably in juice form directly from the plant, if available. We all know by now that we should be avoiding extended exposure to the sun as often as possible.

What exposed sun does is it dries out the natural oils in our skin, along with the mucus in our nose, ears, and eyes. So to cleanse and then make these areas succulent again, it’s recommended that you use a solution consisting of salt and water.

Begin by warming up a cup of hot water and then add a pinch of salt. Allow it to cool down, and then place it into a dropper bottle. Use the solution to clean out your eyes, ears, nose, as doing so will accelerate the hygienic discharge.

When You Get Swimmer’s Ear
There’s absolutely nothing more refreshing to cool down and get away from it all, than by going for a good swim. But for some, what this can result in is “swimmer’s ear,” along with earaches.

But this shouldn’t discourage you from having fun in the water. There are remedies to cure this. What they contain are natural ingredients with a base of olive leaf extract and vinegar, for instance, which will effectively relieve infected ears.

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