10 Ways Of Recognizing Toxic People In Your Life

There are destructive individuals among us, who has a toxic personality. They can be found in plain sight or be hiding in the weeds, waiting to prey on your sensitivities like a plague. This only to feed their ego, to fortify their low self-esteem.

Their negative ways, are usually considered the downside of the human condition. We all know one or several toxic people, as we try to avoid them at all costs.

We are usually associated with them as relatives, siblings, someone we work with, or know them socially …

8 Signs And Their Reasons Why You Feel Sad

There are some people who constantly feel sad about themselves, while not realizing it or knowing the reasons why. What then happens, is they’ll sit alone quietly in a room full of people, speaking very little, being socially aloof, pondering their mood.

Most sad people will remain in a unresponsive state and won’t impulsively laugh, when there’s a genuinely funny situation. They find sitcoms on TV stupid.

What’s found is there’s a myriad of triggers that causes this sadness, which can fly under the radar.

What’s usually developed are coping …

A Clinical Test On The Chemical Reaction Coffee Has On Anxiety

Coffee is considered one of the most popular psychoactive drugs of our time. It’s legal and available just around the corner at the local barista. You can drink as much as you want and feel its seduction. Coffee as a chemical compound, when it reacts to the brain generally gets positive reviews.

It makes the mind sing on edge, it boils the blood in motion while stimulating the muscles.

Caffeine is capable of accelerating the digestive system, keeps you alert and regular, while supplying the capacity to engage longer when …

Learn To Heal By Writing A Story Of Your Unfulfilled Life

We all write for a variety of reasons. For therapy, to expose and exhaust our dark cloudy minds, to release our inner angst by feeling united. You don’t need to be good at it, as it will eventually refine itself, find its own flow.

We were all forced to write a story or an essay in school, which often became a dreadful exercise. It became a chore, as the English teacher gave us a skeleton to prose but rarely a plot.

Plenty of frustration was endured late at night, the …

How To Attract Better Luck In A World Full Of Skeptics

Most think it’s fate, the reason why some appear to be more luckier than others. Why not subscribe to the thought, that luck flowing your way can actually be created by you exerting higher targeted energy to what you want. That it’s not by accident or some type of mystical intervention.

The majority of the populace however, are content to allow others, or destiny, to make their luck for them and believe it’s out of their hands.

The successful know they can generate their own luck, this by better directing …