How To Get What You Want In Life By Going With The Flow

What we all ultimately strive for as we grow older and mature like fine wine, is to hopefully achieve wealth, health, and true love. This leads to unconditional happiness and fulfillment in our lives. But what are we willing to sacrifice to achieve these pursuits.

What’s the formula, the cost we need to pay when reaching this peaceful serene calm of inviting this joy in our lives.

The truth is, most often what we need is to get out of our own way. To allow life to breath destiny into …

The Search For Happiness In A World That Hides Behind Masks

We live in a world of deception, intense sadness, and know that humor can be used to hide the pain. As being funny is usually associated with being happy, to hide the despair and hopelessness of self and soul. For one to offer such genuine humor, doesn’t always mean they’re happy with their life however.

You assume they offer their humor because they can laugh at themselves, the world, and others, comedians as such.

To be funny, to see the lighter side of life, the lighter side of the everyday …

The Need To Take Full Responsibility Of Your Life

Your life won’t improve unless you take full responsibility for it. Responsibility, your decision to be accountable, isn’t saying you’re accepting blame for everything that goes wrong. But instead, it’s stating your intent to respond to every situation, good or bad.

To find reasons and meaning for everything that happens to you and your life. To be obligated.

One of the biggest challenges most face, is their life begins to spiral out of control as they lose their handle on situations.

They feel like their circumstances, the events of their …

Can You Adjust Your Body Clock For Peak Efficiency

What you’re wanting is to maximize your sleep patterns. To synchronize and adjust your body’s internal snooze button for peak performance, for the upcoming day ahead. This way, you can look and feel completely refreshed and full of energy at will.

Is it even possible to alter your habitual sleep patterns for whatever reason. This could be for a new job, adjusting to a change in weather, or if you’re going on vacation and wanting to adapt to a new timezone.

You may be wondering if it’s even possible, to …

9 Healthy Alkaline Foods To Balance Your pH Levels

What the healthy human body needs is to be slightly alkaline on the pH scale, for it to function at its peak efficiency. The optimal pH level which suits our blood and body tissues, is around 7.4 on a scale of 14. So slightly more alkaline than acidic.

The various foods along with the essential nutrients we consume on a daily basis, after every meal, can tip the scale either way.

The convenient foods we all enjoy in the instant world we live in, such as processed foods, fast food, …