The Need To Overcome Perfectionism To Win In Business

Perfectionism can get in the way of building or marketing a successful business. It can prevent you from moving ahead, or from taking advantage of business opportunities. We set ourselves up with unrealistic expectations, which can be damaging both on a personal and professional level.

What striving for perfection can do is damage your self-esteem, because you never feel you’re good enough. Instead, choose to adopt an attitude of striving to get better.

Look at all the failures you’ve experienced as a learning tool. Discover how being less than perfect, can move you ahead in your business and your life.

Taking action is the antidote to overcoming perfectionism. When it comes to marketing, put yourself out there, and show the world who you are, this through your speech and online presence.

Never wait until you feel you’re perfect. The truth is you never will be. Everything you do is a work in progress.

So start now, put yourself out there, get feedback, and then correct the mistakes as you move forward.

Learn To Just Say “No”

Stop placing those unreasonably high demands or high standards on yourself, you can’t reach. They’re too difficult if not impossible to achieve, even under the best of circumstances. Learn to say “no.”

We constantly place absurd demands on ourselves, more than what anyone else would on us, and then we fail. If you step back and look at the big picture, they really mean nothing.

Begin with being average, while not sacrificing quality in what you do. Trying to be perfect every time, will only delay getting your message to who needs to hear it the most.

Set Realistic Goals

Unreasonably high demands, goes hand in hand with setting unrealistic goals. You can’t expect to do everything at once, or at the same level of quality.

Creating a plan on what needs to be done in your business, becomes top priority. So create a rough template.

For each major project or item you need to do, break it down into a number of steps that’s easily doable.

A goal of building a website can be daunting. However, drafting a plan, makes it much easier to accomplish.

Find Mutual Support

Find others who’ll support you, in what you’re doing. Consider asking friends, colleagues, or family members to be your sounding board, for some projects you’re working on.

If you think something isn’t perfect enough, they can give you unbiased feedback. At times, we get so caught up in what we’re doing, we can’t see it’s good enough just as it is.

Recruit a supportive team, join a suitable Facebook Group to help you determine whether you’ve reached that point.


It’s Good Enough

Consider adopting the mindset, whatever you do is the right thing to do, the best thing at that moment. Having this attitude can be the difference, when creating a successful business.

Not only will potential buyers find your sense of personal strength attractive, you’ll also gain more confidence to make things happen quicker.

You’ll then begin taking more risks in your marketing, and work more efficiently at everything you do.

Learn To Embrace Failure

Redefine your definition of failure, as it’s a part of life. Failure isn’t the end, nor does it mean you’re incompetent. Realize failure is a teacher, that can help you innovate your business better.

Failure provides valuable information, exposing you need a bit of tweaking, or you’re going in the wrong direction, which isn’t providing the results you want.

The sooner you understand this, that failure is a stepping stone, the sooner you can re-orient yourself towards success.

Reframe Your Attitude

Perfectionism is defined as “freedom from fault or defect,” or the quality or state of being saintly. The words we use to describe what we do, or who we are, makes a difference in the success we achieve.

So adopt the attitude you’re perfect just the way you are. You’re good enough and a work in progress.

Write down what perfection means to you, and then post it in a place where you can read it daily.

Look On The Bright Side

When you’re not trying to be perfect, is when you’ll usually find the perfect opportunity. Life is imperfect, and opportunity occurs when you least expect it.

Opportunities are abundant. Take a look at the last few things you did, which you didn’t think were perfect, or didn’t meet your high standards.

What were the results of what you did. What exciting things generated as a result.

Getting Results Are More Important Than Perfection

Doing things, putting yourself into action, telling people about what you can do for them, can help you get results.

This instead of choosing to spend another hour or another dollar, trying to make something perfect.

So stop spinning your wheels and wasting time, in the hopes you’ll reach some increased level of perfection.

Realize people aren’t attracted to perfection, they’re more attracted to those who makes things happen. People love action takers.

If you’re wasting your time attempting to be perfect, the trade-off is you’re not somewhere else testing what works or doesn’t work.

It’s also important to surround yourself with others who like to take action.

Not only will they motivate you to do the same, but you’ll also be able to witness firsthand, the results they’re getting, by they taking action.

Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

Those who are perfectionists, will often beat themselves up and then feel down or disappointed for not achieving what they wanted.

Realize perfection is just an ideal and not a reality, as it’s humanely impossible to be perfect, as it’s a forever moving target.

Learn how to forgive yourself, once you do something you don’t think is good enough, and move on. Appreciate yourself for being you, that you tried your best.

Potential buyers aren’t attracted to you because of your constant indecision as they don’t care. All they care about is what you can do for them.