Our Purpose For Living And Its Application To Wealth Building

the application of lifeWhat’s the meaning of our existence, what the purpose of life is, and specifically what our own life means. Is there a purpose for we being alive at this precise time in history. It’s known that some feel that their life is meaningless, insignificant. There are thoughts that this endless cycle of life is pointless.

We wake up every day and go to work, tend our chores, earn money to survive another day. We raise our kids so they can grow up and do the same, this to infinitude. What’s the purpose behind all this, the reason for this continuance.

All living organisms share a similar life cycle, the same evolutionary process. This really tells us nothing. But once we analyze the behavior of all things living, we all have something that we share in common, and that’s all organisms add value, this to their own life, the lives of others, and to the environment.

Life Feeds Itself
What all things on this particular planet does is it feeds off itself. The purpose of anything living is staying alive while reproducing more of their same species, to survive and to evolve.

All living things are programmed to behave in a certain way. We’re programmed to use our own energy productively, to add value to ourselves, others, and to the ecosystem. Most organisms don’t understand what their true purpose in life is, but they go about it intuitively.

For instance, bees will instinctively seek nectar daily to make honey. They pollinate plants, and the same occurs with other insects and birds. Their sole goal is to seek food to remain alive and reproduce. This is the pattern for all living things.

The Purpose Of All Things Living
Plants will convert the suns energy into chemical energy, this through the process known as photosynthesis. The chemical energy that’s used by these plants produce sugar along with other important nutrients. Plants do this to survive, while having no conscience why it’s doing so.

The plants only purpose is producing oxygen while serving as nutrition to other living entities such as humans and animals. They’re also used for medicine and healing. Most plants are genetically codified so it can produce fruits and reproduce that way. Their sole purpose then becomes feeding others with their fruits.

Our True Life Purpose Is To Add Value
What we need to do is apply this knowledge of adding value to the business world. How these general principles about purpose applies to building wealth in our lives.

That our main goal as humans is to make money for survival, but our secondary purpose remains adding value. We can add this value in a variety of ways, as we have conscience.

The best way is creating, inventing something new that’s never existed before which could be useful to others. This can be a new device, a system or machinery, anything. This as long as it’s innovative, affordable, and useful.

You can measure the usefulness of this new value which you’ve added by observing how others become interested in it. The more useful it is, the more they want it, the more money they’ll be willing to pay for it.

Innovation becomes extremely important in business, while you can also add value without needing to create something new. You can always offer your services to others, offer your support, add value while performing your job better.

It’s thought that we’re not supposed to chase wealth, but rather do something that improves the lives of others, and then capitalize on our efforts.

The Circle Of Life
All living things have growth, metabolism, organization, adaptation, while we respond to stimuli and reproduction. All businesses should be considered living entities which needs these qualities as well.

Growth – All businesses are expected to grow. You can learn something new on a daily basis, new trends in your industry. Over time, your organization can grow while increasing in value and size. So organize your business to accept this growth every day.

Metabolism – Metabolism is a process where businesses can use raw materials from the environment, workers can use their energy and the effort of others, along with using financial resources. Energy is converted into useful work within your business, the more efficient you are, the better results you’ll obtain.


Organization – You’ll need to be well organized and focused as the world tends to obey chaos and disorder. You’ll need to exert your efforts by keeping your business running smoothly. Businesses are complex internal systems which needs energy to make it run efficiently.

You’ll personally need to be organized to be successful, which includes setting goals and then achieving them. This includes planning, creating projects, and keeping all the disorder under control.

Adaptation – This in order to survive and evolve. If you’re able to quickly adapt to changes in your environment, you’ll then have an advantage over your competition, this provided they can’t.

Successful individuals can adapt to change quickly. They’ll keep their goals in view to make more money. They’ll change their methods often, and when necessary. They’ll persevere on their goal and not the method.

Response To Stimuli – This is how you react to feedback. What are others telling you with their attitude, choices, their reaction. What’s the result of your efforts. Negative feedback is just as important as positive ones, this provided they make sense.

If you’re able to analyze the information from the environment and then adapt based on it, you’ll be responding to the stimuli that you receive. Your overall results will depend based on your response and choices.

Reproduction – You’ll want to reproduce as well. This involves expanding or starting new multiple streams of income. All successful people realize this. What’s preferred is having different sources of revenue, so if one happens to dry up, then there will be others as backup.

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