Observations From One Growing Older What To Expect As You Age

over the hillIf everything goes as planned, provided that there is a plan, you become independent escaping the shackles, and attack head on into real adulthood. Hopefully prepared, you’re ready to tackle whatever life throws your way.

You then hit your stride as the years begin to roll along, while you also slowly begin looking into the rear view mirror of life. You become mature but not old. You know better, wiser, while your body, mind, and bones still don’t hurt. You’re still capable and mobile enough to do whatever it is you want.

As we navigate through life, what we’re conditioned to do is find ourselves, our career path, a mate, this when reaching adulthood, usually sometime in our twenties for most. Then you begin ruminating through your 30’s, this based on the grievances which you’ve gathered a decade earlier.

You build a foundation, this for the production of sustaining life. Strive to become an outstanding citizen, all while enjoying the freedom of being healthy with a wild mind intact, doing all the things that you’ve always dreamed of doing as a child.

The Passing Of The Decades
Eventually you awaken, you’re forced to reflect on the decade that you live in, this while you’re still in it. You react more than you think. Middle age forces you to bring your life into perspective.

You hit your stride when in your 40’s, which is a busy time that can be difficult to assess. This for many is a period of transition, a time where youth graduates into older age. This when the kids begin calling you sir or madam, this without an ironic wink, they mean it with respect.

The conventional wisdom being that in human terms, the 40’s are still relatively young, all the body parts still work, but you realize that things are beginning to decline, most importantly your fertility and health.

Growing Older Yet Feeling Young
The biggest accomplishment is realizing that you’ve managed to learn, to mature. As the decades pass, then the next one, the revelation that we realize is how naive we were.

But for now, what we do is cement our gains, life comes to a standstill, that we mentally jot down what we now know, things we didn’t know a decade or even a year ago.

What Growing Older Teaches You

You stop caring what others think of you, what you do instead is pick up tips, feedback from them on how you can improve. You leave a conversation and no longer wonder what the heck. What you enjoy are the motives of others finally being revealed.

People begin to shape into how you envisioned them, what they’ve accomplished. This is who I am, this is me, totally authentic, so don’t try projecting a different image of me.

We realize that no one wants to grow up or grow old. We suspected this when we were younger, but can now definitely confirm it, that everyone is pretending to be mature, some just do it better than others.

All This For What
When we were younger, we’re told that there’s “someone” out there for everyone, a special soul mate, maybe a few soul mates. But then you realize that not one person perfectly fits into what you want, but can be developed over time.

We learn that those who are too emotional are a waste of time, boring, and tiring. From weddings, births, to funerals and everything else in between, they drain out their feelings, sulk, or create a dramatic scene. Just shutup do the right thing you idiot.

Whenever you meet someone new when you’re older, you’re extremely cautious instead of being dazzled. You have a better judgement of spotting someone who’s narcissistic before they can ruin your life.

The giddiness of youth can become harden into adult pathologies. What you found daring when in your twenties, can become somewhat worrisome when in your thirties, and pose a danger once you hit forty.

Once the fifties roll along, you realize that you’ve hit a real milestone. All downhill from here right? What you begin to see are the outlines, glimpses of what you’ll look and feel like when you hit sixty and beyond.


What you realize is that you’re not universal, not that great, unique, or dependable. We self-assess that we’re 85% percent cohort, while being 15% percent unique. Finding this out can be disappointing, but also a relief. You’re not a freak after all.

Just Belong Somewhere
What you find are tribes that you belong to. You realize who you are. You know that this is me, that this is who I am. This is my group that I belong to. As you grow older, you don’t want or care to be with the hip cool people any longer. All that you want is to be with your own people.

If you don’t want to do something, you just say “No thanks.” Never suggest lunch with those you don’t want or care to be with. They won’t change, they’ll be just as disappointed as you are having to spend time with you.

You just don’t care, you don’t want to know or decide whether eternity even exists. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. What you’re really worried about is if the government is reading all your emails, tracking your bank account.

If men in dark suits are following you, if you’re health is going to hold up, if you’re breaking any unspoken rules. If there is a heaven or a hell. Sometimes it’s just better not knowing whether someone’s stalking you or not.

Final Observations From Someone Growing Older
You stop buying tight jeans but the stretchy type. You don’t expect to lose weight anytime soon. When you need to be somewhere important, you make sure that you wear black to remove the creases.

You begin to eat and appreciate better food. You enjoy food like your days are counted, that you’re on the decline, that you’re getting closer to your tombstone. You know that the best days of your life are behind you. Then you wonder… is that all there is?

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