Now’s The Time To Start Jogging Get Into Shape By Running

learninghowtogoJoggingandstartingJogging is not boring. Jogging is not this mundane exercise which is too hard on the knee’s, or too embarrassing to be seen when you are running down a city street, where people chewing on a hotdog looks at you and sneers. For those of you who are wondering why you see people running on a daily basis, whether it’s raining, it’s windy and snowing, or it’s a hot torrid day, well there is a reason.

Running is beyond exercising of the body. Running is more like working out the mind and soul. Once you find the proper shoes, get past the initial muscle pain, get your cardio in tune, and once you eventually hit that mythical second wind, the bliss will eventually overcome the pain. Any negative emotion that you may be experiencing: social anxiety, depression etc., will soon dissipate and be replaced by a feeling of calm and being in the moment.

So This Spring
So Spring is just around the corner. If you are wanting to start jogging this year, the time is now in developing a good training regiment allowing you to greet the change of weather, it’s just a matter of starting. Beginning a dedicated running program, or even training for a 10K run or half a marathon is the perfect way you can achieve your goals.

So regardless if you’ve decided to sign up for that run or are just interested in getting outside to jog, right now is the best time to start. The weather at this time isn’t too cold nor is it too hot.

Although running does involve fighting the elements such as rain and wind, pounding on a hard surface, beating traffic, battling slippery terrains, but when it comes down to exercising, there is absolutely nothing that can beat the benefits and convenience of running.

Unfortunately, not each and every one of our body types may not be built to go running. But if you prepare yourself properly, starting with a slow progression and then building up to going further distances, have the proper footwear, and keep track of how your body reacts to the training, you should be able to develop a regular running routine to suit your time and body type.

How To Set Proper Running Goals

The Proper Motivation Mindset
A great way that you can ease into a spring running program is by setting a goal for the season. Even if the only reason why you want to run is because you just simply enjoy the activity as well as wanting to stay fit, it is extremely important that you establish goals.

So begin by signing up with say a 5K race, or just go join a running group. Running groups can especially be an excellent source of useful information as well as inspiration. A well informed runner is a runner who’s prepared. So provided that you follow the exact specific training program that’s set up by the running group, the training will always proceed methodically and you will have a better chance of not getting injured.

Proper Scheduling
One benefit of having a specific running program to follow is that it will take the guesswork out of the training itself. Following a well laid out workout plan will keep you focused on your training as well as motivating you to follow the plan.

Your body has its limits and may not always react too kindly to sudden changes, like say you deciding to go out and running 7 miles right after a three month layoff. You will be setting yourself up for a major injury. If you haven’t exercised in a while, it will be natural that you wake up and feel extremely stiff and sore and will want to quit that day.

Stiffness can rather be a good thing, but if you happen to have swelling, that can be a warning sign that you should not ignore. You should never run on a swollen or painful Achilles tendon, or on a swollen knee.

Developing Consistency
The most crucial result of any good training plan is keeping with the schedule and being consistent with it. You will not have to perform these spectacular workouts that really have no purpose other than proving that you are able to do them. More importantly is to train as consistently as possible on a daily and then weekly basis. Keeping your training consistent and at an even keel will result in long term gain.

Try to get in the best shape that you can before you start running by losing excess weight if you need to, as well as building muscle strength in your legs and hips, while developing a good cardiovascular base by doing low-impact training such as riding a bike, stationary rowing or exercising on elliptical trainers.

Be As Adaptable As Possible
Just because you may have a set training program does not necessarily mean that you won’t be able to adapt it to your own schedule or requirements. You may find that you may need to shift and shuffle your workouts because of previous obligations, whether it be family or work commitments, but that’s no excuse to completely begin skipping those workouts.

While you will be able to get away with missing a few running sessions, or minor injuries may force you occasionally miss a few days, a set training schedule will usually work best when you follow the basic pattern even while you are making changes to suit these daily alterations.

Getting Plenty Of Rest Drinking Lots Of Fluids
Just as important as exertion is to rest properly. Exercise is physically stressful and can literally damage your body muscles, causing small micro-tears in your connective tissues. So without getting proper adequate rest, the healing of your muscles will not occur. Body parts constantly wear out and deteriorate, that’s when they will become injured or inflamed.

So it’s vitally important that you learn how to stretch properly. When it comes to either hiking, walking or jogging, these motions will usually come down to working your prime basic body parts, which are your calves, your quads and your glutes.


The key to preventing injury to these parts is by bringing the body back into balance as quickly as possible. So how do you do this? By working and exercising those muscles which are opposite to the ‘prime basic body’ parts muscles mentioned.

• So to stretch and warm up your calves muscles, you should be working on your shin muscles
• To stretch out your quads, you should be working out your hamstrings
• To stretch out your glutes, stretch out your hip flexors

So once you begin running and get the hang of it, you will not be able to stop. Running gives you a healthier outlook on life, keep your weight in check as well as drastically improving your cardiovascular condition and mindset.

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