Natural Health Foods Which Help In Preventing Acne Breakouts

whyyoushouldneverpopa-pimpleSome may tend to think that the cause of persistent acne is because of dirty unwashed oily skin which clogs up their pores. Most however fail to realize what the real primary reason of constant pimple breakouts actually is. So the basic instinct that first comes to mind is to get out a cleansing pad to scrub away those awful whiteheads or blemishes with uncomfortable abrasive cleansers which are daubed in harsh or harmful chemicals. The most common being from drugstore shelves which contains chemicals such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

There are also certain soaps that contain surfactants, which will strip away all of the good oils on the skin along with the bad oils. The skin then begins to struggle to properly re-balance the outer lipid layer of its surface, this by producing the “bad oil” hoping to make up for the loss. What this may result in is actually more clogging and acne breakouts.

Acne In Adults Is Common
Adults as you know will get persistent acne as well. Dermatologists who recently conducted a survey, concluded in their studies that of the adult women and men who had facial acne problems, their actual condition didn’t improve until they were on average, 45 years old. This is pretty much normal and is due to dietary, environmental and more especially in women, hormonal issues. Acne problems are triggered in adults by blending together parts or all of these elements and situations, which causes the breakouts.

It has also been proven that you should resist the urge of popping that pimple. What the squeezing actually does is it will cause the pore which is already swollen to rupture, which compounds itself by spilling its infected contents into the tissue which is underneath the skin’s surface.

Stop Acne By Eating Better
So rather than pinching that tempting blemish, keep in mind that what we put in our bodies plays a significant role in the development and nurturing of acne. So similar to diabetes or heart disease, although acne breakouts are fortunately far less serious, is considered an inflammatory disease, which is the direct cause of our diet and the food and health choices that we make.

Start with cutting down and out as much white refined sugar as possible. Beginning with cutting out the sweets can have a beneficial effect on your skin. A recent study performed by a Clinical Nutrition organization found that males between the ages of 16- to 26 years old, and all whom had persistent acne problems, were put on low-carb diets. The results were they had significantly reduced their blemish breakouts after 3 months, than those who ate a high-carb, high calorie diet during the same time span.

When foods are high in carbohydrates, what it does is it will naturally raise our blood sugar, which then in turn will trigger higher insulin production. So to cut down on the pimple outbreaks, cutting down on foods which contain white sugar as well as white flours should help.

A Simple Natural Diet For Better Skin
When you’re working on managing to keeping your acne under control, you should be starting with a better diet and developing healthier eating habits, as well as constructing a more relaxed lifestyle while beginning your body and skin cleansing routine.

So it’s not just about applying that next great acne solution or formula on your skin, you should rather be focusing on what and how you treat and do to your body. So adopting healthier eating habits, a routine and regular exercise program, developing regular consistent sleep patterns and finding ways for deeper relaxation should be your body’s best defense when it comes to fighting that stubborn acne.

Know What You Eat To Prevent Acne Breakouts

As over 95% percent of our actual grain intake comes from processed foods and not pure wholesome grains, we as a result do not get enough of the proper fibers, Vitamin B6 and zinc intake which has proven to naturally help in curing acne.

There are also a vast majority of adults who fail to get the daily recommended amounts of vegetables and fruits, which should be around 7 servings daily. The lack of these nutrients leads to a critical shortage of vitamins and antioxidants which helps in blocking blemish breakouts.

The natural foods which contain anthocyanins happens to be extremely high in antioxidants. This helps in maintaining regulated blood flow directly to the skin, which promotes optimal cell turnover, resulting in keeping the pores clear. So certain superfoods such as: carrots, acai, pomegranates, beets and grapes are all excellent choices.

There are numerous proven health related benefits that’s provided by drinking green tea. Green tea also helps in keeping acne blemishes from appearing because of its concentration of catechin (EGCG), which is a valuable antioxidant. Catechin has proven to be an extremely effective anti-inflammatory source. You should however beware of drinking bottled green tea drinks which are now popular and convenient, as they often contain sugar which leads to added calories.

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