My Love Affair With Rain It’s Always Sunny When It Pours

onlywhenitrainsOther than getting wet, there’s absolutely no reason why people shouldn’t like the Rain. It’s even been noted that rainy days can even depress some people, but to me, rain is a blessing as I’ve always loved the splash of the raindrops on my forehead. Rain always puts me in a better mood the same way sunny days and crystal clear blue skies does for others.

There really is a genuine leap for joy when the skies become cloudy and gray. The darker the skies become during broad daylight, that’s when my spirits begin to soar. Rain cleanses the soul much like a tonic as it lifts me up much like sunshine can.

Friends would always call me when it becomes rainy and ask, “You’re in a good mood today because it’s raining… right? The reply would always be an affirmative and cheerful “Hell ya.”

During those hot summer days when the sun would continuously beam rays of heat, the rainy days were always an excellent diversion from the hot weather. It’s different as well as breathtakingly refreshing, and blessedly cooler. It’s always a great welcomed change.

“Rain, rain, go away?” What? Bring it on. The joy of a child on the first hint of rain is to put on their rain gear and the gummy boots and go find the first puddle of muddy water to splash in. You’d find any way possible to go out into the rain to play, remember? This rather than staying indoors and playing checkers or just daydreaming looking at the teardrops of rain snaking down the window.

There’s an entire new underworld that’s created when it rains and only exists when it does so. The rain perks and bubbles the imagination. You suddenly find an abundance of new and pleasant things to do when it begins to rain.

Almost everything seems abundant, especially on a hot muggy day when there’s a sudden downpour, while sitting at home the world around you comes to a standstill, the grilled cheese sandwich tastes better, the glass of milk colder, the hot chocolate sweeter. There’s something cozy and refreshing when mom’s baking chocolate chip cookies on rainy days.


Catching up on your reading is a wonderful pastime on a rainy day, whether you’re resting in your favorite easy chair, feet propped up comfortably on your bed, catching up on a good mystery novel with a hot cup of tea.

Writing your thoughts when it’s rainy exacerbates your tingly senses. The sound of the rain creates a cocoon of new creativity where words begin to flow, just as fluid as the rainwater pouring off the downspout.

Rainy days allows me to be a lot more more productive, whether exerting mentally or physically. I get the sudden urge to clean the house, tidy up the attic or sweep the garage when it’s raining outside. An upcoming thunderstorm can be extremely invigorating.

It must be the pure “negative” ions which are created in the atmosphere which becomes charged like little soldiers, the energy levels as a result rises to the barometric pressure. There’s no disputing that there’s a lot more zing in the air when it rains.

There’s nothing better than a good Spring storm, everything feels new again, it’s an exhilarating sigh of grumble by mother nature. Thunder as well as lightning are not scary, but only to my dog. They are oddly soothing as well as simultaneously exciting. The sudden crash of the lightning, the deep roar of the thunder can be melodic to the soul.

On certain hot summer nights, there can be stunning streaks of lavender and reddish hues of heated lightning, which can be as visually stunning as any fireworks show.

Try taking a hot soothing bubble bath on a crisp rainy night, the absolute bliss is incomparable. As is sitting near a fire when the rain floods the garden, knowing that your plants will be well again. Sitting by candlelight or lamplight, nothing can’t match the glow of these brilliantly soggy evenings.

Beginning to fall asleep to the splash of the rain tinkling on the roof while it glistens off the sidewalk can be sublime, especially off a tin roof. Whether you’re taking an afternoon nap on a rainy day or out for a jog in the ubiquitous dark and stormy morning, nothing can be as refreshing.

Chopin’s Raindrops

On rainy days, you can put on some soothing classical music, preferably piano, where the keys mesh magnificently with the backdrop underscore of thunder and raindrops. I’m really beginning to think that Chopin was written on a rainy day, there’s no other explanation. I will then open up my window and listen to the rain fall and it melting in with the music.

I like sitting on my deck sipping a glass of red wine when it’s raining at midnight, awed by the thought that this latest weather pattern is completely out of my hands, and then suddenly appears a cool brisk mist which blows through the wind chimes, making it all that much better, the cat takes notice.


Rainy days are good for socializing as well. Chats become a lot more intense when having a Mocha Latte with a close friend sitting near a window in a cafe on a wet rainy Wednesday afternoon. How far away can going to see a movie matinee be.

Dinner parties during a stormy night seem to develop into uniquely convivial conversions of warmth, reflection and familiarity. There’s something cozy and soothing about keeping warm and your feet dry, combined with good wholesome food as well as drink. It naturally makes friends open up a lot more, prying into their intimacy, only when it’s raining. Good discussion begins to flow as the rain creates a sense of immediacy in equal torrent.

I also like going for a long walk or even better a nice jog in the park when it’s raining, it’s quite refreshing. I don’t mean when it’s just a gentle rain shower, but a good long hard steady rainfall, a rain which proclaims it means business, much like it was today. And no, not with an umbrella but a trusty raincoat.

When you run in the rain, within seconds, it becomes an absolute romp as you realize once you get soaked, you can’t get any wetter. Once you return home absolutely drenched, then it’s a feat accomplished. There’s something staggeringly glorious when the rain blows in your face, or when it begins to soak through your garments. It must be the cleansing.

It really is astonishing to see how cleaner and brighter the world becomes, the greenery becomes a lot greener and sparkles after a good rain. Going out for a walk immediately after a rain storm can be a godsend. The raindrops are still clinging to the leaves while walking on the emerald hue of the damp grass. There’s nothing more splendid than a rainbow which decides to arch its way across the silvery blue sky.

One good overnight rain can restore parched dry lawns and magically cleanse the streets of debris. Rain can alter the plans to stop wars, riots, muggings and bank heists. If only humans are able to recover themselves as quickly when they’re in a drought as nature can from a drenching.

How great it would be if our own souls were able to respond as quickly as rain can to whatever influences of replenishment that comes to us. We can all then be watered by encouragement, kindness as well as understanding the same way the earth can by a nice summer rain.

Like the rain, our perspectives and prospects also brightens by the influx of new and better thoughts. It makes us feel how much more blessed we would be if we lived our lives more in the present and actively took advantage of events which comes our way. This much like the grass which absorbs the slight influences of dew that falls upon it. So thank you rain for that.

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