Most Effective Ways To Manage Those People You Don’t Like

handling people you don't particularly likeThere are a certain strain of people on this planet who you may not like, who’ll bother you one way or another. These are the individuals who’ll continuously taunt you, call you names, bring your spirit down.

If we had to make a list of things which irritates us, most would have a long laundry list of issues on it.

Someone at work who constantly talks too much or too loud, a relative, someone cutting you off in traffic resulting in road rage.

Siblings or relatives can bother you just because of their unintentional demeanor, the list is endless. The easiest most efficient solution is to just avoid these people who bothers whenever possible. At the very least, we can politely ask them to manage their annoying behavior.

The biggest issue is that once we see a problem with another person, we allow it to be a problem, our problem, we allow someone who’s a thorn to effect us somehow.

Then the situation escalates since it’s no longer about the individual who’s bothering us, but rather how we choose to react and deal with the situation, and how we react to that person.

If your truly wanting to rid of these people, then consider using the following trigger detractors, and while doing so, it should eliminate their effectiveness.


Ways Of Not Allowing People To Bother You
This Too Shall Pass – The erratic driver who happened to cut you off in traffic, that particular incident will be quickly forgotten later on in the day. You don’t bother thinking of that irritating co-worker who annoys you, once you get home.

The person who may be cyber-bullying you online, is just a simple click, delete, or ignore away. Nothing is ever permanent, nothing ever stays the same. So don’t allow someone’s behavior to bother you to the point that it becomes permanent, and becomes a part of your life.

Instead, just allow it to pass and most likely, it will be replaced by someone or something else. Remind yourself that their behavior will just flow through and go away.

Ask Yourself Why – Find out why a particular person bothers you. What’s the trigger which sets you off so negatively to dislike that person. Is it because you hate losing arguments, or don’t like someone to get in the last word, you don’t like to be told what to do. It could also be that you don’t like being ignored.

Take a note of what your reaction is, and then see what you can do or learn from it. Even though it’s their behavior, it’s usually you that does the reacting.

Show Some Compassion – Find out what it is that motivates the individual to do what they do. Someone that cuts you off in traffic, for instance, may have a serious crisis on their hands, or that co-worker may be having extreme marital problems at home.

Most often, those who display poor behavior is because they have other concerns, objectives, or distractions on their mind, or they just don’t know any better. So have empathy for someone who may be rude instead of not liking them.

Think That It’s For Good Intent – This based on NLP practices, that those who do bad or annoying things are doing so for what they think are good reasons. Children will purposely throw temper tantrums just to get attention. What they want is attention, and they don’t know any other way to get it.


The majority of people have no idea how to properly get what they want or need. They don’t know how to express themselves effectively. This falls under the same category of practicing compassion.

Keep in mind that while their intention may be good, their overall delivery may be poor, which doesn’t make the person bad, just unlikeable.

You Don’t Always Have To Be Right – The person you don’t like may just be a complete jerk. They’ll constantly do negative things for their own negative motives, ego, and personal reasons.

They may be unreasonable, rude, or just outright nasty, but then, so what. That shouldn’t make a difference in your life whatsoever. So at times, just abandon your need to be right all the time, by making them pay a price.

But instead, feel a bit sorry for them and their demeanor and then just move on. There’s no need to expend your energy to contribute towards their cause, so why bother to focus or worry about them.

Don’t give these negative people the energy which they need to fuel their agenda. Why even bother to care. If you don’t, then you’re one less person that they need to battle with.

Just Walk Away – Avoid them, go elsewhere, get out of their way. Go into a different room, take a bathroom break, you don’t need to stay in the path of someone who bothers you.

So just take a break away from them, go somewhere and get them out of sight and out of mind. Think about things which makes you happy instead, decide to focus on the good things in your life.

Just break off the connection, and then go back with a completely new viewpoint, and a fresh perspective when dealing with that person again.

What’s The Relationship Anyways
Know the exact role and relationship that you have with that person. What’s the point, and what’s the reason why you dislike them. Begin by identifying how, and why they bother you.

Focus your attention on more interesting or productive issues which interests you. Don’t allow these people to drain out your livelihood. Decide that you’ll uncover your own triggers while doing something that’s different the next time.

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