Mobile Monopoly – Why Mobile Ads Suck

First, A Review On Mobile Monopoly – The Program
In a nutshell, it is a training and coaching course that shows you how to make money online by creating and sending advertising campaigns to mobile phone users. A Clickbank product (nope, nothing wrong with them) … enough said?
Sorry, No link here… go find it yourself.

Why Target Mobile Phone Users?
Well, the answer is simple… There are currently over 5 BILLION cell phone users worldwide, and more users are switching to smart phones on a daily basis. Cell phones are not only only used for voice communication anymore, but they are also used to send text, multimedia messages and accessing the internet.

If you have a business that sells products or services, just imagine the impact you can have on your businesses bottom line, if you could advertise or market your goods in front of millions of local mobile eyeballs for cheap?

Some indications why mobile marketing is the next BIG Internet Marketing Wave…
* Google recently spent $750 million and acquired Admob (a mobile advertising platform).
* Millions of websites are now going MOBI (becoming mobile friendly).
* The mobile population worldwide is 5 times larger than the Internet population.
* Mobile currently reaches 150 million users per day.
* Apple now calls themselves a mobile company

So, without a doubt the mobile market is HUGE! But unfortunately, there are not very many coaching programs that actually teaches you how to make money in this market.

If you were around in 1995 or so, you missed the initial wave of Internet marketing. Making money online from users on the internet, selling online digital goods and tangible goods to consumers by housing them on your website. Then came the social revolution around 2005. Social networks were forming, and a new method of internet marketing was developed, based on ‘peer to peer’ interaction. Now, the latest and greatest form of internet marketing is mobile marketing. Time to get in on the ground floor…

The Mobile Marketing Truth
Truth of the matter is that in order to make money in mobile advertising, (just as what we’ve all learned with PPC) you have to be willing to set aside $XXXX of money to lose/test with. That is the only way you can get a real set of numbers to use as metrics and conversions to base your offer against. There is no other way to do this without losing money.

Mobile Ads Are The Biggest Money Wasters To Internet Marketers… But If You Must

One method that works is creating an app, then targeting your mobile ads for that specific device, *giving* the app away for free in your ad, and then using that list of new members to promote to later – if you’re lucky enough to get them to convert.


Mobile Ads… Why They Suck
Many never make money from the mobile ads at all, but they do it to test to see how well it will do, or they test it to find two or three ad types that resonate (even if they convert poorly) and scrap the rest.

But these companies have thousands to spend on advertising and don’t mind blowing $5,000 on a test. They actually set aside money for *experiments* like this. This is the only way they can figure out what works. They have this kind of money to BUY their way to successful campaigns. So any person that tells you that they can (more or less) guarantee your success with mobile advertising (or any kind of advertising) is straight up lying to you. The advertising and promotions industry is hundreds of years old, mobile ads are only the newest vehicle. Testing, testing testing were needed back then, and are still needed now.

Making Money In Mobile Marketing
If you want to learn how to quickly start making money in mobile, then look to do mobile marketing, and not mobile advertising. Try this for a quick start.

Mobile Marketing
– Drive targeted traffic to a squeeze page
– Collect names, email addresses, and mobile numbers of the users
– Build a small list (approx 500 – 1000)
Use that list as leverage and offer local businesses or CPA offers, to promote their business to your list.

Mobile Is For Midgets
We all seen them or use them. The screen is too small, the keyboard to text anything on an iphone/itouch or smartphone are too small. Unless you have small delicate fingers, it takes too damn long to type in anything and usually punch in the wrong letter. They are a pain in the ass to use. So keep everything short, prompt and too the point. The mindset of a typical mobile user is different from an internet user. Collect quick short information and market to them later.

Nothing Ever Changes
We have all read, heard the stories of the original “Gold Fever” back in the 1800’s. This is when every Tom, Dick and Harry got “Gold Fever” and went up in them thar mountains to make their own fortunes, by mining and extracting gold in hopes of getting rich. Almost all of them didn’t. Most died from their efforts, or went broke.

So Who Got Rich?
Who got rich were the ones who created the hype, sold the maps, the mining equipment and hardware:(pans, picks, etc.) and made up the unreal stories to the prospectors, on how to make a killing. They sent them out with $$$ shaped gold dust in their eyes.

Mobile marketing is not any different. Mobile marketing is the new “Gold Mine” for internet marketers, who dream of making a financial killing. They will spend thousands to hopefully make a quick buck from the so called gurus, spend thousands on mobile marketing ads, and surprise… NOTHING.


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