Microsoft Security Essentials The Best No Cost Anti-Malware Utility

Microsoft Security Essentials Is The Best No Cost UtilityWhen it comes to real life situations, using basic common sense will make a big difference when it comes to your general well-being. For instance, if you have excellent defensive driving skills, over time, you can expect to go years with a good driving record avoiding altercations.

This however before the unavoidable law of averages eventually catches up to you. This may eventually result in an unwanted dent in your fender while you’re parked at the mall sometime in the future.

When it comes to the computing world, leaving your desktop PC or laptop unprotected from the various malicious online diseases which are now rampant can cause the same results.

You may think that you surf safe online, but something bad will eventually catch up to you if you’re not properly protected. Malware is similar to you driving down the freeway without a seat belt and getting a flat tire. Your computer will eventually get hit with any of the daily releases of the new variants of spyware, viruses and any other unsavory malicious attack.

Using Anti-Malware Utilities Is The Solution
Specifically using Microsoft Security Essentials, which is an excellent anti-malware utility program provides you with comprehensive protection for your various online devices. This program eliminates all of those unwanted and nasty violent intruders such as trojans, worms, viruses, spyware, rootkits and adware.

You’re able to download and then install Microsoft Security Essentials on any Window’s XP SP3, Vista, or Windows 7 Operating System, this completely at no cost. You would think that since Microsoft developed these operating systems, that they would know what makes them tick.

Microsoft Security Essentials quietly performs its system scans in the background while you’re working away on your computer or surfing online. You can also configure it so it will perform its protection duty when you’re away from your PC as well.

So what follows are instructions on how to properly install this utility to run Microsoft Security Essentials at its peak efficiency. You can then browse the wild Web in safety and download whatever goods you want with confidence.

Downloading The MSE Anti-Malware Utility
First, go to:
and then click the Download button.

As long as you’re running Genuine Windows software on your computer, which is validated by Microsoft, the download will begin automatically right after you click the “Run” tab which found in the browser’s download notification box.

Installing The Microsoft Security Essentials Anti-Malware Utility
• Click the “Next” tab on the Microsoft Security Essentials Wizard, which will initiate the installation process. Make sure you read the Microsoft Security Essentials license and terms. Once read, then click on the “I Accept” to proceed.

• Next, click on the appropriate radio button allowing you to join (CEIP), which is the Customer Experience Windows Central Improvement Program. What this allows is Microsoft to gather the vital stats about your computer system and your usage habits, or you can opt out.

If you’re wanting to know more about CEIP, then click on the link on the page for more information. Then click Next once you’re ready to proceed with the install.

• On the next screen, the installation wizard will inform you that if the Windows Firewall isn’t turned on, then the MSE installation process will automatically turn it on for you, which provides addition protection.

If you’re running more than one anti-malware or antivirus utility on your computer system, it may cause potential software conflicts. What a firewall is designed to do is work in conjunction with your antivirus software. Firewalls work as a means of stopping potential threats before they reach and infect your computer.

If you happen to be using a non Microsoft third party firewall program, or you’re not wanting the Windows Firewall enabled, then you can uncheck the box which is on this screen. Otherwise, it’s recommended that you leave the box checked. Then click Next to proceed to the next step.

• The next screen of the installation process will warn you that if you’re running another anti-spyware and/or a antivirus application, and if so, that it can potentially conflict with Microsoft Security Essentials. It recommends that you uninstall any of these 3rd party utilities which you may have previously installed on your computer.


There’s also a link which explains how you can completely uninstall your old antivirus program if you need the assistance.

• Then MSE Wizard will complete the installation process. By default, the Microsoft Security Essentials will automatically update itself of any new threats while instantly running a systems scan once you click the “Finish” tab.

If you don’t want MSE to run the scan right away, then you can un-check the box and then click the Finish tab to complete the install. If you leave the box checked, what MS Essentials will do is download the latest threats from Windows Central and begin the scan.

Performing Manual Scans Using Microsoft Security Essentials
If you’re wanting to perform a manual scan on your computer, then click the up arrow which is in the notification area located in the lower-right hand corner of your screen.

Click on the Microsoft Security Essentials icon and then click “Open” which displays the interface. Once you’re on the Home tab, you then have the option of clicking on either the Quick, Full, or Custom radio buttons along with the Scan Now button which will begin the designated operation.

You can also choose to click the Update button which will download the latest known spyware and virus definitions.

The History tab will show you the results of the past scans. The Settings tab allows you to perform various functions such as when to schedule the scans, if you’re wanting to enable or disable real-time protection, or if you’re wanting to exclude certain file types on your computer from the scan.

MSE Is One Of The Best In Safety And Security
Microsoft Security Essentials is one of the most effective anti-malware utilities on the Internet which you can choose. It’s extremely quick, silent and unobtrusive, and the best part is, there’s no cost.

So don’t jeopardize your computer systems and your overall online experience by getting protected now. Microsoft Security Essentials is good as any other no cost or paid utility available, and you would think that Microsoft knows what they’re doing.

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