Marketing Your Website As If The Search Engines Didn’t Exist

marketing your site if Search Engines didnt existThe top online marketers have all seen the writing on the wall for a while now, this when it comes to traditional search engine marketing.

Better known as SEO, is about attempting to rank your site to appear at the first position of the organic search engine results page for your chosen targeted keyword.

The keyword framing the essence of your business or niche. The ideal theory is being ranked high for every related keyword which describes your business, along with all the phrases which are related to your blog, product, or published information. The problem when it comes to SEO, however, is that there’s no set ground rules whatsoever.

It’s always been a forever moving target which is dictated by the search engines themselves who govern the rules, tweaking the rules and results at will, which at times will drain years of SEO effort in an instant.

So right now, you may be proudly ranking on top of the search engines and then in an instant, your out, your site vanished. That’s no way to run a business, attempting to operate under these uncontrollable circumstances.

Traditional SEO Becoming A Fools Game?
So there you are, diligently performing your best keyword research efforts, extracting the best keywords which are searched for on your product when someone uses the search engines. This should attract hordes of free natural visitors to your site.

You write stimulating keyword rich content on a variety of topics which surrounds your main niche or product which is related to your site, while doing so attracts natural backlinks. But disappointing is the traffic which trickles in from this concerted effort.

The process becomes extremely discouraging and frustrating as it appears to be a waste of time, to see your efforts being completely shot down, over and over, just because of a simple tweak of the search engines algorithm. Suddenly your business site or blog becomes irrelevant.

The Harsh Reality Of Online Marketing
So all of this time that you’ve spent on optimizing your site goes down the drain and can do so overnight, which is a harsh reality that you need to face. So the hope is escaping by altering your positioning as quick as possible, especially when it comes to competitive verticals.

You’re thinking there has to be a better way, a method of raising awareness of your site by finding better methods of increasing your website traffic, and getting those targeted visitors to consume your site.

So it may be time to re-tool your efforts by what the online marketing professionals who are in the digital internet marketing genre claims work today.

You need to prepare yourself to alter your methods, develop a new plan of attack, be willing to view SEO a little differently, and refocus your energy in different areas. If you do so, then your digital marketing efforts will eventually improve, and, after all, you have nothing to lose.

New Effective Methods Of Search Engine Optimization
What effective SEO grinds down to are a few elemental components. The most important being providing content that’s relevant, which generates natural links back to your site.

These links should be from authority citations to directory links, and not be artificially placed or bought, as they still carry significant weight when it comes to the search engines.

It’s ultimately the quality of your content which invites the best quality links that your site needs, which also propels your ranking up the search results.

Think Like The Search Engines Don’t Exist
What you need to do is perform internet marketing as if the search engines didn’t even exist. This by creating a loyal community following which are disciples of your content for them to consume as well as share with others, this to ensure that your content can regenerate itself on its own.

So once you entitle certain methods properly, there’s no reason why you should be giving up on your website SEO efforts, this since you can still circumvent the traditional methods which are dictated by the search engines, and still attract targeted traffic to your site.


The Quality Of Content Ultimately Rules
Content is still king, and that’s no surprise since it remains the most sought after element when it comes to the search engines, this since that’s what will forever by consumed and demanded by their readers.

So create content that is findable, sharable, relevant, and unique, which isn’t an easy feat to do consistently. What you need to do is meet all of the criteria and the demands of your site visitors while simultaneously satisfying the search engines. So what’s required are a few guidelines of SEO which is tailored to the content that you produce.

Anything that you write needs to serve a specific purpose by increasing awareness, or solving a problem, ultimately providing a solution which leads to a sale or a click.

It begins with proper keyword research, a precise title which accurately describe your article, the length of article itself, the use of proper headers, descriptive image use, and a distinct “call to action.”

These are still mandatory features, but what may be more important is the structure of the content itself and how the readers decide to interact with your site.

Developing the content should be pinpointing and then addressing the exact needs of the readers. Content which will immediately satisfy them to be either informed, educated, or entertained.

The ideal content to write is to be as evergreen as possible and not periodic or trendy. Evergreen content refers to information which remains relevant through thick and thin, and will never get outdated. Content which will forever stand the test of time.

So provide valuable information which can’t or won’t be ignored by your readers, and that they’re willing to share it, attracting natural backlinks, and thus catching the attention of the search engines.

Creating A Community Following
Social media is here to stay. What they dictate is that by creating a loyal community of followers is important to be successful in this new digital environment.

It’s no longer about one-way push marketing, but more rather a push-and-pull marketing environment, where audience feedback is just as important as your opinion.

So to effectively improve your community based efforts, begin analyzing your current CMS or your blog platform to determine if there’s a built in interaction and communication component that’s used, such as readers being able to leave comments on your site.

Email marketing, by collecting a list of users directly from your site, and then communicating to them at will, is also a highly effective and valuable technique when it comes to internet marketing.

Find A Way To Collaborate
Provide ways for visitors to participate in conversations while fulfilling their goals, which contributes to their ultimate success, as doing so isn’t as important as it is now.

By using the various social media outlets, such as: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can directly engage with your existing audience as well as attracting new visitors.

To some, it’s down to a science when it comes to social collaboration, but ultimately, it comes down to contributing information that’s meaningful to the conversation.

So What If…
So you need to adopt the mindset that the development of your site is constructed as if Google, Bing, or any other search engine didn’t even exist.

You would then need to find new alternate ways of developing traffic to your site to keep it alive and active. It would ultimately come down to creating relevant informative content fostering a loyal community following, and then working in and with collaborating with others.

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