Making Your Website Attract Traffic By Being Social Media Friendly

why its important that you should be using social mediaAlmost everyone on the internet is now a member of at least one Social Media site. It’s also the first destination that consumers will usually go to, to get more information, such as a product review, to make a purchasing decision.

This exponential growth of the use of major social media sites signifies that if you haven’t begun already, now is the time to make your existing site a lot more social friendly and accessible than it currently is.

This because you’re opening yourself up to a much larger and a better focused Web audience of consumers. Online retailers as well as marketers are now required to better serve all of the social cravings of these users while supplying the most appropriate and effective tools for better engagement.

As you begin considering all of the options which are available for capitalizing on the tremendous growth of social medium, listed are a few tips and steps on how you can attract more visitors by making your site as socially friendly as possible.

Offering Fresh Unique In-Demand Relevant Content
Make sure that you do your research and begin featuring products which are currently trending, and will most likely catch the attention of your visitors, drawing them to your site.

The products should be prominently displayed on your site, while placing the user into the proper mindset of a “buying environment,” by offering new and unique content or product ideas.

For instance, if you have a site offering the latest tech gadgets, you can use a distinct banner to instantly inform your visitors that you’ve just listed over “10 New Tech Products” that your site just reviewed.

Also, make sure that the content is always up to date relevant, and to the point, current with what these site visitors are most likely potentially shopping for.

Offer continuously updating offers as well as “Cut Off Dates,” such as free shipping for a limited time. Make sure that you do so and it’s customized to the users browser, making engagement with the product as well the content much more likely.

Make Your Site As Social As Possible
If you offer products for purchase on your site, and you’re not currently offering different ways on how your visitors can socialize the content with their friends, using social media sites, such as, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc., then you’re completely missing out on a large audience of focused traffic to your site.

While adding a Facebook “Like” button will initially help you to get your foot in the door, but when it comes to social media potential, the visitors arriving at your site are most likely looking for other options for sharing as well.

So consider the other methods which are available out there, and how your visitors can use these different avenues. Begin by offering all of the popular social media links and buttons, and then give them a choice.

Make sure that you also provide a variety of other social actions made available on your site, so you’re giving your site visitors every option to be able to socialize and pass along your information, giving them different methods made available to them.

However you decide to do this, keep in mind that there are a variety of ways which are low-cost and low-barrier and are also easy to learn to get started. If you’re yet to make your site socially accessible to each and every one of your visitors, then you’re potentially missing out on a huge opportunity for your site or small business to go big.

Make Sure You Include Video Content
There’s no need for you to spend your entire budget to create a professional or informative product demo, or a video featuring your business that you can place on your site.

With all of the low cost digital equipment which are now available, such as digital cameras and smartphones which can easily capture video, adding a video element to your site is now extremely easy. It’s now just a matter of picking up your digital device and then shooting and editing.

There are numerous small business success stories where creating a small video featuring a company or product has gone completely viral. Producing these video are now inexpensive and they can be featured on YouTube and Facebook, which can potentially attract major attention.


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