Maintaining Memory Loss By Using Proven Retrieval Methods

trying to keep your memory intactDue to the complexities of the quickly evolving momentum that is life, where most of our tasks involves multitasking and over scheduling, it becomes easy to just blame our memory to being overworked and being exhausted.

So as a result, we begin forgetting to return phone calls, text messages, or emails. We continuously misplace our keys, can’t remember important dates, or names of familiar faces, especially when we don’t write them down. These details are on the tip of our tongue, but our minds draw a blank.

These situations also appear to be occurring more often than you would like. But fret not as you’re not alone. Most will just allocate it to being a “senior moment,” if you’re elderly, but memory loss to varying degrees is a common occurrence.

It can happen to anyone, teens who have lots of homework or are cramming for exams, mothers who have household chores and children to tame, all complain of “early Alzheimer’s” related moments.

Is Memory Related To Old Age
The majority of these memory malfunctions, however, those slips in remembering, for the majority of the cases can be attributed to old age, and the aging process. It’s a well known fact that memory will naturally decline with advancing age.

Other forces of memory loss include experiencing a constant bombardment of pressure and stress related symptoms, resulting in a continuous pounding on the brain due to a hectic lifestyle. Many now lead this style of living, and eventually it can catch up and have an impact.

This occurs when we test, but fail, to recall the slightest instances of past information which is lodged in our short term memory. Instances such as temporarily forgetting our 3 digit combination locker number, or the 5 items that we need to pick up from the grocer. As frustrating as it is, we’re just temporarily unable to recall it from our minds when needed.

The reason for this is because we continuously rush through processes as quick as possible, or juggle multiple tasks, which doesn’t give our brains the sufficient time that it needs to process and then properly store what we need to remember.

But But I Can’t Remember
There’s really no need to panic once you do get a little forgetful. Whether it’s due to the aging process, or overloading your brain, there are some simple exercises which you can take to help these lapses.

So outlined are the best ways to help boost and then maintain your memory. Listed are proven ways to keep your mind as sharp as possible:

Establishing Set Routines And Patterns
Make sure that you have specified places in your home or office where you’ll always store the most common things which you most frequently use on a daily basis. Items such as your mobile phone, glasses, keys, etc.

When they’re not in use, then make sure you make a habit of placing them in their designated spot. This small effort and the little time that it takes will save you a lot of time and grief. This especially once you’re in a rush going out the door to your next meeting and you need them quick.

Avoid Any Distracting Noise
One of the most distracting and annoying memory busters which has been identified by experts in any fast moving lifestyle is all of the exterior noises in the environment.

But attempting to avoid all of this noise is completely out of our control, so it’s easier said than done. But if you’re really dedicated to improving your overall memory, it’s a recommended step to take.

All of this unwanted noise interferes with your train of thought and the remembering process, combine that with multitasking, and they can blunt your memory retrieval.

Slow Down To Realize The Details
This by paying a lot closer attention towards what you see, hear, and do. By doing so, what you’re doing is giving your brain the opportunity to be able to properly organize and store the information regarding the experience better. The result being that it will help you in retrieving the info at a later date.

If you’re accustomed to rapidly rushing through things on your daily “to-do” list, then you need to slow down and properly train yourself so you can do this. Once you consciously begin to do so, it will then become a habit.


Getting The Adequate Amount Of Rest
What the majority of us will attempt to do is steal time when we should be getting our rightful and deserved sleep. We do so when we need to get more things done. This however is an extremely short sighted strategy resulting in poor consequences.

Not getting the proper rest will hamper the productivity of everything that you do, producing in poor overall results. There’s absolutely no way around getting the proper rest that you need.

For optimum performance, what the brain requires is the adequate prescribed sleep period as you can’t bank the lost sleep until the weekend. Cheating your body as well as your brain out of this rest will usually result in memory loss.

Eating Better Food
The majority of experts also believe that to improve memory, eating certain types of food contributes significantly to enhancing memory. So it’s recommended that you perform better research on the best memory-boosting foods and supplements which are available.

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