Learning To Forgive By Releasing The Blockages Of Your Past

the past is the pastIt’s your choice to forgive or not, yet you’ve chosen to shackle yourself to your past. What doing so does is it holds you back from experiencing your true self, your potential. You carry the weight of shame on your shoulders, the burden, the grudges, along with revenge which destructs havoc on your mind.

What it does is it suspends your growth to move forward. You and only you hold the power and the key which can unlock and heal yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Forgiving can set you free, it’s your choice to make.

Whenever we carry resentment, the grievance, the old pains mount and the emotions hurt. We as a result end up hurting ourselves more than those who we perceive did the hurting to us.

Being unforgiving is extremely detrimental to our being. Doctors can attest to the damage that is does to our health, this by failing to forgive others and more importantly ourselves.

The majority of illnesses which are treated stems from these emotional issues. Anxiety has the capability to destroy relationships if we choose to carry the bitterness and the resentment which is associated with not forgiving.

To Forgive And To Forget
One needs to forgive without being spiteful. It needs to be genuine or else it’s not completely forgiven. You’re only fooling yourself. Even if the person you’re forgiving doesn’t feel that they’ve done anything wrong, it doesn’t matter. Just forgive them anyways.

With all the choices that we’re given in life, the biggest is taking responsibility for our own actions. If someone else doesn’t accept their own responsibility, then that’s on them.

Empowerment is the freedom of taking care of yourself while doing things for yourself. We don’t need anyone’s permission to heal ourselves. So grab your power, forgive them, get rid of that dark energy and move on with your life.

Rid Of The Pain
There are a lot of emotional hurts and pains which are buried dormant deep within our subconscious minds, taking up unnecessary space. We don’t remember them, therefore we think we’re free of them.

But this isn’t the case. All of this hurt remains and the energy in our memory which is stored within our being is there. It runs deep and it can ruin our lives. It replays over and over, which stifles our growth, as it holds our consciousness in victim mode.

Forgiveness is selfish as it’s something that you need to do to heal yourself, to raise your vibration, leave the victim consciousness, and move forward in your life. Forgiving also doesn’t mean that you’re accepting the other person’s behavior.

Forgiveness is releasing the harmful energy which strangleholds your personal health and well being, rather than letting someone off the hook for their mistake or misdeeds.

Once you hold onto the pain, the resentment and the fear, what these emotions are doing is surrendering your energy away to the one who’s done the hurting or damage.

When you don’t forgive, you’re allowing your subconscious to run and ruin your life. You keep yourself in the same repetitive victim cycle until you’re ready to release this boxed energy.

The Process To Heal
So tell yourself you’re ready to heal. You’re ready to forgive everyone who’s ever done you wrong, or you’ve done wrong to them.

You can do so by finding a safe space, sit and start making a list. Go back as far as your memory allows, so you can remember and begin writing down every single name and event that you see and hear, which you feel has created hurt, pain, or suffering in your life.

Relive the pain. Think of your parents, relatives, siblings, friends, and neighbors. Go back to when you were in school and your work place. Write down every single name which comes to you without holding judgment.


Once you feel that your list is complete, then start a new list of all those who you feel you hurt, intentionally or not. Be as honest as you can. Remember that you’re the one suffering, so take responsibility.

After you’re done, then go through the list and for each and every person say the following:

“I forgive (name) and I forgive myself. I release all the energy that we’ve shared together over time. I send you love and bless you. I call upon the power of the universe to cut any and all connections between myself and (name). These cords are now severed, lifted, healed, released and let go into the universe. I accept full and complete healing of my relationship with (name).”

The Power Of Release
This exercise can take awhile but it’s extremely powerful and it works. You can free yourself if you think you’re cursed, or have a personal grudge against someone, and you think they’re holding you back.

So now you’re free to move on. If there’s someone you still have difficulty forgiving, then keep repeating the affirmation on a daily basis until you feel it’s lifted, until you feel you’ve forgiven them as well as yourself completely.

Know that just because you’ve forgiven someone, that it doesn’t mean you need to have to continue a relationship with this person if it’s already been severed. Just forgive and then move on for good.

Just Be Free
There are also other extremely powerful ways of freeing yourself with forgiveness, such as meditation and visualization which works specifically to deprogram your subconscious mind.

What you have is the power within you to change your life for the better, so begin by knowing who you need to forgive, right now, this to move on with your life.

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