Learning To Build A Healthy Happy Self Esteem

angerlowselfesteemThe happiest and most adjusted people that you’ll meet, are those you can instantly recognize immediately. Those are the one’s who never judge others. Regardless if they are a relative, or an unknown stranger on the street. They live in complete kindness, are aware of what’s happening, love themselves, and do not deliberately cause pain or hurt, just to justify for wrongs that they thought were done to them in the past.

Do you ever see someone who is free of this burden? As they realize what’s in the past, is in the past. Those are the ones who are always perpetually happy. It’s all about achieving a healthy self esteem, and not being burden down by a damaged inferiority complex. Success, all the money you would ever need in the world, is useless and pointless if you don’t adopt a carefree, disease free, unconditional attitude.

Following Are Several Steps To Becoming A Better You
1. Identify Yourself
You do not have to live your life of “I must” or “I have to,” so lose the ugly ego. Everything that happens, and what we do is always a result of a choice and a decision. Choices that were made in our younger years, and choices that were made this morning upon waking up.

Absolutely everything is left to choice:
– To listen or not to listen
– To learn or not to learn
– To eat the right foods or not eat the right foods

When we’re making these choices, we then control everything about how we live, which includes our future as well as our level of self-awareness. When you witness a confident person, it is not a result of luck, it’s a choice they made. The sooner that you realize this, that’s when you will begin to become who you really are, and want to be.

All of us are born with special gifts and talents. Through self analysis and discovery, we are then able to identify them. Pay attention to your strengths and what makes you happy. Being miserable and negative and thinking the world owes you a living is a losers mentality.

2. Evaluate Yourself
Really, who the hell are you? Sit down, take a long look at yourself and just be honest. Write down the things that you like, and what you don’t like about yourself. If you really know yourself and like yourself, you should then be able to take those things and develop a plan to begin eliminating those negatives out of your life. When you are working out that plan, find people with similar personalities who share the same goals. These very people will become great friends and will help you stay on your path.

3. Reconfirm
Just sit down and talk to yourself! Using your list of the things you like, begin to reinforce all the positive attributes and the good points of your personality. Use the I Am’s “I am successful”, “I am fun”, “I am pretty!”… every one of these positive thoughts should be repeated often, You will become what you’re thinking!

4. Always Forgive and Forget

Let bygones be bygones. Forgive yourself when you screw up. Forgive others as they are not perfect. It happens to everyone. You cannot be perfect in an imperfect world. Don’t be so tough on yourself and just forgive, then move on. You can not change the past – but you can live in the present and build the future!

5. Feel Good About Yourself
Try to treat yourself right. Be a friend to yourself, listen more, give more rather than receive. We naturally feel better about ourselves, when we can make someone else smile.

6. Gratitude – Always Say Thank You
Gratitude and being thankful will get you places. Always give thanks to your parents. Be as humble as possible, your anger is showing, it makes you look foolish. Feel for those with cold hearts living sad lives, regardless of how successful or rich they are. You can spot them at the table instantly. Know what you have, and what you’re capable of. Know your talents and special gifts, and the things you possess. Live your life with gratitude, regardless of what happened in the past. Fix and forgive the past, then peace and health will always be with you.

7. Accept Who You Are
Do not let your fate be dictated by others. Accept and live the fate that you create for yourself. Through random acts of kindness and determination, you will be able to achieve all the things that’s good in this life. When you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything you want. Self-esteem should be abundant in your life.

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