Know The Skinny On All The Fatty Foods Which Are Good For You

best fatty foodsWhen we select what to eat, on instinct, what we’ll instantly do is ignore any food which has the word fat or fatty associated with it, thinking that it’s bad, that once it finds its way into our bodies, that the fat will remain on the belly.

But what’s now understood is that there are a multitude of fatty foods which are proven beneficial for our health. Research has shown that certain foods which were once considered unhealthy because of their fat content, along with other misconceptions, are now actually recommended and good for us.

To benefit from eating these fatty foods, it becomes important to know what’s best for you, this by checking the food ingredient labels carefully. What’s known for certain is that we all need fat in our diet, so it’s important to know which types are the best.

What needs to be divided are selecting the healthy fats which are considered beneficial to eat, along with which nutrients in these fatty foods can help in keeping us healthy immediately and in the future.

So knowledge becomes paramount when it comes to selecting which fatty foods are best for you, as some have supernatural health benefits.

Avocados – Avocados top the list as one of the best fatty foods and for good reason. They’re extremely high in beneficial monounsaturated fats which the body vitally needs.

Although avocados are high in calories, they’re also high in potassium and fiber. They’re proven to lower blood pressure which is important for cardiovascular health, while the antioxidants they contain promotes better eye health.


Coconuts – Coconuts are also extremely fatty, but contains massive health benefits in a variety of ways. Coconut oil, flakes, eaten raw, or any other coconut food product which doesn’t contain additives, are packed with beneficial nutrients.

Depending on the form, the health benefits include the ability to fight off and protect against viruses, regulates blood sugar, reduces belly fat, increases metabolism, increases the good HDL cholesterol while improving digestion.

Olive Oil – Everyone’s now aware that the Mediterranean-style of diet is extremely healthy, rich in nutrients, and effective in weight loss. One of the key ingredients is olive oil that’s used in the majority of the dishes.

Although olive oil is extremely fatty, it’s the good monounsaturated fat. Olive oil has now become a staple in many homes due to its extreme versatility, and used in a wide variety of meals.

The known health benefits of olive oil are extensive, such as it lowering blood pressure, which avoids cardiovascular diseases while controlling blood sugar for diabetics.

Salmon – Fresh wild salmon is another fatty food that has mega health appeal. The consumption of the salmon along with similar fresh fish that’s bathed in olive oil has become a healthy alternate for many.

Since it’s meaty, it’s also quite filling as just a small portion is adequate and packed with nutrients. Salmon is extremely high in the much sought after omega-3 fatty acids, along with high levels of protein.

What’s known is that it’s extremely heart-healthy, which reduces cardiovascular diseases and its related complications. Other benefits include better brain and joint function along with being a natural anti-inflammatory.

Eggs – Eggs have always been misunderstood. Most stay away from eating whole eggs because of its high fat and cholesterol content which the egg yolks contain, as the health conscious will just eat the egg whites.

But recent research has shown that the fatty yolk is extremely beneficial, as it contains plenty of valuable nutrients. The fat is the healthy type while the cholesterol isn’t damaging.


Eggs also contain vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants. These nutrients will lower the risk of heart disease, maintain better eye health, while keeping you full longer, becoming an excellent weight management source.

Although eggs offer an array of beneficial health benefits, it’s recommended that those with certain disease such as diabetes should minimize their consumption.

Certain Nuts – Nuts are also often overlooked because they contain high amounts of fat, but again it’s the healthy type. Just a small handful contains beneficial monounsaturated fats, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein.

What monounsaturated fatty acids does is it reduces the risk of heart disease, while improving heart-related risks such as lowering cholesterol, while regulating blood so it won’t clot.

What this results in are health benefits such as: improved heart function, weight regulation, stress reduction, stronger bones, better skin, and better brain health.

Not all nuts are the same however, while most of the raw unsalted variety are beneficial in some way. The best which are high in monounsaturated fats are cashews, almonds, pecans, walnuts, pistachios, along with several others.

Dark Chocolate – This is excellent news for chocolate lovers, as most will find excuses to eat more of it. It’s however the dark more raw variety which contains the nutritional values that you need. What these treats offer are superior health benefits provided they’re eaten in moderation.

Moderation because dark chocolate contains traces of some unhealthy fat, but the nutritional benefits they contain makes it worthwhile. They also contain the good fats as well.

This delicacy is rich in fiber and antioxidants, which helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, while protecting the skin along with lowering the “bad” cholesterol.

Dark chocolate is also known to reduce abdominal fat which is a sore point for many, along with accelerating weight loss. These benefits however are derived from the pure chocolate which contains at least 70% percent cocoa.

Unfortunately, the more favored white or milk chocolate doesn’t have the same health benefits, while small amounts can satisfy a sweet tooth craving. Know that a small square piece of dark chocolate can help in the ridding of these cravings.

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