Know The Difference Between A Workaholic And A High Performer

those who work too hardObservers looking from the outside in, once they see a high performance individual, assumes that they’re workaholics. What many don’t realize is that high performers and workaholics have nothing in common.

The biggest difference isn’t the number of hours that each puts in on a daily basis, but it’s more on how they regard their work. What they do and who they are. There are distinct differences on their attitudes as well as their output, as high performers are much more self driven and results orientated.

High performers, high achievers are much more proactive in nature, this by creating their own values. It’s found that workaholics are more reactive, allowing others to determine and dictate what their worth is.

High Performers Take Action Workaholics Follow
What high performers are able to do is create or develop their own feedback channels in the workplace, this rather than they waiting for some type of feedback from others.

Before they apply or go for a job interview, for instance, what the top performers will do is research and study the company’s mission statement, know the key personnel, and completely understand the job that they’re interviewing for.

From there, what they’ll form is a persuasive argument which describes how and why hiring them would bring added value to the company.

Then while they’re working, what they’ll do is concisely keep track of their work performance. They’ll monitor how they have benefited the company, their department and their team, while finding ways to bring that to the attention of their superiors.

They will also constantly seek feedback from their bosses on their job performance, this rather than waiting for the quarterly or annual reviews. They do so in a way so they won’t appear needy or insecure.

The Workaholic Does As Told
The traits of a classic workaholic, will instead depend solely on everyone else at hand, this to dictate to them, give them exact direction on what they should do or where they should go. They don’t show any initiative or assertiveness whatsoever.

What they’ll do is appear to look busy at all times, often spinning their wheels, never bothering to find out how the work that they do fits into the overall scheme of things in the company. They don’t care about the bigger picture.

All they focus on is just working hard, working as fast as they can, while often making sure that they stay ahead of others by competing against them.

So it’s not unusual for a workaholic to eventually burnout, just by attempting to best others. They don’t have a clear or concise idea of how their work performance blends into the overall protocol of the workplace.

High Performers Achieve Workaholics Just Comply
What the high performers will do is give their 100% percent of effort in the exact areas that they need to, this at the right place and time.

What workaholics are conditioned to do is give it their all, their 100% percent as well, but they have no idea if it’s the right thing or not. They just want to keep busy.

High performers are just more aware, they know what work needs to be done. This similar to the constantly shifting economy, they realize that business comes in waves and spurts.

Therefore, what they do is get ready during the dips in business, while they capitalize during the good times. Once there’s a lull, they’ll spend their time to strategize, so that they’ll hit the ground running with a plan, this when things get busy again.

What the workaholics will do during these times, is just fill in their time pretending that they’re busy, this because they feel insecure when they’re doing nothing.


This insecurity comes from not knowing what their value is. Their priority is to look as busy as possible, so they’re busy just for the sake of being busy.

High Performers Take Initiative Workaholics Just React
What high performers will do is take initiative on a daily basis by doing the right thing, what needs to be done. Workaholics are completely susceptible to whatever the workday happens to toss their way.

What the high performers will do is plan out their day in advance, giving priority to the most important tasks first. Only once that work is completed, they’ll then allow themselves to shift their focus on unplanned events.

What the workaholics will do is become completely distracted by all the unproductive events such as reading emails. Since the goal of a workaholic is to always be and appear busy, it doesn’t matter what they’re busy with, as long as their effort of being busy seems to be there.

High Performers Have Initiative
What all high performers realize is that they’re only responsible for what they achieve, the results, as their value is measured based on their accomplishments.

For this reason, they make sure that they give strict attention to their assignments and goals first. Since their results are dependent of reaching these goals, they and everyone else benefits.

What workaholics will often do is place others first, this just to impress them. They’ll often take on the work of others, at times even making it a priority, this since they’re constantly wanting to please.

Then their own work begins to suffer as a result, and are forced to work longer hours, this to meet the obligations of getting theirs and the work of everyone else completed.

Since they gauge their work and worth on being busy, they don’t realize that they’re shortchanging themselves. They lose track of the time and effort that’s required to do their own job well, or give themselves a much needed break.

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