Just Expect To Be Healthy Says The Healthiest Nation On Earth

whythejapaneselivelongerhealthierlivesSo why is it that a certain group of people in a particular country are all able to remain healthier than anybody else.

There was an extensive survey that was recently conducted on which country in the world, per capita, was the healthiest, while living the longest. In the conclusive report, it was those who lived in Japan.

These group of people were the one’s who were of the best health. Their level and the overall quality of their health was ranked the highest on the planet, based on the long term study.

So if you happen to live in most parts of North America, it’s unfortunately a complete reversal and a different situation, and nothing much that anyone can be proud of.

As a matter of fact, North America, specifically the United States, the health score ranked as one of the worst on the planet. This is the reason why this particular nation has one of largest capital budgets to maintain their health care, significantly more than most countries in Europe and Asia.

So the biggest question becomes, what’s the secret to Japan and their success of remaining healthier. The short answer is that no one really knows why, as there’s no apparent indicators.

So most likely, according to a group of health experts, it’s probably a combination of a number of factors, but that’s about as generalized as it gets.

Finding Out First Hand
So a group of researchers in the health care field, wanting to find out why the Japanese people were generally healthier, decided to learn first hand on what type of health practices and habits they individually did, as well as how they conducted their daily lives. They did so to determine why their health consistently had higher ranking.

Other than one exception, the responses on their general health practices were all over the map. They credited a strict dietary regime along with a strong safety and security net.

Most attributed it to all of the individuals, their peers, and more importantly the elderly, having a strong family bond while having excellent social support from their friends and neighbors.

They also choose to remain being part of a long historic culture which remains close to tradition while being extremely selective when it comes to accepting Western medicine and values.

Then There Was…
Then there was one response in particular which took most of the researchers by surprise.

Every one of the Japanese individuals who were questioned were all quite matter of fact, when regarding their superior health ranking. Most were actually perplexed on why their simple and routine lifestyles would be considered so extraordinary.

The consensus among all was that their good health was normal to them and good health was expected, and so it wasn’t really that exceptional to them, as they wondered what the big deal was.

So this may be the reveal. By contrast, while the majority of individuals in North America continue to not think or believe that good health is a normal thing or expected.

Those living in the United States actually expect to get sick. Perfectly sound bodies and minds aren’t usually discussed as much in North American culture. One of the reasons for this is that American society is over medicated.

As a result, most are unable to be enjoy their good health, or able to translate it into overall feelings of physical security and personal well being. Rather, there’s more of a sense of disease and illness which is more the belief.


Thinking About Getting Sick
If all we hear about is ailments, getting sick, being at the risk of getting ill, and the fear or danger were just that, then it would be a stretch to consider it as a serious issue.

The fact is that all of this excessive fear as well as the preoccupation with becoming ill of health isn’t inconsequential, as chronic worrying is proving to be unhealthy as well.

As a result, what North Americans are experiencing is a pervasive pattern of poorer health and shorter lives. This pattern isn’t and shouldn’t be considered normal, but most are beginning to think that it is.

Instead, Just Expect To Be Healthier
The majority of those living in Japan also realize that spiritual pursuits, a belief system, is a normal part of their lives, but they claim that it shouldn’t be marginalized as one of the contributing factors.

Although their work and life schedules are completely full and hectic, they still routinely devoted on a daily basis a portion of their day for prayer and spiritual study.

They also strive to be as kind and forgiving as possible, exercising calm and patience. One individual spoke candidly regarding actively rebelling against illness, and how the direct symptoms of illness then quickly diminished, while her health was completely restored.

To anyone reading this in North America, this type of conversation would been noteworthy because of what’s not being said. They’re not captivated by a life of disease, but rather they naturally embrace good health and spirituality while being completely at peace about it.

So just how much of this viewpoint translates to the typical Japanese individual is unknown. But whatever is happening in their lives suggests that it’s better to live a life which is free from anxiety.

But it’s also realized that all the aliments, illnesses, and stress are completely unavoidable. Take it from them that they’re not free from disease, and far from it.

So ultimately, the secret is that there is no secret, but rather it’s just a healthier state of thinking which translates towards a better mind and body.

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