7 Shortcuts To Train Your Brain To Attract Wealth

There are some, who are unfortunately born with certain genetic biological markings or imperfections, that requires specialized training or medication that needs to be administered or overcome, to modulate and live a functional life.

But for the vast majority of us, we’re born with highly functional brains, which allows us to live a life full of possibilities, such as unlimited money making potential, provided we’re willing.

Research is continuously proving that our brains are in a constant state of progression, to live and learn. What this leads to, is the priming of the brain, towards better financial success.

To begin, you need to start thinking that money is nothing more than an unbiased energy source, that doesn’t know or care who you are.

As a result, there are fundamental scientific steps you can take, regarding how your brain reacts and relates to money and vice-versa.

1.) – Your Mind Needs To Better Understand Money

What financial experts will tell you when you’re seeking more money, is how you define it.

It’s found that recent graduates from even the most prestigious of Universities, will have a clouded concept regarding wealth.

They have a difficult time relating the education they just received, and the gap which exists on how they can earn money.

Their conception is usually that money is something that others have, but they themselves don’t.

These individuals also indicated they want to be financially secure, and are wanting to learn how to effectively earn and manage money, which achieves peace of mind.

While money itself isn’t their prime motivator, what money provides matters to them.

But since they have no clue on how to connect money with what they want, they believe they would have a difficult time acquiring wealth.

2.) – The Need To Define Wealth

What needs to be defined is what becoming wealthy is to you, the value that you place on it, which is an extremely important driver when it comes to the process of acquiring more money in your pocket.

What your thinking brain will always do, is give first priority to whatever you repeatedly focus or think about.

So if you tell your brain to do something repeatedly, such as creating a definition of what wealth is, and then decide on a specific plan to achieve this wealth, the mind will follow your direction.

What developing this plan does, is it enlists your brain to subconsciously focus on the steps it needs to take, while helping you establish as well as adhere to its priorities.


3.) – Clearing Your Mind To Accept Money

We all enter adulthood with our own established beliefs about money, both consciously as well as subconsciously.

This includes how we make and manage our money, and decide how much is enough.

These beliefs are established, from how money was treated and perceived by our parents when we were young.

What’s also important is how our educators, friends, neighbors and our community viewed money.

So whether you realize it or not, all of these primary messages will influence and may even work against you, in your lifelong quest to achieving wealth.

You need to consider the different types of messages you have regarding money, such as, “Money is the root of all evil.”

Or your parents told you to achieve great wealth, you need to cheat and steal, or those who are rich are arrogant, rude and criminals.

4.) – Telling Your Mind Otherwise

What your brain will do, is make assumptions based on your past experiences, believing whatever you tell it to believe.

So you need to go back and examine these beliefs and messages, and what effect they had on you.

Then challenge yourself and remove these barriers by reeducating your brain, to make different decisions regarding wealth.

Begin by making a list of all your money beliefs that you’ve acquired over time, and then review them.

Delete, change, or edit the ones which you no longer want or are detrimental to you.

Gaining this clarity, will help train your brain to pay attention, as well as reinforcing what you need to do to attract money.

5.) – Take More Control

The brain can be a whiz, a loyal servant, when doing certain tasks such as recognizing patterns or quickly generating emotional responses.

But it falls behind when it comes to certain issues, such as:

• The ability to recognize long term business or financial trends
• The ability to recognize when patterns become random, and
• Attempting to multitask at once

The brain is also respondent to fear, assuming that certain situations are dangerous even if they aren’t.

All of these instincts and abilities become challenged, while becoming challenging to overcome, especially when it comes to accepting more money into your life.

But thanks to the recent breakthroughs in neuroscience studies, what’s now understood is how the brain can overcome these issues.

All while enhancing its development in every facet of our lives, including our beliefs regarding wealth.

6.) – Developing A Money Making Plan And Mindset

Begin focusing on developing the skills which will support your quest, while simultaneously altering your behaviors, fears, and attitudes regarding money and what’s hampering the momentum.

Keep in mind, that the brain will always take cues from whatever you feed it.

You alone are in the driver’s seat when it comes to how your brain thinks, which dictates your financial destiny.

7.) – Adapting Your Brain

You can train your brain to succeed with repetition, to accomplish whatever you want in life, to become the best possible you, to make better more accomplished financial decisions, to maximize and achieve your dreams.

What it requires is focus, risk, dedication, intention, action, accountability, and persistence.

You will then eventually begin reshaping your thinking, to experience and create greater wealth in your life.