Instantly Improve Your Energy Level In Just A Few Minutes

how to adopt better breathing techniquesIt’s now a well known fact after extensive studies that the average individual, either in a stagnant state such as watching TV, or while at their work in an office type of setting, will only expend around 20% percent of their total energy that’s available to them.

But for those who routinely over achieve, the superstars among us, they’re thought to expend closer to 50% percent of their total energy capacity. Professional athletes are routinely thought to burn close to 90% percent.

What we prefer to do, as however cliche as it may sound, is to burn out 100% of our energy and effort at all times, this especially when at work. But realistically, we know that’s not physically possible, as most will complain that there’s not enough time, or they’re just too tired due to fatigue.

What our fast paced lifestyles does is it pushes us to be constantly on the run, we attempting to multitask things that we need or want to do. We’re constantly required to juggle our social, work, and family lives.

The biggest casualty as a result then becomes our personal health which takes a beating, our fitness levels decline, and we completely forget about personal growth.

Our Own Personal Energy Crisis
Yes there is an energy crisis, our very own personal ones. The majority of us are constantly feeling that we’re running on fumes, we experience low energy and fatigue, which we attempt to cure with vitamins, caffeine, and exercise.

What needs to be defined is what energy actually is. The clinical explanation being that energy is the deepest core level of everything which is in the universe that we experience.

Children will times will show too much of it, becoming too hyper or over reactive, but most often, we’ll usually complain about not having enough of it.

We’re also aware that there are certain activities which needs more energy than others, and certain situations and events will absolutely suck out our enthusiasm altogether.

The Limitations Of Energy
Most believe that our own personal energy is something that’s finite, as in limited or in short supply. We also think that we just have a certain ration of this energy reserve that we’re given, and once it’s depleted, we’re out for the count.

What’s also known and obvious is that some individuals appear to have more energy than others, while assuming that our energy reserves will diminish as we begin to age. So what needs to be discovered is the truth.

The Energy Of The Universe
Some theorize that the energy of the universe is unlimited. And since we’re all somewhat connected to the universe, our energy as a result should be unlimited as well.

So even if you happen to deplete all of your own personal energy from your body, the universe should be standing by and waiting, eager to fill it back up.

The real issue when it comes to energy isn’t if there’s enough of it to go around or not, but it’s more about our ability to be able to access and then harness it properly, allowing it to flow through us.

The ultimate goal should be to somehow control our energy, and not allowing it to control us. One of the main ways to do so is found to be how we breath.

Energy And Breathing
Proper breathing techniques are emphasized in a lot of different practices, as well as taught in a variety of methods and disciplines. One of the most popular of breathing techniques is known as “ha” breathing.

The process is easy to learn, as all that’s required is a bit of concentration and focus.


To begin, start by inhaling through your nose and breath in for around 4 seconds. Then exhale the air through the mouth while counting up to 8 seconds, making a “ha” sound.

The inhale and exhale process should always at a ratio of 1 to 2, for instance 3 seconds inhale, equals 6 seconds of exhale.

As you continue to do this, it’s advised that you be standing up, with your feet shoulder width apart. Also extend your arms out while the palms of your hands are facing up, placing your arms down once they get tired.

So how long should this be done? Historically, some would continuously do the “ha” breathing technique for days at a time, while taking turns, this to build up universal group energy.

To increase as well as balance this energy for yourself, it’s recommended that you do this breathing technique for a few minutes each day, and for longer if you’re facing a particularly stressful situation which requires more energy.

Simple Energy Generation
This simple breathing technique is an extremely easy practice to do, while also being an extremely powerful and effective one. Proper breathing is one of the core basics of prolonged life and living.

If you’re wanting to or are interested in learning how to control anything, such as: your energy, life force, higher self, or thoughts, everything begins with developing proper breathing techniques, this since each and every breath will give you renewed life.

If you’re not able to control your own breathing, how then can you ever expect to control the most powerful universal energy which is known to mankind, which is you.

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