Improve Your Site Rank Today By Using The Latest SEO Methods

someone who's publishing on the InternetRegardless of how social media and mobile marketing is becoming prominent when it comes to attracting targeted traffic to your site, traditional SEO is still extremely important as an overall strategy for becoming an online success.

Is your site currently floating out there somewhere in the Internet universe without a floatation device. It can become pointless for your company, which may of gained traction offline, to flutter around completely ineffective online.

Languishing on the outer fringes of the Web means that your audience isn’t finding you, or know about your site, this resulting in anyone who is Web based not being able to buy your product or service.

But you realize that Search Engine Optimization is a forever moving elusive target which can change on a dime overnight. So like in the past, you may think that it’s a pointless exercise to stuff keywords or add metatags on your site, which may no longer be that effective to attract visitors.

So what’s complied are a few tips which should still work to produce some real results. It’s recommended that you review them, and then address some of them. Also make sure that you track both the before and the after results to gauge effectiveness.

Correcting Or Rewriting Your Existing Aged Content
New and fresh topical content is still king of the Web, there’s no other explanation, as that’s what keeps the Internet relevant, new information which people want to absorb.

So the best method to make information “count” is to make sure that all of your new content is up to par, on what the various search engines are looking for and expecting.


Your content, the body of the article itself should be at a minimum 600 words to gain traction. The newest and latest SE bots which crawls new information that’s published on the Web are able to instantly detect how rich in quality the content is.

These bots can automatically select and pick out repetitive, duplicate, or fake information and just ignore it. The best effective method appears that you allow your content to age on your site or blog for a while, and then go back and edit or make minor tweaks to that content, which calls back the crawler bots to start over again.

Write Content Which Is Linkable
One of the best methods of alerting your target market about your site is by encouraging readers to link to your site. The more that your viewers will link back, the more that others will find you.

The best possible way to encourage linking is by just writing something of compelling value. So do diligent research and decide to cover an important trending topic.

Write about a misunderstanding, or something slightly controversial, and then open it up to social debate. People will link to what the topic is, and not because of the author or source.

Content Syndication
You can write new and exciting content and then generate revenue from other websites by syndicating. For instance, you can proceed to re-purpose your most relevant articles, and then offer it as an online presentation on other sites such as Slideshow or Prezi.

What you’ll create are valuable links pointing back to your blog from these authority sites. The same can be done for videos, as you can post them on YouTube and your own site.

Relevant Natural Keywords
It’s been traditionally thought in SEO circles that initially loading the first few paragraphs of your article with your target keywords will set the tone and theme of the content.

It’s now recommended that you load your select keywords as naturally as possible, and not in a distinct or repeating pattern that’s obvious to the bots.

If the topic of your article is about the latest Apple iPad, for instance, then make sure that you initially mention the mobile device and not “bury” the topic. Also make sure that you repeat the same natural keywords in the tags as well.


Stop Content Theft
Your content should be completely fresh, unique, and original, as in never been read before on the Internet. The reason being that all the Search Engine crawlers are alerted once the same text is found in other locations around the Web.

One of the most popular sites for detecting duplicate content is, which is able to instantly know whether any of the content on your site has been copied without your consent. We are all aware that the “copy and paste” function remains an unethical yet easy method to transfer content.

Using Different SEO Methods
Most of the effective yet traditional SEO methods are already in use on the Web. One way would be to create a blog, post fresh unique content on it, and then make the bots go crazy indexing the site. Pretty basic.

But it’s recommended that you think of alternate methods of traffic attraction. Use little tweaks which will help the search engine crawlers to index the keyword link on your site. On some pages and content, it may help that you bold or highlight your important keywords, for instance.

Claiming Google Authorship
Once you as a writer has established yourself as an author that’s capable of providing fresh unique content for Web consumption, you should then claim your Google authorship.

This is an important step which is offered in Google+, where you can link your profile directly onto Google’s social network, as well as the content that you produce on your site.

Doing so makes it a lot easier for readers to find your content and identify you as the author . Go to: to find out how.

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