If The Universe Is So Abundantly Rich Then Why Am I So Poor

abundance of natureWhat most struggle with in this world are their issues with money. Financial problems, wondering why the world has been so unfair to them. But stop, look, take a look around and witness all of the abundance that’s abound.

Yet money is not a friend of yours. There you are, working your socks off, but it’s constantly money going out, and not enough of it coming in. You’re always waiting at the bread line, while there are others around you who appears to have everything, and anything that they’ve ever wanted in life.

But step back as it’s all an illusion. Don’t get caught up in your dire financial circumstances, as you’re infinitely richer than you think. Believe how much abundance that you already have in your life, then your situation will begin to change.

Most think that abundance is becoming rich, that it’s confined to having lots of money. But know that there are several more important areas of abundance that you need to obey, and make yourself available to. Sources which are easier to grasp than money itself.

Once you begin to focus on these areas, then you’ll begin to alter your attitude towards abundance, which automatically triggers a corresponding reaction, altering the state of your finances, making you richer in the process.

Abundance Of Creativity
Know that the Universe didn’t create money, it’s a man made invention. So even if you don’t have two nickels to rub in your pocket right now, what you can tap into is an abundance of great ideas.

What was created was limitless creativity. You can have infinite thoughts, as many as you want, however grand they may be. What you’re doing is dispersing these thoughts into the Universe, as there’s no where else they can go.

What they do is literally travel around the Universe for eternity, eventually turning your dreams to reality. So release all of your money making ideas emulating from your thoughts, as it’s certain that the Universe will eventually reply back to you.

Abundance Of Freedom And Choices
Most in this world are free to do whatever they want, for those who can’t, know we’re praying for your human rights. But the majority are gifted with free will, to make free choices in our life.

So if your circumstances aren’t ideal right now, you have the opportunity to make different choices to get different results. Choose a different habit, action, work, location, or venture. What you have is an abundance of choices, so choose wisely.

Abundance Of Talent
Most remain poor because they don’t realize how gifted they are. They’re locked into a victim mentality where excuses are made to explain why they don’t have what they want. Excuses such as “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve this” or “I’m not lucky enough.”

The truth being that the Universe hasn’t singled you out specifically to remain poor. We all have our own unique talents. So discover them through a process of doing, trial and error, testing, feedback from others, taking action, and honest self-assessment.

Then you can target what you’re gifted at, where your talents lie. Expose and take advantage of them. You’re born with abundant talent, so find out what you’re good at.

Abundance Of Health
What most focus on is being down on their luck financially, but fail to grasp how abundantly healthy they are. The biggest irony of modern society is that most will work long hours to earn more money, this to buy medication to reduce the stress from working so much.

They work to excess so that they could recover from their excessive working. So why not seek out an abundant healthy lifestyle instead, this so those who work 60 hours a week and are financially wealthy, will envy your healthy lifestyle.

Abundance Of Love
Although the abundance of love may appear sentimental, know your capacity to love is infinite, where there’s a limit to how much money you can earn. Begin by eliminating all those negative people in your life.

Then what you’re attracting is a flow of abundant love towards you. Start by loving strangers instead of fearing or judging them. Choose to love everything that you share this planet with, including yourself and everything you do.


Unconditional love is the most powerful limitless force in the Universe, so let yourself and those close to you in.

Material Abundance
As a society, we’ve been duped, brainwashed into thinking that without money, without material gain that we’re not rich, and this is what the poor adamantly believe. It’s nothing more than a clever marketing ploy designed to put more money into the perpetrators.

Money was invented so you could enjoy the fruits of your labor, something you can do with or without money. You don’t need that big house, luxury car, a six-figure income, to feel abundance.

Centuries ago, abundance was nature, food and shelter, surviving another day. Walking along a beach or in the forest felt abundant. Once you turn towards the wonders of nature, you’ll never believe that you need the abundance of money to feel rich again.

The Abundance Of Money
The key becomes understanding all of the various sources of abundance, and then understanding how each can contribute towards your financial future, which then taps into the abundance of money.

Once you focus on these other areas, the Universe then has no other choice but to distribute what you want towards you.

So begin by feeling, living an abundant life first, believe that these sources of abundance are the stepping stones to wealth, and that it’s already yours. Believe in this abundance of wealth, then the money will effortlessly flow towards you.

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