How You Can Create Your Own Luck And Not By Accident

make your own luckMost just think it’s fate, the reason why some just appear to be more luckier than others. But why not subscribe to the thought that luck flowing your way can actually be created by you exerting energy, and it not being an accident or some type of mystical intervention.

There are some who are just content to allow others make their luck for them, while others are discovering that they can generate their own luck, this by better directing their life, this by taking advantage of the opportunities that appear in their path.

You can spot those so called “lucky” people immediately, you can instantly feel their inspiration and at times become overwhelmed. Some will refer to it as having charisma, personality, an extended self generated abundance of energy.

What luck does is it appears to radiate out of their eyes, they have that glow, that aura. But most often, the truth is that it took them years of construction and hard work to build up that reservoir of luck that’s inside them.

Those Who Are Lucky
Some will tell you that those who are lucky will stand out from the crowd, that they have a special shine about them. What is it that makes them unique, what sets them apart from the generic crowd who remains at the opposite end of the spectrum.

The unlucky are those who’ll watch life pass them by, especially their own life, as if they’re watching their mundane lives unfold on a TV screen. They refuse to take action, they just allow things to be.

They don’t take action for one reason, one excuse or another. They don’t bother to be an active participant in their own life, so why should anyone else care or help them out.

Becoming more active in one’s life, having the motivation to help themselves out is the key, that those who appear lucky claims is how they’re able to attract luck into their lives.

You might of experienced this in small quantities at one time or another, or it might be a gradual discovery, but eventually, sooner or later, you’ll find that the one constant factor in making positive changes in your life begins with generating the energy to help yourself.

Making Your Own Luck
It’s possible that you can create your own luck, and it’s directly connected to looking at yourself, your life from a completely different perspective, which begins with stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things.

It begins with reinventing yourself on how you do certain things, and then finding the mentors that you need, this to get a more focused look at what you’re good at, what your strengths are.

Begin joining like minded groups, meet others who have similar interests or concerns, attend events and make sure that you network, interact with them. Become connected to all of the dormant sides of yourself that you’re intrigued with.

Begin new projects, complete all of the projects which you’ve previously started and left unfinished. Seek out those whose minds that you can change, while you become influenced yourself. Seek out those who’ll change your perspective in a way that makes a difference.

Make Sure The Timing Is Right
At times, it’s the timing that’s off. If you’re not paying strict attention to your relationship with time, then you may miss out on what’s fated or about to happen to your life.

Big things, events won’t unfold and happen on a daily basis, but there’s always that “day” that it will, so be ready for it. If you constantly knock on that door that never opens, know that one day it will, as if all that was needed was just the slightest push.

If you don’t go for it, go all in, you’ll never know what’s in store for you. At times, all the luck and serendipity in the world is just one connection, one moment away.

But without trying, reaching out to someone or something for the answers to your questions, they’ll never know or speak since they never even knew you existed.


So Just Ask
If you don’t bother to ask, then how could anyone give you what you want. Those who realize that all they need to do is ask, speak up, is what sets them apart from those who aren’t lucky.

It’s also what can lead you to having more luck, having that lucky day which finally makes an impact on your life. All this just by asking. You making a claim on what you deserve in the world.

Making progress is realizing that everything is a process, and the more effort that you put into it, by constantly improving your relationships, your career, the more that things will change for the better.

Change however is hard, but the world would also be an extremely boring place without it. To get somewhere, change isn’t only necessary, it needs to be the primary goal.

Attracting Your Own Luck
What being prepared, being ready does is it leads to better luck. When it comes to any sporting event, that’s when it’s the most apparent. In your own life, the connection between fulfilling your own lifelong quests, and making your own luck isn’t as obvious.

At times, creating your own luck feels impossible, but it doesn’t need to be, this especially once you’ve prepared yourself to receive it, this since you’ve laid down the foundation and are ready for it.

Ready yourself to receive luck by doing the groundwork, writing out the back story. So once one door closes, then another will open, which opens a completely new stage of your life. That’s what the lucky say.

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