How You Can Convert Any Large Video File To Flash Video Format

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VideoWebWizard is able to convert into flash, all the various popular video formats available as well as a few, that other comparable video software programs do not support. VideoWebWizard is able to support to following formats: WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, MPG, VOB, ASF, as well as MP4 video formats.

VideoWebWizard easily converts these different types of video files into a video file format called “FLV,” or “Flash Video.” Flash video format technology works with almost all of the computers and web browsers out there. VideoWebWizard even works on computers that are running on non-Microsoft operating systems such as Linux or Macintosh.

If you happen to see a video on a website, it is 99% probable that the video is in Flash video format. This is because Flash Videos works almost everywhere using any format. Another advantage is that the majority of Flash videos have small file sizes (so they will load quickly and won’t freeze your computer) while maintaining good picture and sound quality. Many times with Flash, you are able to compress a vid file format to 10% or less of its original file size!

After VideoWebWizard converts the original video file into Flash format, it will also generate a small web page script with your new flash video on it, complete with a built in player and user controls such as: play, pause, volume etc. All you need to do then is upload this page onto your website, and you’re done!


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