How Using The Law Of Manifestation Gets What You Want In Life

you are hereThe art of manifestation can be a delicate balancing act. It begins with conscientiously talking about already owning what it is you want, although this may appear hypocritical to some. When first learning the process of attracting what you’re wanting, always focus on already owning it, this before getting it.

Begin by visualizing things differently, by realizing that everything in this universe is already created, and lying dormant, waiting for it to be activated and set free. The moment that a thought is conceived, what you’re doing is bringing it into your reality. So the more that you talk about it, the faster it arrives.

A child that wants something begins to immediately manifest it without doubt. They constantly talk about what they’ll do once they get it. They’re not worried about how or when it will arrive, they just know it will.

So have the same persistence and determination about what you’re wanting to come into your life, and know it’s your words and thoughts which brings it to you faster.

Always Be Grateful
The simple act of gratitude can do is dramatically change your life drastically, as what the manifestation process does is gives you more of the things that you’re grateful for.

When you’re feeling frustrated, when you become angry, what you get back are more reasons to feel frustrated. All you’re doing is manifesting new situations which makes you feel unhappy.

So the first rule for getting quicker results, is choosing to always be grateful for everything in your life, this regardless of how elementary that may be.

Surround Yourself With What You Want
You’re wondering, “how could I surround myself with the things I want, if I don’t even have them yet.” True, they’re currently not yours, but you can visit, borrow, place yourself in the same environment, or be near those who already have it.

What you’re doing is placing yourself in the same energy field of what you’re wanting. It’s up to you to create this state of attracting what it is you want, and then being persistent about it.

So bring it into your field of vision and focus, which can be speaking or observing it. You get what you surround yourself with.

Don’t Hold On To It
First know what you want and then let it go. Know exactly what you’re wanting, then release it back to the universe without feeling fear or doubt. The more that you cling on to it, the worse the manifestation will get, as what you’re projecting is neediness.

Instead, allow yourself to feel completely confident, this by understanding how the attraction process works, which is not feeling stressed or desperate.

What you’re activating is cause and effect, as what you ask for, what you want has no choice by to manifest. Then shift your mind into a state of receiving.

Having the faith to let it go is the key to the manifestation process, as trust is needed during this exchange, where you’re allowing the universe to do its thing. It becomes a delicate balancing act of focusing without appearing desperate.

Learning To Receive
Once you send off to the universe exactly what you’re wanting, you need to shift your mind into a state of receiving. This is the hardest step, and what most have difficulty with.

Many will order what they want, but won’t set up the receptors to receive what they’ve asked for, this because of doubt or unworthiness. They feel deep down that they don’t deserve, or will ever get what they ask for.

These split-second thoughts of doubt instantly blocks the manifestation process, and turns away what you’re wanting to attract.


Realize it comes down to a clinical process, where you can manually remove these doubts, this by believing you’re worthy of getting whatever you want.

Begin Feeling Worthy
Feel worthy by knowing you can manifest anything you want. Believe that you’re just another small speck in the universe. You’re just another person wanting something, so it’s just a matter of getting in line to receive it.

Once understanding this, by using the mechanical laws of manifestation, you’ll then become part of the flow and in a better state of mind, this by adding value. All it takes is you feeling worthy, and the quicker that you do so, the faster the manifestation process works.

One of the biggest blockages of manifesting is feeling doubt. Know that the universe doesn’t care if you get what you want or not. Realize there’s plenty of what you want, so all you need is to follow protocol to get it.

Always Be Giving
You might not have all the money in the world, but you most likely have something of value, and that something of value that you have, might be in scarce supply for someone else.

Give to others and you’ll be stunned and amazed by how quick the manifestation process works, as abundance will fill your life. There’s a natural flow in the universe, and in order for the process to work, you need to be in the mindset of giving.

Give What You Can
Always give to others, while not overextending yourself too much. The concept of giving more than you have is a flawed process, as it has it’s faults. Just give only what you can, and never deplete yourself.

Give what makes you feel comfortable and happy with. Give away unconditionally, while also being aware of conserving yourself, and then you’ll be blessed by the universe, this by getting back more than you gave out.

Once you give, the manifestation begins to work in your favor, this much greater than you’ve ever imagined, and a lot quicker as well.

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