How To Stay Fit Eat Healthier And Have Fun On Your Next Vacation

howtohaveahealthycarefreevacationVacation, the holiday, traveling around, taking time away for that well deserved time off. It’s an excellent period to just kick back and relax, slap on the sunscreen, lay back and just soak up the rays. But one setback and causally however is that at times, there can be that unwanted weight gain which can accompany it.

So when you’re taking it easy on that luxurious tropical cruise, or just frolicking around between the beaches and the cafés in Florida, it’s extremely easy to just forget about your commitment to living a healthier lifestyle, as it’s easy to just surrender to the new laid back surroundings.

After relaxing for a few weeks of doing absolutely diddly-squat without no attempts of physical exertion, it becomes too easy to just give in and give up… “Yes, sure, I’ll take a bit of this, and a bit of that.” Then it’s really no surprise that once you return back home, you’re unable to snap up that top button.

It is however possible to indulge in all of the benefits that your well deserved vacation offers without having to putting on all those easy vacation pounds. So before you decide to order another margarita while at the swim-up bar, make sure that you keep tabs on just a few simple steps and strategies for a refreshing healthy vacation.

Taking The Risky
Instead of going on that lazy luxury cruise in the Bahamas, why not try more of an “risk” based holiday. There’s numerous adventure outfitters who are willing and ready to take fun-minded travelers through the various remote jungles of the world, over high exciting mountain passages, and along icy glacier based studded waterways.

Sure, two weeks of continuous hiking can become challenging as well as tiring, but you’ll ultimately be rewarded with a great sense of achievement along with a sleek leaner physique which may just turn heads back home. Also, doing all that extra physical activity allows you to be able to sneak in a few extra calories of sinful treats without feeling guilty or paying the toll later.

Make Sure You Multi-Task
Make sure that the next location of your vacation offers a wide as well as diverse range of outdoor activities such as biking, kayaking, running and hiking within easy reach. Don’t forget your SPF and your digital camera for proof!


Finding The Local Spots
The local markets can be an excellent way to pick up the healthy as well as the exotic local delicacy offerings which are a lot lower in all the unwanted harmful fats as well as calories which are found in most of the “tourist” restaurants and cafes. This is also a great way to be able to support the local farmers and vendors in the area that you’re visiting.

Always Be Prepared As Possible
Fresh as well as dried fruit and nuts are always readily available in most countries that you visit. They are healthy alternates and can also go a long way towards satisfying those snack attacks. You can also take some wholesome energy bars from home, especially for those times when you’re in a desperate pinch as well as craving for something that’s familiar.

Avoiding Those Restaurant Meltdowns
Traveling on vacation can often mean eating out at the local restaurants for all of your major meals. One “bad” but easy to make delicious looking menu choice, and then maybe a luscious dessert offering can instantly put extra poundage on your belly in a heartbeat.

So try to keep it as simple and wholesome as possible by opting for grilled, baked, or broiled food items, and not those tempting fried, creamy or crispy food varieties.

Make sure that you look over the menu for as many vegetable based foods as possible, am I getting boring yet? Ask questions regarding calorie content as well as making special requests. But deprivation is absolutely no fun when you’re away on holidays, so moderation is the key. The best option may be to just find accommodations which has its own cooking facilities which allows you to prepare your own meals.

Drink In Moderation
Make sure that you alternate your intake of alcoholic and non-calorie beverages as you need to stay hydrated while consuming less calories. The high sugar calorie count in those pink poolside kaleidoscope drinks can easily add up quickly. Consider sipping light beer or dry wines instead. Mixing your drinks with a splash of club soda also helps.

Getting Fitness Digs
When you’re initially searching around for suitable hotels, consider one which has an on-site fitness facility, a spa or a swimming pool. Although you don’t want to spend the entire day on an indoor treadmill, an in-house fitness area can give you a quick jolt in the morning before you go out and see the sights. It also allows you to sweat it out a bit on those days when nature isn’t co-operating.

Taking Strolls In The Park
Make sure that you take along a good pair of walking shoes and then hit the city pavement or the local park. Instead of relying on rental cars, make sure that you walk around instead by wandering through the city streets and villages. You’ll at the same time knock off a few calories while potentially meeting some interesting locals and seeing some sights along the way.


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