How To Start Writing By Just Writing Down What You Feel

learning how you can write betterWe learn early in our lives to take baby steps, do this, don’t do that, always be careful. Always place one foot ahead of the other. So when it comes to Writing, it’s just a matter of writing one word at a time, and making sure that they flow and it makes sense. It never has to be a perfect piece of prose. For it to work, you need to stop wanting to write and just begin writing.

There are two mistakes that you can make in your life. The first is not starting and the second is not finishing. So the point of any task you undertake is actually beginning and then following through to the end.

There’s really no point in worrying about how it will turn out. If you do procrastinate, there’s no use waiting until the next day since we all know tomorrow never comes.

What you’re doing then is making sure that your right, because either way, you are. You’re affirming to guarantee that outcome, if you don’t begin, you won’t finish. So begin by writing a simple sentence or passage. Begin by writing a paragraph, it doesn’t have to make any sense.

Explain just a single word if you need to, you’re capable after all, so begin your journey by placing that one word forward by writing a story around one single word which intrigues you.

It may not be pretty, most likely won’t, and you may not want others to read it. But it’s been proven that any type of action is significantly better that being completely stagnant. Just one word written on a blank page is an opening towards a new beginning.

Writing Is Work
Never apologize for having to work, after all writing is work. Avoid all those inner demons and outer critics who may scoff and tell you to do something else, something more tangible.

Don’t allow yourself to change your mind by telling yourself you should be working out more, or cleaning and cooking, or that you should by taking the dog out for a walk.

Just sit down in front of a blank sheet of paper or the white screen of a word processor and then begin attacking the page. Feel no guilt by doing so, approach it with a strong sense of authority.

Beginning To Improve
Once you overcome that feeling of procrastination or guilt, thinking that you should be doing something else, it’s time to begin working on your writing. It’s important that you begin writing somewhere that’s private, somewhere you’ll be left alone, somewhere you can close the door and then experience freedom from distraction.

Try making yourself unavailable during this time except for inviting your imagination and creativity. Don’t get distracted by looking for ideas reading books or scouring the Internet for articles on subjects of what you’d like to write about. Write in your own words and then read it back once you finish your writing for the day.

Listening To Yourself
Listen to yourself, that inner mentor, quiet yourself down to the point where that voice speaks and says, “Good job, well done” once you finally write down words on the page.

Make sure that you give yourself credit by rewarding yourself with a treat. Never tell yourself that your writing isn’t good enough, it doesn’t make sense, or that it has too many mistakes. Be as kind, hopeful and as generous as possible to yourself.

Just Write About Something… Anything
Begin by writing down something, anything that comes to mind, and do so on a daily basis. Pick the times when you think you can write the best and then lock yourself in. Pose a question to yourself which you need to answer and then write an reply back to yourself.

Give yourself a time limit, such as 20 minutes to write replies on the page. Make a list of the top 50 words that make you happy, angry or sad, and then on a daily basis, write a paragraph expanding on each of them. Write down the most ridiculous or the most embarrassing words that you can think of or heard.

Write something down that you can use as reference in the future. Be grateful for what you write and be good to yourself. This is the only way of approaching that daunting business of getting someone else to read your writing.

So you’re wondering when should you begin? Well, you already know. That time to start writing is right about now.


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