How To Save Money When Going On That Well Deserved Vacation

taking a nice affordable vacation on the beachEven if you’re on a budget, you can still go on that well deserved and much needed vacation somewhere that’s hot. You’re desperately seeking that longed fun in the sun holiday, and you’re going regardless.

But since you may be penny pinching a bit, or you’re wanting to go as economical as possible by cutting costs, you want an affordable as possible trip.

There are fortunately some proven ways to saving a bit of money on your next vacation, while not needing to skimp on the overall experience, all it needs is a bit of planning beforehand.

Saving money begins by knowing how to pack as light as possible. So being able to pack efficiently becomes extremely important. What you’re initially wanting to do is pack a multitude of unneeded items, and then you’ll begin shoving them into your over-sized suitcase.

The key is going as compact as possible by taking just the bare necessities. Know that there are also airlines which will charge for additional luggage as well.

Since you’ve decided to pack several overweight bags, you’ll also need to tip the porter and the taxi driver for their trouble of moving your luggage around, so it’s recommended that you master the art of packing lightly.

Best Budget Conscious Travel Tips
Vacation During The Off Season
If you’re okay with potentially risking a bit of adverse weather, which would depend on your destination, or if you’re okay that your vacation spot won’t be as busy or crowded, which may be a good thing as you’ll avoid the throngs of tourists, then you can save a bit of money by traveling during the off-season. You’ll get significantly reduced rates in both airfare as well as accommodations during these times.

Booking Your Vacation Last Minute
If you’re completely flexible when it comes to the exact travel date, or you’re not that concerned about the destination of your holiday spot, this since you’re just wanting to get away, somewhere, anywhere, that’s hot with expansive beaches and cold beer.

Since you have a few destination spots you wouldn’t mind visiting, and if this is the case, then it’s recommended that you book your next vacation on a “last-minute” basis. This so that you can take advantage of the various discounts of flights or vacation packages which go on sale right before they expire.

What you can do is closely track the prices online by setting up travel alerts, emails, or texts which will notify you on deals. Keep in mind that if you’re wanting to go on a holiday somewhere specific during an extremely busy time, then last minute booking won’t work for you.

Choosing More Affordable Accommodations
If you’re willing to skip the stuffy and expensive hotels, you can then explore the various bed-and-breakfasts and hostels instead. You can easily find these types of affordable accommodations online.

There are networks of places where you can stay locally which are considered reliable and safe for both males and females, especially if you’re traveling alone. The only difference being you won’t get the pampered service which a hotel can provide.

One cost saving measure is if you’re willing to share a bathroom, for instance. So if willing to deal with a bath or shower that’s down the hall, this is an excellent and popular way to pinch some pennies while on vacation.

Just make sure that you take the basic essentials such as a pair of flip-flops for showering, along with your own soap and toiletries to be completely comfortable.

Also make sure that you check out the reviews online to see how clean, safe, and well-maintained that these bathrooms are, this based on past reviews by previous visitors.

Making Your Own Meals
If your chosen accommodation happens to have a kitchenette which includes a fridge and a stove, then there’s additional cost savings by preparing your own meals such as breakfast or lunch, rather than heading out and grabbing a full meal.

Shopping for a few groceries at the local supermarket is also an excellent way of getting the feel for the food, culture, and the taste of the local neighborhood as well.


Staying With Family Or Friends
Obviously the majority of people just don’t have any family or friends in all of the most desired destinations of the world that you’d like to visit, such as a beach resort in Hawaii, or a penthouse at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

But, if you do happen to have a relative that’s living in Italy, or a distant aunt living in Japan, then just contact them and tell them you’d love to visit them, and you’d like to learn more about their country.

Most people will be delighted to show their friends or family their native home, and show their way of living, and will most likely be more than willing to welcome you to stay with them.

Once invited, make sure that you take some thank-you gifts, and make yourself as nuisance free and helpful as possible. Also let them know that you’d be more than happy to welcome them to your country and home anytime, in exchange.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to reconnect with a friend or a distant relative, and then be able to see a new destination as affordable as possible.

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