How To Remove Yourself From Thinking In A Poverty Mindset

escaping poverty mindsetIt’s much easier to think negative rather than positive, as natural gravitational forces take over. This because negativity is ground zero and everything is magnetized towards it. So what’s required is dedicated hard work to subtract yourself away from it, this poverty mindset.

It’s easy to say, “I need to stop being so negative about being poor,” but it’s never received that well. It’s always easier to downplay good fortune rather than detailing why the financial situation is so bad, as that’s being human.

How you know that you have a poverty mindset, is when you start earning more money, but instead of enjoying the additional income, you choose instead to think of how much more income tax you need to pay.

Limited Ability Thinking
Most will have limiting negative thoughts by default, which also limits their ability to succeed. These statements aren’t based on any hypothetical schools of thought.

They’re based on endless scientific study, and not conjecture, which proves how our thought patterns can influence our health, wealth, and well-being. Everything begins from planting this seed of thought.

What’s known is that every negative thought suppresses the immune system, which triggers illness. This begins with stress, which is the most common malady that every ill person will first experience or complain about.

To Think Negatively Or Positively
So why then engage in a constant stream of negative thoughts. Granted old habits are difficult to break, or if you live in an environment of negativity with limited resources, it then becomes difficult to escape these behaviors.

These responses become deeply embedded into our brain and then pounded into submission, a constant reminder of all our limitations. The poverty mindset will hold you hostage, that you can never get what you want.

The Poverty Mindset
Since most have this mindset engrained into them, that they’ll never succeed, how then do you remove it?

Depending on its intensity, the solutions can range from completely overhauling your bad habits, to taking more drastic measures.

What’s definite is that it’s possible. The brain is trainable, that you can completely alter the stem of your brain to think in a prosperity mindset.

Creating Psychological Change
If you know that your poverty mindset is deeply rooted, then think back to the time where and when it began. Pinpoint the specific events in your life when you thought you were a failure in life.

The odds are you can, this because these beliefs are deeply embedded and lying dormant, waiting for activation. It begins with positive reinforcement to erase and rid of them.

What all this negative thinking and feedback does is it festers itself into the nervous system. What the immediate environment or event does is it triggers the release of certain responses, which leads to stress. So isolate them and think more positively.

Decide To Change Your Immediate Environment
So there you are on your computer, searching for solutions regarding your poverty circumstance. Instead, try taking a walk or a run in nature instead.

Allow your thoughts to flow, allow the calming effects of nature to take its course. The added benefit of exercise is that it also relieves stress.

Connect With Positive People
Misery loves company. So instead of commiserating with those who gloom and doom, go out and seek new company, those who are always uplifting and positive about success and wealth.


Observe their mannerisms, how they speak, their body language, then begin to mimic their tone and adopt their aura, and notice how much better that feels.

Choose To Affirm Positive Statements
Affirmations which really resonates with you, and then constantly recite them throughout the day. If you need to attract more money, then use an affirmation such as, “I am a money magnet for wealth and prosperity.”

Or, if you want to be more subtle or realistic, then say, “I will pay all my bills on time with gratitude,” and then progress into stronger statements as your energy soars positively. It’s proven that affirmations can alter the brain’s chemistry.

Begin Conserving Money
Even if you’re currently struggling, develop a mindset of trapping more money by putting away any excess that you may have left over. Think empowerment instead of creating more debt.

Begin to save pocket change in a jar, and then watch it collect and add up, which gives you a sense of control over your finances.

Appreciate What You Currently Have
Make a list of everything positive in your life, such as your job, coworkers, family, and all the people you love. Everything that you enjoy and feel fortunate about yourself.

Start placing more emphasis on what you currently have and are grateful for, then you’ll generate more energy to attract more of it.

Feel That You’re Worth It
Never go the economy route and offer discounts if you’re in business. Some will reduce their prices drastically in the hopes to lure in more clients, which only feeds resentment between themselves and their customers.

Instead, find ways to bundle your products and services to offer more value, then everyone wins. Otherwise, what your customers will sense is desperation, so they’ll avoid you or take advantage of you. What you’re disclosing to them is your poverty mindset.

Expand Your Thinking Process
If your current business model is dysfunctional, you’re stuck in a rut of negative thoughts, then realize you need to alter this thinking to escape the poverty trap.

Realize how long you’ve been spinning your wheels waiting for your business to make money. Something needs to change, you need some type of external influence to get you out of this rut.

Look for proven programs, systems, that you’re willing to invest in, learn, understand, and then have the faith to take action.

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