How To Release The Creativity That’s Lying Dormant Inside You

unleashing your creativityBelieve that we’re all born with creative energy that’s lying dormant, trapped and waiting for its release, this because we’re all wanting to be more inventive in our everyday lives. This in our homes and especially the workplace, which could use an infusion of creativity, new insights with an assortment of imagination.

You could then produce better more inspiring designs, improved promotional pieces, create awe inspiring videos that could elevate you to the next level. All you need is to activate that creative genius that’s waiting inside of you.

What’s known for certain is that you already have this gift that’s itching for its release, its reveal, we all do. You already have all of the elements that’s required to bring forward this energy for exposure.

But yet, everything comes to a standstill, hits another snag, that we believe the creativity gene in our brains has expired or doesn’t exist. Thankfully there are ways on how you can activate and rejuvenate this talent, forcing it to stream out.

Dream Like A Child That You’re Creative
It all begins by just believing, thinking that you are creative. It’s the thought process of activating this mindset that is creativity, as that’s the spark needed to become visionary, this beyond what others are willing to do.

So what you need is to keep asking yourself where your creativity lies. Keep on asking yourself over and over again, and continue to do so until you’ve convinced yourself that you are creative.

Genuinely believe, demonstrate to yourself that you are an original thinker, as the first step is adopting this thought form. So pronounce yourself that you are creative and say it out loud.

Infuse Oxygen Into Your Brain
Doing physical activity such as walking or jogging has proven to unleash your subconscious mind, bringing your emotions forward to its peak focus. This motivation is what activates your imagination.

It’s found that doing physical activity outdoors in familiar territory works the best, this so you don’t need to navigate the hazards such as traffic and other distractions. This elevated relaxation will juice your innovation.

Document Your Dreams
You know how creative you are by the quality of your dreams, which are an excellent source to draw your ideas from. Write down the ones that you remember, and then keep the ones which are the most vivid or spectacular.

Dreams are an invaluable source of insight, intuition, ideas which are created by your intrinsic mind. They can help in inspiring new ideas while allowing you to make better decisions.

So keep a journal ready by your bedside, and then document all the dreams that you remember, however absurd they may be. They could potentially lead towards your next great idea.

Meditative State
What you need is to remove all of the dormant clutter from your mind, this so that your subconscious mind can then fill the void with creative solutions, this instead of task oriented thoughts.

Meditation has proven to activate this state of mind. It’s found that being consistent is the key, this rather than the length of the meditation. So begin meditating just five minutes a day, starting right now.

Listen To Music
Put on your headphones and listen to some soothing music, as what doing so does is it activates the right side of the brain where your creativity is known to originate from.

The majority of our verbal, logical, and organizational skills are dominant features of the left side of the brain, while creativity and artistry stems from the right side, so it needs to be nurtured.

Write Things Down
Write down all of your brilliant ideas in a journal. Make sure that you jot down these ideas as soon as possible, this before they vanish from your mind. This way, you can capture the exact flow of what’s streaming out.


Learn to trap your introspective creative moody side. The best way is to carry a small notepad wherever you go, and write whatever enters your mind, this in longhand, regardless of what it is.

Travel To Different Locales
Take an afternoon journey to a completely new part of town that you haven’t been to in a while, as doing so will spark your creative insight. Try going alone, which is a fantastic way to jolt your subconscious mind.

If you’re spending time on a bus, train, or plane, doing so can be conducive to unleashing your creativity, releasing that much harrowed hidden passage. This the secret method writers use to unhinge the mind roadblocks that they encounter.

If you don’t have the time to travel around, then a more local change of scenery or venue can work wonders. Take advantage of the mobile world that we live in, this by taking your work outdoors.

Decide to spend the day at the local park, relocate your office outside in the fresh air. Escape to go see a movie in the afternoon to get lost in the drama of cinema. What you’re doing is altering your mindset by reshaping the environment, this since a change in scenery provides a shock.

Get The Juices Flowing
Go out and have some fun, go on date for one, do something that’s exciting, a bit daring, something that will take your breath away outside of your current element, violating your comfort zone.

It doesn’t need to be expensive or extravagant or anything specifically creative for that matter, but it needs to be something that you enjoy doing, or haven’t done in awhile.

What you want to do is feed that child within, this when you’re pressing for new ideas or any type of extended insight, this once you begin to feel void or tapped out.

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